badly_knitted (badly_knitted) wrote,


Work has started on the house. This SHOULD be good news, however I've not been feeling well today (or yesterday), we've had an army of workmen trooping through the house stripping polystyrene tiles off all the upstairs ceilings (yeah, I know, but it was insulation back when you couldn't get much else), another team putting new lintels above the windows in preparation for the new windows next week, and we have no kitchen! What little there was has been ripped out (we still have cooker and fridge), so we have no sink or draining board and won't have until next Monday because the plumber isn't available until then =(

I kinda wish they hadn't started the kitchen until next week. There is rubble and dust everywhere, my rabbit is traumatised, and they've piled tools, kitchen units and worktops in the front room so I can't get to things I'd put in there so they were easy to get at, without squeezing past and climbing over things. Kill me now =(
Tags: life sucks, news, real life

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