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Ianto Little Smile

July 2019



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Drabble: Snacking

Title: Snacking

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, Tosh, Owen

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 299 – Green Eggs and Ham at tw100

Spoilers: None.

Summary: Ianto and Tosh enjoy trying unusual snacks.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

Setting a steaming mug down beside Tosh, Ianto held out a bag.

“Chocolate covered ant with your Weasel coffee?”

“Oooh, yes please!”

Tosh took one, biting into it.

“Mmmm, lovely. Have you tried the grasshoppers?”

“Yep. I prefer the ants though, they have a nuttier flavour.”

“I think I’ll try the salt and vinegar grasshoppers next time. I eat far too much chocolate.”

Ianto pulled a catalogue from his pocket and flipped through it.

“I’ll get some toasted ants then. Owen, care for an ant?”

“I’ll pass. You two are seriously weird,” Owen muttered.

Ianto shrugged.

“No sense of adventure.”

The End


*giggles* I've actually heard that bugs are high in protein. Not surprised that Ianto would try them, since Jack once had dinosaurs for breakfast! ;)
Ianto found the website I found while researching for this prompt. He showed Tosh and they decided to try some of the things available.

Bugs are indeed high in protein, though eating them covered in chocolate probably isn't the healthiest option, lol!

Thank you.
Also, ewwwwww! LOL
LOL! They're supposed to be very nutritious.

Thank you.
it almost makes me want to try ... If Tosh and Ianto do, why not us?
but ... almost!
anyway, it would already that I find and I would not trust to buy via the Internet. How to ensure the quality and origin?
on the other hand, saw some television reports, we're probably going to put us at one time or another.
I know, you have to be careful buying any sort of food over the internet, If I knew a good shop that stocked them, maybe I'd give the ants a try... Maybe...

Thank you.
Hehe brilliant. :-)
I can just see Tosh and Ianto being so open minded about alternative foods.
They'd better not leave any where Jack can find them though, I don't think there would be many left!
I suspect Ianto makes sure Jack has his own supply, lol!

Thank you.
Adorable, but I would never never never eat grasshoppers, I fear of them.
Thank you *hugs*

I'd never eat grasshoppers either, because I really love them. I used to catch them when I was little, then they'd sit on my hand so I could really look at them. I love the sounds they make on a sunny summer day. I even found onr in my bedroom this year. I don't know how it got here.
oops you forgot cockroaches, the bugs with the highest protein content and resistant to radiation!
OMG they are weird!!!!
LOL! I didn't find anywhere stocking edible cockroaches while I was researching for this. The items here are all genuine, though quite expensive for snacks.

Thank you.
I personally think weird is good. Owen doesn't know what he's missing. LOL!
We should feel sorry for Owen, he's not as enlightened as Tosh and Ianto, lol!

Thank you.
Sorry, I'm with Owen on this one! They are WEIRD!
Nothing wrong with being weird though, lol! They just have adventurous tastebuds.

Thank you!
Love it
Thank you. I figured Ianto and Tosh would be the most adventurous. Well, aside from Jack who'll put almost anything in his mouth!
I think I am with Owen on this one, seriously weird.

Great story.
Thank you.

I sort of agree with Owen too, but I applaud Ianto and Tosh for being so willing to try different things.
Think I'll skip the snacks...too buggy for me... :0
LOL! Owen feels the same, he'll stick to biscuits.

Ianto and Tosh just like to try different things, they're a lot braver than me!

Thank you.
Insects are the nutrition of the future! Tosh and Owen are so with it. :)
Ianto and Tosh share things like friends should and they move with the times. Poor Owen is obviously not very forward thinking, lol!

Thank you.
Ew! I'm with Owen on this one. I do like some weird foods--but I draw the line at bugs! :-p

I can definitely see Ianto and Tosh being more adventurous, however.
They're open minded and like trying new things, it's something they can share.

Have to admite Owen in this is me... I like grasshoppers too much to eat them. Ants on the other hand... I've been bitten so many times there's a part of me that would like to be the one doing the biting for a change.