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Ianto Little Smile

January 2023



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Drabble: Deceived

Title: Deceived

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Suzie

Rating: PG

Written For: Challenge 300 at tw100

Spoilers: Everything Changes, They Keep Killing Suzie.

Summary: The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: A second fill for the square Leather/Deception
A/N2: Success! I've completed the challenge twice!

It’s raining again; Suzie likes it. Fewer people on the streets and they keep their heads down, hurrying home. It simplifies things.

Target selected, she follows him down an alleyway, reaching into her bag. Her fingers brush the glove and she smiles, grasping the knife that lies beside it and plunging it into an unsuspecting back.

Swapping leather glove for metal, she reaches for her victim’s head.

Suzie believes she’s helping people, learning to conquer death. But the glove is twined around her mind, whispering lies, obliterating the line between right and wrong. She thinks she’s in control.

She’s not.

The End


Creepy!!! The easiest person to lie to is oneself. And that's without a metal glove insinuating thoughts into your mind.
Thank you.

This is my first attempt at writing Suzie and I was rather pleased with it. She's a creepy character, but also very misguided.
THis was brilliant and very dark.
Thank you. I realised I'd written for all the main Torchwood team except Suzie and then this idea popped up. I think it's my favourite of the canon-based drabbles I've written for this challenge.
Dark and frightening; I watched that ep and couldn't get over how creepy she was, especially with that glove. Good drabble!

Watching Day of the Doctors, I finally saw that glove again. I wondered if Jack knew that's where the glove came from?
I missed that! Where was it? I must watch the episode again and see if I can spot it.

Suzie really was creepy, but I think that was the influence of the glove. She thought she was controlling it, but it was the other way around. If she'd never put the glove on, she would probably have been a very different power, but it fed on her need for power and control, and ultimately it destroyed her. It's like with cybertechnology. Once the conversion started, Lisa was lost and I think once the glove made a connection with Suzie, the best parts of Suxie died. What was left wasn't very nice.

Thank you.
Timothy Dalton played the President of Gallifrey; he was wearing that gauntlet when he struck the Master down. He was directing the power of that gauntlet at the Master during their face-to-face smackdown and he really smacked him down! I agree with you on Suzie; that glove reflected the inner person but when you see that ep again, it was the smackdown between David's Doctor, the Master and the Gallifreyan President. Dalton was really creepy too; that glove is truly malevolent!
Makes me wonder what exactly the glove was meant to do. It's certainly a very dangerous piece of technology, and probably far too powerful for a human mind to control. I really will have to watch that again. Timothy Dalton is actually pretty good at being creepy! Mind you, so was Indira Varma when she played Suzie.
Oooohhhh yah! Timothy was my favorite Bond and really got short shrift on that role but in this, he was positively "shit!-let's-get-the-hell-outta-dodge!" creepy. Having only been introduced to DrWho in the last 5 years, I really never sat to watch it consistently until after seeing Torchwood. That made me wonder how Jack was involved in this and the constant references to the Time War really peaked my curiousity. When the specials came about, I had to watch them. That glove caught my eye because of Torchwood, Suzy and Jack using it. You gotta watch that one again; Dalton never is without it and I suspect only someone with his rank(Power) could control it. There was some reference I think to that little girl who led Jack to the gloves but no much about their use or origins. John Simm was a fantastic evil Master; you gotta watch that showdown again! I really think the only reason Jack was able to handle it as little as he did was because of his changed status thanks to the Vortex and Rose.
I'm a lifelong Whovian and followed Jack to Torchwood, so I haven't missed a single episode of new Who, but I don't have the specials on DVD yet as I haven't been able to afford such extravagance the last few years because of my rabbit's huge vet bills. BBC DVDs always seem to be the most expensive =(

