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June 2023



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My Captain, Oh Captain

Sad News =:(

Despite everything George has tried, Misty hasn't got any better so a decision has had to be made. They will be bringing him home at around 1.30pm where he will be put to sleep, so I can lay him to rest in the back garden as all my other furred and feathered friends have been over the years.

Needless to say, this is a heartbreaking day and I'm going to miss him deeply, but I have to do what's best for him and I don't want him to suffer. He's lived to a good age despite all his tooth problems and I believe he's had a mostly happy life, though I'm certain he hasn't enjoyed being forced to take disgusting antibiotics on so many occasions.

I won't be getting another rabbit, he'd be an impossible act to follow.


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Oh, sweetie. *super massive hugs*

He was well-loved and cared for and no one can ask for any more than that. It's hard - it's always hard - but it is the most precious thing you can do for him.
Thank you *hugs back*

It was and I know he's at peace now. I'd hoped he would simply die of old age but sometimes that just isn't to be. Everyone did their best for him, and for that I'm grateful. I'm going to miss him though.
Oh babe. I'm so, so, so incredibly sorry. It's so hard to lose a pet, no matter what they are. I'm sure that Misty will understand and be thankful for the mercy of the decision not to let him to continue to suffer.

Do rabbits go to Rainbow Bridge with cats and dogs? I'm sure they do. Just think of him playing in the biggest, most wonderful meadow in the sky, forever eating delicious carrots and vegetables and pellets, pouncing around happily - and with perfect teeth again. Or at least being happy and at peace. :D

This image always helps me whenever I always think of my dogs that have passed away to Rainbow Bridge.

I'm sure they do, and they probably chase all the dogs and cats.

He's in a better place now, no matter where that is, and at least he knows he's loved

Thank you *hugs tight* After 8 1/2 years it's going to be strange and empty without him.
Sorry to here that; I know how precious pets can be.I always tell myself that they had good lives with people who loved them.
I think he did. He was always such a character, both mum and I will miss him tremendously but at least thanks to the vets he was able to die at home.

Thank you *hugs*
Sorry to hear that, it's a sad thing to have to do even when it's the right one and the only thing left to do. Pets really are one of the family.
He was with us 8 1/2 years so he's leaving a huge hole in our lives, but it was the only thing to do. He wasn't going to get better and nothing is worse thah leaving a beloved pet to suffer.

Thank you.
My heart breaks for you. Since I've known you, Misty has been your constant companion, and I know you've done everything you can for him. The tragedy of pets is they share our lives but not our lifespan. You've made the loving choice, but not the easy one.

R.I.P., special guy.
Thank you. Yes, I had him from 7 weeks old, when he was so small he fit in the palm of my hand. He grew into a big, strapping bunny, but was always so gentle and patient, right to the end. He was 8 1/2 years old, not bad for a rabbit. He's leaving a huge hole in my life and some holes can just never be filled.

Hugs for you.
Thank you *hugs Back*
Oh, my dear, I'm with you!!!
Big hug!!!
Thanks, Ani *hugs*

There was nothing else to be done but grant him peace. He's better off now.
I'm so sorry. How terrible. I'm glad he was so loved and cared for, and had such a happy life. *HUGS*

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Thank you *hugs* It's always hard to lose a much loved pet, but doubly so when you have to make the decision to end their life. He's been through so much with all his tooth problems, but it was an ear infection that didn't respond to treatment that got him in the end. He was getting worse rather than better, and a bunny that can't bounce any more deserves peace.
*hugs* I so sorry. I know how much he meant to you. Pets are truly members of the family.
Thank you *hugs back* After 8 1/2 years it's hard to imagine life without him, but it was time. I've always told George the vet that I didn't want Misty to suffer and if it ever got to that point I'd do what was best for him. It's still so hard though, even though I know he's at peace now.
Thank you *hugs*

I've buried him in the garden, I'm just glad he's at peace now.
Oh my dear J, so sorry to hear about Misty ... I am sure he is in the rabbits heaven eating carrots ...
It is sad that we have to take that decision, but sometimes it is just the best for them. I did the same with my 18/year old dog who was suffering from cancer.

extra large hugs for you, my friend.
Thank you *hugs* It's very hard, even knowing it's the right thing to do it still hurts, but we were given time to say goodbye. Our vets are so very understanding and caring.
I'm so sorry. We love them so and yet when its time we have to let them go. He was a lucky rabbit to have you to take care of him. No one could have loved him better. Hugs, cause I know how hard this is.
Thank you *hugs back*

We have to do what's best for our furry friends. It was his time, I didn't want him to suffer. He's in a better place now.
*folds you into massive hug*

*clings* Thank you. It won't be the same without him.
I'm so sorry! I know how much you loved him, it was apparent every time Misty came up in your emails, but letting him go is an act of love too. I know that is a very hard thing to do *hugs*
Thank you, it was very hard but it was the best thing for him and that's all that matters. He wasn't happy any more so it was time to say goodbye. *hugs*
He had a long and happy life and was well loved and cared for. What more could a rabbit wish for?
You made a tough decision but it was right for him and I'm sure he appreciates it as he munches his carrot in the bunny meadow in the sky. xx

I know it was the right thing to do, but that didn't make it any easier. I took a couple of photos, then spent some time just stroking and talking to him before Jess put him to sleep. He's better off now.

Thank you.
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