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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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Jack - Ianto Be Naked

Drabble: Leather Clad

Title: Leather Clad

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Jack, Ianto

Rating: PG

Written For: Challenge 300 at tw100

Spoilers: None.

Summary: Ianto is always gorgeous, but Jack wasn’t prepared for this!

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: For the square Leather/Firmament

Jack couldn’t stop staring.

Ianto, his Ianto, sat before him astride a motorcycle, a vision in black and red leathers, eyebrow raised and a wicked smirk on that oh-so-tempting mouth.

“Whu?” Jack mentally shook himself and tried not to drool. A second attempt at speech was more successful. “Since when did you ride a motorcycle?”

“Since I was eighteen. Haven’t had one since London, but a friend was selling his, so… What do you think?”

Jack’s brain was mush. In his opinion, Ianto Jones was the sexiest being beneath the firmament, but all he could manage was a heartfelt “Guh!”

The End


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wow what a nice image! and now I can understand a speechless Ianto!
Poor Jack, the sight was just too much for him, lol! I'm sure Ianto could render me speechless too ;)

Thank you.
Oh u need a manip for this. I can definitely understand jack being lodt for words i would be seeing Ianto like that. Great drabble.
Me too! I'd be following Ianto, drooling most likely. I think Jack will be too, lol!

Thank you.

Know anyone who does manips?
Guh from me too! This demands a manip! ;D
Guh is really the only possible response!

A manip would be great, but I don't know anyone who could make one =(

Thank you.
very nice! I can see Ianto being entirely pleased with himself at rendering Jack speechless!
Ianto does love having that power over Jack, there aren't many people that can reduce Captain Jack Harkness to incoherency!

Thank you!
Motorbike sex! Cause you know Jack can use anything as a sex aid, and a motorcycle with a leather-clad Ianto is just too tempting to waste!
The police might take issue with that; they frown on such things, especially in public places ;)

However, once they move the bike into Torchwood's private garage, I'm sure Ianto will be more than willing. Jack will need to peel the leather off first though, lol!

Thank you.
I'm right there with Jack - GUH...
There's no other word that quite fits!

Thank you.
Here you go. *GUH!*

Ianto in leather

Edited at 2013-11-21 05:35 am (UTC)
GUH is right! I love it! Thank you so much =D

It's no wonder Jack was trying not to drool! I'm having problems myself *mops keyboard*
Definitely drool-worthy. Lucky Jack. And lucky Ianto.
They both have a lot to be thankful for *grins*

Have you checked out the manip scifiangel has done for this? It's posted in the comments and it's brilliant! Definitely GUH-worthy!

Thank you.
I second (or more, going by the comments) the GUH!

And now thanks to scifiangel, that vision is a reality!

Great job, both of you! :D
He really looks gorgeous, it's no wonder Jack lost the ability to speak coherently!

Thank you! =D
Just posted a bunch of leather clad Iantos and one leather clad Jack. It's all your fault!


I am an evil enabler, lol!

I'm also completely unrepentant ;)

Already seen your delicious manips, and left a rather incoherent comment. It's impossible to think when confronted by such yumminess. Just the thought is enough to cause terminal GUH!
Hot guy in leather what's not to love. Lucky Jack.
Jack is enjoying the view too much to comment, lol!

Thank you.
*fans you*

Thank you!
I would stare too O.O XD
It would be impossible not to!

Imagine how many people would walk into walls or lamp posts if Ianto was out in public dressed like that...

Thank you.
Sorry, I want to leave a comment... but my brain isn't functioning. All I can manage is 'Guh!'
GUH is a perfectly acceptable comment ;)

Jack had the same problem.

Thank you!

Check out the manip in the comments - it's droolworthy.
black and red leather on a motorcycle! In addition, Ianto cocked his eyebrow and smile ...... we all fall back to the age of the caveman side language.
So true, Ianto in leather just has that effect on people. He's irresistible.

Thank you.
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