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FAKE Fic: A Dog’s Tale: Part 10 – Bad Manners

Title: A Dog’s Tale: Part 10 – Bad Manners

Fandom: FAKE

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Dee, Dick the dog, Ryo.

Rating: PG-13

Setting: After Like Like Love.

Summary: Dee was quite enjoying having a bit of company at home. Until now.

Word Count: 717

Written For: Prompt 44: Carnal at anythingdrabble.

Disclaimer: I don’t own FAKE, or the characters. They belong to the wonderful Sanami Matoh.

Previous Part

Ryo was back at work today, on second shift, but Dee had taken a personal day, just to be sure their houseguest was settling in okay; he’d felt it a bit soon to leave the little guy all alone while he and Ryo were both out. He’d taken care of a few chores, had taken Dick for a couple of pleasant strolls around the block, and Dee had been enjoying having company, up until now.

Seated on the sofa, he kept his eyes fixed firmly on the TV as he swigged from a can of beer and tried to ignore what was going on closer to floor level. At first he’d tried shifting his leg away, nudging with his other foot, he’d even tried standing up and shaking his leg, but that had only seemed to serve as encouragement, so instead he was keeping as still as possible in the hope that his attacker would accept that his attention was unwanted and go away. Didn’t look like that would happen anytime soon. In one corner of his mind, Dee couldn’t help being impressed. For such a little guy his guest had a lot of stamina.

Finally, there was a grunt and the weight on Dee’s leg vanished. He looked down at the small brown dog now sprawled on its side on the floor, panting. “About time! Are you quite done sating your carnal lusts with my leg?” he enquired sarcastically.

The dog’s tail thudded against the floor a couple of times at the sound of his voice. “Woof.”

“I hope you didn’t behave like that with old Mrs Holloway.” Dee frowned disapprovingly at the dachshund. “On the other hand, it would explain why she named you Dick.”

Recognising his name, the dog’s ears pricked up, as much as they were capable of doing. “Woof.”

Dee checked out the damp patch on the leg of his jeans and shrugged; he’d been meaning to toss them in the wash anyway. “Could be worse. I suppose it beats havin’ you mistake my leg for a fire hydrant. But this better not become a habit with you. It’s bad manners to hump someone’s leg without invitation. I don’t think Ryo would appreciate it any more than I did. He gets annoyed enough when I pounce on him and he’s not in the mood.” The thought of his partner stirred something in Dee and he slumped against the sofa cushions and tilted his head back, staring up at the ceiling. “Great; now I’m horny. See what you’ve done?”


“I guess it’s not entirely your fault. Thinkin’ about Ryo always turns me on.” With any luck his lover would be home soon; his shift should’ve ended half an hour ago. Dee smiled, thinking ahead. “Guess I’ll just have to make sure to give him a very enthusiastic welcome.” Closing his eyes, he tried to relax, waiting as patiently as he could. He’d show the mutt who was top dog around here!

Dick’s ears went up again at the sound of Ryo’s key in the door, but Dee reacted faster and had the benefit of considerably longer legs, so he got there first. The moment Ryo stepped through the door, Dee was on him, propelling him bodily back against the wall as he shoved the door shut one-handed.

“Dee! What’re you doing?” Ryo protested as Dee pressed up against him as if trying to fuse their bodies together. There was no mistaking his prominent arousal.

“I’ve had to put up with the attentions of a lust-crazed creature for half the evening,” Dee growled against the side of Ryo’s neck, nibbling and licking at the tender flesh as he rubbed up against him, doing a pretty good impression of the dog’s earlier activities. “Your turn now!”

“Lust-crazed creature?”

“Yeah, I was fine until the dumb mutt started humpin’ my leg. If you wanna blame anyone, blame him; he’s the one put ideas into my head!”

Ryo burst out laughing. “Well, in that case I guess I should think myself lucky that it’s just you humping me and not the dog as well.”

“Yeah, well maybe we should move this to the bedroom, just to make sure he doesn’t try to horn in. You’re mine and I’m not sharin’ ya, especially not with a dog!”

TBC in ‘Part 11: Time To Play

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