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Drabble: Reminiscing

Title: Reminiscing

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, Jack

Rating: PG

Written For: Challenge 298 – In Vino Veritas at tw100

Spoilers: None.

Summary: Jack believes wine loosens Ianto’s tongue.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

Ianto swigged from the wine glass and continued the tale of his doomed romance with Emily Hughes when they were eight.

“Then her mam caught us playing doctor in Em’s Wendy house; dragged me home by my ear. We were never allowed to play together again,” he finished gloomily. “Don’t know what she was so mad at though, Em still had her knickers on,” he added indignantly.

Jack wiped tears of laughter from his eyes.

“You should get drunk more often. Wine loosens your tongue.”

“What’re you talking about? I’m not drunk.” Ianto brandished his glass. “This is cranberry juice.”

The End 

Tags: drabble, fic, fic: pg, ianto jones, jack harkness, jack/ianto, torchwood fic, tw100

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