Sean Connery will always be my Bond, but I enjoyed Timothy Dalton in the role, his was a more serious Bond than Roger Moore and I tend to prefer that to Moore's tongue-in-cheek era.
I saw a lot of the Sean Connery-Bonds and I like Daniel Craig's take on the role now. Timothy sort of 'woke' me up to other possibilities of what 007 could be like. I have to admit that DrWho is a delicious mystery sometimes, although those damn angels remind me of the years I spent in Catholic schools, especially the convent school! Hell, they look like some of the nuns I had!! I like BBC because there's an element of sense there, unlike US channels and I really have to admit that I prefer British actors over American ones (with the exception of Native American actors!), especially for period dramas. Having worked in some community theatre, there's just something about Theater that grabs the soul and I honestly think those American actors who go to Britain for further training make out a heck of a lot better than those who don't. DrWho is fun and I've enjoyed what I've seen. Got more to finish so I'm off to work :(
I haven't seen Daniel Craig's Bond yet. Not being able to go to the cinema means I miss out on a lot.

Britain des have some excelent actors, but we also have our share of crap actors. I've been impressed with quite a few American actors though, some British actors have as much life to them as a plank of wood, and about as many facial expressions. Either that or they exagerrate everything.

The BBC is not what it was, they make fewer dramas these days and take fewer chances. I'm just thankful they continue to pay out for Doctor Who. I love the Weeping Angels, Blink is my favourite episode with the Tenth Doctor. I hope you eventually manage to find time to watch all of New Who, preferably in the right order!
I will try to get some of the eps, preferably the BBC versions but right now my life nightmare is continuing. My idiot son's Guyanese ex-girlfriend has had him arrested again, this time claiming 'sexual abuse' because he refuses to marry her. He's a disabled Vet and his medical issues are getting progressively worse. He and his Army unit spent considerable time down at Ground Zero in 2001 which was never spoken of here; he thought I was down there since I worked in the Towers. She's homeless and trying to latch onto anyone who has money even though she was living with her aunt and uncle. She actually tried to move in with us and I wouldn't allow it. This is revenge; the previous accusation she made was 'domestic violence' but no medical evidence was ever produced, just as with this accusation. What's worse is that he is the 3rd boyfriend she has falsely accused of 'domestic violence'; she posted this on Facebook 1 hour and 3 minutes BEFORE he was arrested! She has a kid in state custody who lives with his paternal grandmother and the state shares custody. We have a crooked DA on the case so things are going her way and the state has been trying to get to his military pension as well for her; they even wanted to know what she would get if he married her (she would get nothing at all!). The worst thing is my son is still infatuated with this girl; he found she was also advertising herself on a website as a sex worker. The only reason she can't get anything is that I have his Power of Attorney and I have some health issues that I must take care of now in addition to dealing with this. If I spend a lot of time reading fanfic, it's given me the ability to lose myself for a few hours when I'm not beading. I can't concentrate on that very much at the present time; design inspiration doesn't come when there's stress.
*hugs* I shouldn't think inspiration would be easy to come by under that much stress! Sounds like this woman is a parasite out to get whatever she can in any underhand way she can. I just hope things will eventually go your and your son's way and thast this woman will be shown up for the liar she is. Good luck!
wow you really pictured Suzie so well here!
Thank you!

It's my first attempt at writing her. She's a fasvinating character, but I wonder what she was like before the glove corrupted her and turned her into a serial killer.
Well done!
Y=Thank you, it's my first attempt at writing Suzie.
I secretly wished that Suzie could have been saved because I always thought she would have not have allowed Jack to treat Gwen like a princess.
I think you're right, it would have been interesting though if Suzie had lived, I doubt that Gwen would have been hired because there wouldn't be a vacancy for her to fill. Suzie was a much more interesting character. Unfortunately, the actress had other commitments so wasn't available for more episodes.

Thank you.
Suzie is a hard character to understand. We have no idea how much of her madness was caused by the glove and how much of it was her own. Well done!

Edited at 2013-12-05 04:54 am (UTC)
Thank you.

We have no idea really how long she'd been working with the glove either. I tend to think the madness came from the glove, but she was already damaged, as most of the team seems to be, by her own past. The glove just fed on her need for control and twisted her inside so that she thought nothing of killing people to achieve her goal of defeating death. i gfeel sad for her, she was just so lost.