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Safe to say life isn't being kind to me right now. I've been stuck with this cough for a week now, not getting much sleep because I keep coughing myself awake, so I had a friend get me some cough syrup in the hope of getting some much needed sleep. Decided I'd take it at bedtime, so I went to finish things up downstairs before going to bed, went to unplug the kettle I think, but anyway I coughed at the wrong moment and got a stabbing pain through my ribs on my right side. Ow! Coughing hurt. A lot.

So, I took the cough medicine and went to bed, and of course it had no effect on my cough whatsoever. Every time I coughed, pain shot through my ribs and when I tried to lie down, coughing in that position just made it worse and I got stuck, couldn't push myself up with my right arm. Eventually I managed to wriggle around carefully and sit up, but that meant I was back to sitting bolt upright, which isn't restful, coughing and in pain. Went to get some painkillers at 3am only to find that all the ones we had were WAY out of date. So, I got about an hour's sleep, I still have no painkillers because I can't go anywhere and every time I think the pain is going I cough and find that no, it's still there. I don't even have an ice pack. Thankfully my sister will be here in about another hour (which will be 12 hours since I pulled whatever it is I pulled), and she's bringing painkillers because I phoned and asked her to. What's the betting they won't work either?

What did I do to deserve this? *resigned sigh* (not a heavy sigh because it hurts to breathe deeply).
Tags: life sucks, real life

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