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Drabble: Smoke And Mirrors

Title: Smoke And Mirrors

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, Jack

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 300 at tw100

Spoilers: None.

Summary: Ianto sees right through Jack’s act.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: For the square Curtain/Deception

A/N2: Thanks to lexxiescott for giving me the idea for this one.

Ianto watched Jack showing off for the police, flirting and smiling the smile until they gave up, leaving the investigation to Torchwood.

“It’s all smoke and mirrors with you,” he observed, coming to stand beside his captain.

“What do you mean?”

“The Wizard of Oz hid behind a curtain to fool people into thinking he was some great and powerful being; you hide behind the coat and a flirty smile, playing the Big Damn Hero so people don’t see that you’re just like them. But I see you Jack, you don’t fool me.”

Jack looked into Ianto’s eyes.

“I know.”

The End


And that's why they're perfect together. :) Even among the Team there's a lot of hero-worshipping going on. Gwen definitely does, Tosh probably does to some extent because he saved her from that horrible prison; even Owen, I'd say, because Jack had all the answers at a time when Owen's life fell apart and nothing made sense.

But not Ianto. For whatever reason he sees Jack as he truly is--and loves him anyway. <3<3

Nice job!
Thank you, I was completely stuck with this prompt at first, but then one of my friends made a suggestion and it led to this =)

I think you're right - Ianto sees Jack the man, where everyone else sees Captain Jack, fearless leader. But then, Jack sees right through Ianto's masks too. They are each what the other needs, someone they can be themselves with.

I have one more to post for this lot, then I'll star posting my second lot - all are finished, yay!
I believe Jack want Ianto to see the real him

Great drabble.
I think he does. It's rare for someone to see through Jack's act, but Jack feels safe with Ianto. He doesn't need to pretend with him and values him all the more for that.
Awwwe so sweet. That's one reason Jack love Ianto so. He can be himself.
Exactly! It must be so soothing to be with someone where he doesn't have to keep up his larger than life, flirty persona. Ianto sees past all that to an ordinary man who just happens to be burdened with immortality.

Thank you.
yes the reason why they belong together!
Yes, They see through each other's masks to the real person beneath.

Thank you.
This is so true for their relationship and it's why I believe they work so well together (and as so have pointed it out in some of my own writing)
Ianto sees more than the other team members, I think he looks deeper while they don't bother to look beyond the surface.

They accept each other completely.

Thank you.
This was so really nice. Ianto does see Jack for who he really is, and you know it has to be a relief for Jack not to have to pretend around him. This is why they're perfect for each other: they understand each other, and Ianto knows exactly what Jack needs.
I think they both see each other clearly - they both hide behind masks; it takes one to know one. Jack can shed his Captain persona around Ianto, he doesn't have to constantly flirt. They can relax with each other and let their guard down.

Thank you.
It's like Ianto always says - he knows everything...especially when it comes to Jack.
Jack is an open book to Ianto, he can't hide himself from the astute and observant Welshman. Then again, I don't think he would want to.

Thank you.
So very true. Still, knowing Jack's reason for acting that way lends it something tragic, raising his behavior above mere play-acting and posing. I love that Ianto is able to see right through him, that way he has Jack's back, always and it makes them the perfect fit.

Thank you for sharing! :)
Thank you.

They complement each other well, and I believe they have each other's backs. Just as Ianto sees through Jack's masks, Jack can see through Ianto's!
This is way I am a Jantoette big time because Ianto sees Jack as man warts and all and still accepts him unlike a certain 'heart' of torchwood.
That's why they work so well, they see through each other's masks to the real person beneath and accept each other completely.

Other people have no depth themselves so only look at the surface of those around them, believing that's all there is.

Thank you.
This is why Ianto will always hold a special place in Jack's heart. <3
It's what we all hope for, to be unconditionally accepted by the one we love, for all that we are, good amd bad.

Thank you.
Thank you. Ianto is very perceptive, for which Jack is grateful.
Aww great use of the prompt :-)
Thank you, I was stuck with that prompt until a friend said it made her think of the Wizard of Oz and I got this idea. Jack and Ianto both hide behind maks, maybe that's why they can each see through the other's defences.
it's so true!
it is that Ianto is aware of who is Jack, that Jack knows he is not mistaken Ianto and that does not change their feelings.
Yes, Jack knows Ianto has no illusions about him but loves him anyway. I think that must make Jack feel safer with Ianto than with anyone else, because he doesn't have to pretend to anything but what he is - an ordinary man who just happens to have accidentally become immortal.

Nut Jack sees Ianto too, and knows him as completely as Ianto knows Jack.

Thank you.