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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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Drabble: Tasty Treats

Title: Tasty Treats

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Gwen, Ianto

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 299 – Green Eggs and Ham at tw100

Spoilers: None.

Summary: Gwen can’t resist chocolates.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

The bag of chocolates sitting beside the coffee machine looked so tempting; Gwen was sure no one would mind if she had one.

Popping it into her mouth, she delighted in the chocolate and the crispy inside. Checking to make sure there were plenty left, she took one more, crunching it up quickly.

“Morning, Gwen, I’ll have coffee ready shortly,” Ianto said breezing into the kitchenette. “Ah, that’s where I left them.” He picked up the bag. “Myfanwy, loves chocolate covered scorpions.”

Gwen’s eyes widened and her face paled.

“Scorpions?” she squeaked, then fled.

Ianto frowned.

“What’s up with her?”

The End


hahahaha oh poor Gwen! great drabble.
Thank you!

Poor Ianto, he has no idea Gwen was sampling Myfanwy's treats. I'm sure he's tried them himself, so he wouldn't understand Gwen's reaction anyway!
I've heard the scorpions are quite tasty. You can get ants and grasshoppers coated in chocolate too. I've been researching weird foods for this prompt.

I'm sure Ianto has a stash of chocolate coffee beans too.

Thank you!
Eeew. Makes me queasy just reading about it!
Oops! Sorry! For what it's worth, they're apparently quite tasty, covered in the finest Belgian chocolate, lol! People do eat some very strange things. I've been researching for this week's prompt. This is actually comparatively tame compared to some of the things I found out about.

Thank you.
Heehee! It's all true though, I found a company that sells them along with a lot of other strange things. I've been told by someone who's tried them that they're actually quite tasty. I'll take their word for it. Scorpions, like squid, are fascinating but I wouldn't want to eat one... Besides, chocolate gives me migraines ;)

Thank yiu.
Gwen will not be not sampling any unknown tasty treats for awhile.
No she won't! It hasn't cured her chocolate addictiom, but she'll stick to her personal supply in future, lol!

Thank you.
Lol entirely possible that Ianto was just messing with her, maybe teach her not to mess with things that aren't hers.
In my mind, Ianto had no idea she'd been sampling them, he'd just had so much to do that morning that Myf's treats got temporarily mislaid, he really can't understand why Gwen is behaving so oddly, lol!

The chocolate covered scorpions are in fact a very real thing, you can buy them and other strange snacks, both chocolate covered or simply toasted. Bizarre but true. I know someone who's tried them and apparently they're quite tasty.

Thank you.
Nom, nom, nom. See Gwen, that's what happens when you take things that aren't yours, LOL!
She'll think twice about taking anything from an unattended, unmarked bag in future, that's for sure!

Thank you.
Ha! What a surprise for Gwen. I've heard they're quite tasty, but I'm going to have to pass. Just the thought is enough to put me off chocolate. I'll stick with the chocolate covered espresso beans. ;) Great story!
I almost feel sorry for Gwen!

I've heard they're quite tasty too, but I can't say I'd want to try one. Chocolate gives me migraines anyway, so I have a good excuse for refusing if anyone ever offers me a chocolate covered scorpion, lol!

I suspect Iasnto has plenty of chocolate covered coffee beans of various kinds for himself and Jack!

Thank you.
hahaha that happens when people are nosy! not your Nosy, of course LOL
My Nosy wouldn't have touched them, because it doesn't eat insects, but Gwen doesn't have Nosy's sense of smell, she just saw unattended chocolates. I suspect next time she'll leave them alone, lol!

Thank you.
Ha, Ianto pranked Gwen and didn't know it! *giggles*
Heehee! Yep, poor Ianto had no idea Gwen was snacking on Myf's chocolates. Mind you, he's tried them himself, he wouldn't get why Gwen was upset.
Gwen is grabbed!
but I understand that the taste of crispy is tempting.
She can't resist chocolate, but she wasn't expecting the scorpions!

Thank you.
Great job
Thank you. Gwen really should think before helping herself to things left lying about in the Hub!
I would totally try that! But poor Gwen, it's a bit rough when it's a surprise.
Chocolate can be too tempting to resist, and she liked it until she found out about the scorpions. I'm sure she'll get over the initial disgust and learn to enjoy the extra crunch, lol!

I think I managed to fit the whole team in these. Sometimes I get a little samey and characters get neglected.

Thank you.
I almost feel bad for Gwen here. Who knew there even was such a thing?!?

(I know, I know, Ianto, of course. :-p)
I was researching weird foods and came across these on the same website that sells the ants and grasshoppers, weasel coffee and cooked tarantulas. Thought they'd make a nice treat for Myf. They use the finest Belgian chocolate, or so they claim. Sounds like they'd be up to Myf's high standards and Ianto bought some other things for himself and Tosh.

Gwen liked them very much until she discovered the crunchy inside was scorpion. A case of 'What you don't know won't hurt you'.

Thank you.