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December 2023



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Drabble: In Wine There Is…

Title: In Wine There Is…

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, Team, Nosy

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 298 – In Vino Veritas at tw100

Spoilers: None.

Summary: There’s an accident with some alien wine…

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

The team returned to a Hub in chaos and a very harassed looking Ianto.

“What happened?” Jack asked, looking shocked, “and what’s that all over the floor?” He gestured at pools of purple liquid splattered about.

“It’s wine of some sort, probably alien,” Ianto replied. “A vat appeared on the Plas and exploded when I was bringing it down on the invisible lift. Unfortunately, someone got to it before I could clean up.”

They heard a loud “Hic!” and watched as a very sticky purple Nosy slithered erratically past them.

“Do Fluffs get hangovers?” asked Owen

“God, I hope not!”

TBC in '...Alcohol'

A/N: aviv_b , I seem to recall you wanted to see Nosy turn purple…


hahahahahah a drunka nd purple Nosy? does she change colours according to her level of alcohol?

PS, for me Nosy is a she!!!
More because of the amount of alcohol absorbed by its fluffy fur. It's purple because it's been slithering through the purple wine puddles and probably got liberally splattered with wine when the cask exploded. Travel by rift clearly has a destabilising effect on alien wine. And alien wine has a destabilising effect on Fluffs, lol! I have and image of Nosy getting so drunk it ends up rolling through the wine puddles.

Thank you.
Hopefully wine doesn't stain fluffs the way it does carpets! *laughs*

And just what sort of remedy do you give a hungover Fluff, anyway??
I have NO idea. Lots of coffee?

I hope it won't stain, but if it does they'll just have to get used to a psycedelic purple and green Fluff!
Bwahahaha! Can you dry clean a Nosy??
LOL! Somehow I doubt it! I wonder how much stain remover it will take to get Nosy back to normal colour...

Thank you.
LMAO!!! omg the hangover!! And a VAT, no less....poor Nosy! that's gonna be one grumpy Fluff :D
Wine doesn't travel well through the rift, apparently, so a whole vat of it spread across the Hub is going to take some cleaning, even though Nosy seems to have done its best to mop up, lol!

Hopefully Owen has a miracle cure for hangovers that works on Fluffs, otherwise Nosy will be in a sorry state.

Thank you.
Wine + Rift = Trouble!

I gotta stop reading this at work; people are beginning to wonder what I'm laughing about!

Please tell me there's gonna be at least one more Nosy + alcohol...this is just too good not to have one more :D
I think you've probably found the other half of this one by now - I couldn't leave a drunken Fluff weaving erratically around the Hub, lol! It was a safety hazard.
Yes I did and I gotta admit, I start laughing when I see your name pop up because I know it's gonna be something funny as all heck! Love your drabbles and posts :D I will burn a piece of sage for Misty...
Thank you, I'd appreciate that.

I don't ALWAYS write funny, fluffy stuff, there are some angsty drabbles too, just not as many, lol! It depends on what the prompt of the week inspires. Sometimes I get ideas for both. I'd rather write fluff and humour, but sometimes the muses go the other way and I don't get any say in the matter. Hopefully there will be a new prompt this week - we didn't get one last week so I had to try to get more from the previous prompt.

Glad you enjoy the humour! I love making people laugh.
Hope Fluff doesn't get a hangover.
I think everyone is hoping that!

Thank you!
haha oh dear Ianto should have make sure Nosy was secure before bringing the vat in. poor little fluff

Great story.
In Ianto's defence, he wasn't expecting it to explode, his scans indicated it was harmless.

Thank you.
very very very LOL!
*grins* Thank you!
Whoops! At least alien wine is not toxic to Fluffs! Although it might seem like it in the morning if Nosy has a hangover. :-p
Nosy did its best to help Ianto mop the floor...

Thank you.
I think poor Ianto's in for a long night...
I think the whole team are, Ianto's not cleaning everything up by himself, especially not with Nosy tracking sticky trails everywhere!

Thank you.
Love it
Thank you!

The hazards of Torchwood are many and varied. No matter how hard Ianto tries, he can't plan ahead for everything.
Hehe :-)
*grins* Thank you!
Poor curious Nosey... awwww
Wine does not mix well with Fluffs, unfortunately!

Thank you!