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Ianto Little Smile

July 2019



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Pretty Tosh

Drabble: Transformed

Title: Transformed

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Tosh, mentions Owen and Gwen.

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 300 at tw100

Spoilers: Very slight for Something Borrowed.

Summary: Tosh shops for a dress for Gwen’s wedding.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: A second fill for the square Swan/Purple

Growing up, Tosh considered herself dowdy and rather plain. Not that she minded, she knew her brains made up for what she lacked in looks. Boys, though, tended to be intimidated by her intelligence. She often thought if she were only prettier then maybe they wouldn’t mind that she was brainy.

Older and wiser now, she still lacked confidence. She wanted so badly for Owen to notice her, but how could she compete with Gwen on her wedding day?

Slipping into a purple dress, she turned to the mirror and gasped. The ugly duckling had miraculously transformed into a swan.

The End


Aww Tosh, you were never an ugly duckling! But you did look gorgeous at Gwen's wedding :-)

Just lovely :-)
She really did!

Tosh seems to have self esteem issues, she doesn't realise how beautiful she is, which is sad.

Thank you.
Tosh was so smart and graceful at Gwen's wedding... Why do you think Banana was drooling like a smail at her sigth? ;)
Tosh is gorgeous, she just doesn't realise that herself. She probably thought Banana would hit on any woman in sight. I love Tosh to bits, but she seemed to have problems with self esteem, she could never see what other people saw in her - not just brains but beauty, courage and compassion. Perhaps it was because the man she wanted to notice her seemed oblivious.

Thank you.
Indeed she did! So glad she could see it for once. She probably grew up believing (as so many do) that you can be "the beauty" or "the brain" but not both. Never was it proved more wrong than in Tosh's case, as you illustrate here. :)
Thank you.

Tosh always seemed to me to have self-esteem issues. I think as she was growing up, everyone kept telling her how clever she was but no one ever told her she was pretty, so she assumed she must be plain and her intelligence was the only thing she had going for her, and everyone knows that boys only like the pretty girls... (SO not true, but it's easy to get that impression because most boys are idiots, lol!)
Tosh always was a swan, I thought she was gorgeous.

Great drabble.
So did I, but try convincing Tosh!

Thank you!
Of all of Torchwood's people I admit to missing, I think I miss Tosh the most. Lovely and brainy, she was so much more a complement to Jack than Gwen ever has been. I thought she and Ianto should have been Jack's lieutenants, not Gwen. This is sweet...
Thank you, I agree, though I miss Ianto the most. Or I would if he were dead, but in my world he's not, and neither are Tosh and Owen.

Tosh is amazing, she had everything - brains, beauty, courage, compasssion, modesty and loyalty, she's what we should strive to be, a great role mmodel. I would be proud to be like Tosh.
1000% agree! She and Ianto were far and away most helpful to the team and to Jack. I lost it when she was killed in canon. Actually, I love the stories ignoring CoE and MD. :D
I didn't even bother watching MD, it wasn't Torchwood without Ianto, Tosh and Owen. One day I might write the Nosy-Verse version of CoE where Nosy saves everyone ;)

In the meantime, the Torchwood team will continue with their happy lives.
Silly Tosh, she always was a beautiful swan...and Owen is an idiot!
Owen will always be an idiot, I think it's genetic, lol! He's starting to notice Tosh at last though.

The trouble is, Tosh doesn't believe she's beautiful. I think she's used to being told how clever she is, but growing up no one ever told her she was pretty, so she got it into her head that she wasn't. Something like that sticks with a person.

Thank you.
Lovely drabble
Thank you!

Tosh is still refusing to believe that she's beautiful but I'm trying to convince her.
she was always pretty, inside and outside, more than any of the TW female!!!
It's true, she just can't see it herself.

Thank you.
Yes Tosh ; you are beautiful.
your beauty is more discreet but it comes from the heart!
Yes, an inner beauty that shines out, Tosh is just as beautiful person in every way.

Thank you.