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Ianto Little Smile

July 2019



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Pretty Tosh

Drabble: Pale Purple Leather

Title: Pale Purple Leather

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Tosh, Owen

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 300 at tw100

Spoilers: None.

Summary: Tosh is too practical to splash out on something she doesn’t need, no matter how much she wants it.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

The bag was pale purple leather, butter soft to the touch, and Tosh coveted it the moment she saw it in the exclusive little boutique. It was also wickedly expensive, and being the practical sort, Tosh just couldn’t justify spending so much.

That didn’t stop her pausing to gaze longingly at it whenever she passed the shop window.

Until, one day she paused to look and it was gone.

Smiling sadly, she returned to the Hub.


Weeks later…

“Happy Birthday, Tosh.”

Seeing the joy on her face as she opened his present, Owen decided it had been worth every penny.

The End

Owen's POV 'Worth The Price'  


I love this! So brilliant!

Aww, poor Tosh, she's still definitely my favourite Torchwood character. I love the fact that Owen had obviously been watching her to know that she wanted it... or has he?

I'd love to see Owen's POV leading up to the purchase of the bag.

Great job!
Thank you!

I've finally managed to write a happy Tosh drabble =D

I love Tosh, but usually seem to wind up writing sad drabbles for her. This time though, the idea just fit her so well and had a happy ending, so that makes me happy. Glad you liked it. I'll try to write Owen's POV, just for you.
I'm like Tosh but "my" Owen does not always realize!
beautiful and Owen was so attentive this time!
But I have to say that I thought Ianto was the one who had bought it for her.
I had thought about it being Ianto, but I thought it was time Owen did something really nice for Tosh to show her how much he appreciates her. She would never have bought such a luxury item herself, Owen just thought she should have it because she liked it so much.

I'm not a handbag person - I have two or three bags, but they're strictly functional and cheap - but my sister is always buying new, expensive bags when she gets money for her birthday. I've just never seen the point, lol!

Thank you.
I have tons of bags in different colours, shapes and fabric but as I like changing, I don't spend a lot on them!
Mine are always black. Can't go wrong with black, it goes with anything, lol!
Who is this guy and what did he do with the real Owen, LOL? Hey I have a lovely eggplant purse and it goes with everything - so Tosh should have bought it for herself.
Ah, but it was much too nice to use for work, so she didn't feel she could justify buying it for just occasional use ;)

I think by this point Owen and Tosh are dating and Owen has mellowed somewhat. He's still very much Owen, but his thoughtful side comes to the surface occasionally and he wanted to show Tosh how much she means to him.

Thank you.
Owen can ge things right when he bothers to try.

Tosh is too practical to spend a lot on such a luxury as a bag that isn't suitable for work - it's not like she gets a lot of time off.

Thank you.
Oh Owen how sweet, I always new he had a nicer sweeter side.

Great chapter.
He's starting to show Tosh hs caring side - it's about time too!

Thank you.
I love this :)
Thank you!

I actually managed to write Happy Tosh!
Thank you!

It was a relief to actually write something happy for Tosh.
Aww, Owen! <3
I think Owen's finally growing up again! Tosh approves.

Thank you.
aaawwwww!! Bravo Owen. It buys all your sarcasm!
Thank you.

Sometimes Owen does the right thing. Tosh was so thrilled.
Awww, so sweet! I loved seeing Owen's caring side come to the surface. We know it has to be in there somewhere!
It is there, and it's coming to the surface more for Tosh's sake. Owen likes making Tosh happy.

Thank you.
Aww I love how you made it Owen that bought the bag. He is the only one I didn't consider as I read it - I thought maybe Jack or Ianto had bought it for her, or maybe even Gwen had bought it for herself as I don't think she would have any qualms about spending a lot of money on such a frivolous but pretty item. It never occurred to me that Owen would be that nice :-) But I'm pleased he was!
It WAS originally going to be Ianto, but Owen objected, he told me he wanted to do something nice for Tosh since they're dating now so I said okay and wrote it that way ;)

Thank you =)