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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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Drabble: Deceptive

Title: Deceptive

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Jack, Ianto

Rating: PG-13

Written For: Challenge 300 at tw100

Spoilers: None.

Summary: Ianto’s date night attire is having a dramatic effect on Jack, and Ianto knows it!

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: For the square Leather/Deception

Jack stared admiringly at Ianto’s outfit – deep red shirt, open halfway down his chest, matt black leather trousers that looked like they’d been painted on, and matching waistcoat. He looked good enough to eat. There was just one thing worrying Jack.

“You look positively sinful, but are you sure you can breathe wearing those?”

“Trust me, Jack,” Ianto purred, winking, “I can do a whole lot more in these than just breathe. They’re not as inflexible as they look.” With that he bent over and touched his toes to prove it.

Jack's jaw dropped and his brain left the building.

The End


*gigglesnort* Oh man, that last line!
Heehee! Thank you. Ianto is evil ;)
Jack's brain has left the building!

Good thing when it comes to Ianto he tends to think with the other brain! LOL!
In this situation, Jack's upper brain really wasn't needed so it went out for some fresh air, lol!

Thank you.

Damn it. I just got my brain back and now you've melted it again!
Ooops! Sorry, but I DID warn you ;)

Thank you, hope you don't need your brain right now.
Brains are overrated anyway. I haven't had mine since your last drabble! Ianto + Leather is a dangerous combination for the old grey matter. And now you've upped the ante with THAT mental image! :D
Heee! Thank you =)

Pity my poor brain, I had to try to write other drabbles after writing this, all with visions of Ianto bending over in tight leather trousers filling my head. o_O

Glad you like the image ;)
Ianto is evil showing off his trousers like that!
And he knows it, lol! He does love getting Jack all steamed up, the naughty boy ;)

Thank you.
OMG...that last line is a killer! And having tailored leather garments myself, I have one hell of a mental image of that bendover that made Jack lose his rain! (Put a leash on it, Jack, for safe keeping!)

Why do I see Ianto in red leather too!? Those black leathers had to be lambskin ...

<ooozes into a puddle ...?
*mops you into a bucket* You just rest there until you can pull yourself together again.

Mmmmm, Ianto in red leather would be delicious, a dark, rich red... *drools*

Very flexible leather certainly, and lambskin should be readily available in Wales I would think.

Jack's in constant danger of his upper brain wandering off whenever he's near Ianto, but it always seems to come back when he needs it. Well, mostly anyway, lol!

Thank you.
Wow! Is it me or is the air in my room suddenly pretty hot ? ;) How could Jack still think straight, after that? This is absolutely impossible. I know, I tried....

Thank you. Ianto knows what he does to Jack, it's deliberate. Jack will now follow him anywhere! *grins*
Oh that last line *chuckle* yes mine would leave the building too.

Great drabble.
Lol! Thank you.

I nearly changed the last line, but I liked it better the way it is.
Don't worry Jack, Ianto can do the thinking for you! LOL
Jack's in safe hands, Ianto will take care of him!

Thank you!
And little captain woke up smiling.
Oh yes, you can be sure of that, lol!

Thank you!

I think my brain left right along with Jack's....
Imagine the trouble I had making mine concentrate enough to finish writing the drabble once I had that image of Ianto stuck in my brain, lol!

Thank you.
Thank you.

Jack agrees, Ianto in tight leather trousers is perfection!
The image of Ianto ....... mmmmhhhhhhhh The naughty seduction personified.
I understand that Jack loses control over its jaw and that his brain be made the trunk. There is more need for the moment. Ianto and Jack know what to do too!
Oh yes, they definitely know what to do, lol!

I had a hard time writing this with that image of Ianto in my head! I kept forgetting what I was doing!

Thank you!
Oh dear lord, my brain just ran right over Jack's on its way out of the building!!! Talk about sex on legs, Ianto Jones in this outfit is just too, too, TOO much!!
ROFL! I hope you got your brain back eventually!

Glad you liked it!

Thank you.