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Ianto Little Smile

July 2019



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Drabble: Spartan Living

Title: Spartan Living

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Jack, mentions Ianto and Lisa

Rating: G

Written For: Bonus challenge 300.1 at tw100

Spoilers: Cyberwoman.

Summary: Jack visits Ianto while he’s on suspension and gets a shock.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

Seeing inside Ianto’s flat for the first time came as a shock to Jack, though in retrospect it shouldn’t have. All Ianto’s time and resources had been poured into caring for Lisa when he wasn’t working, and sometimes even when he was. The flat was simply a place to keep things and to shower. Calling it Spartan was an understatement.

A sleeping bag on the bare floor, a radio, crates to sit on, boxes everywhere. There was no furniture whatsoever and the bare minimum in the kitchen, just enough for one person.

“Let me help you make this place home.”

The End


awww it must have been quite a shock for Jack but so happy he could see beyond his disappointment to help Inaot feel better
Jack won't leave Ianto living like that, he wants to fix things to make up for not paying the right kind of attention to Ianto before they discovered Lisa.

Thank you.
A very realistic, if gut-punching, scenario, such living conditions for Ianto. He just doesn't do anything half way, and caring for Lisa was all he lived for, for a while.

Uhm, don't take this the wrong way, but the last sentence creeps me out a bit. It's just - isn't Jack, at that point in time, presuming a bit much? I don't know, it just doesn't feel right - it sounds as if Jack is wanting to make that flat a home WITH Ianto instead of FOR Ianto and it's far too soon in their (not even really existing just yet) relationship... Do you know what I mean?
I know! I ran out of word space, lol! I didn't really like the last sentence myself, it was too ambiguous, but I couldn't fix it without sacrificing some of the earler part. I HAD to post it today because I didn't want to risk missing the deadline, so I ended up having to leave it =/

The way I see it, Ianto accused Jack of never asking anything about his life, so now Jack is trying to make amends by offering to help Ianto decorate and furnish his flat so it's a real home instead of just a storage space. He wants to help Ianto rebuild his life, so he's offering a helping hand as a friend.

Thank you. Yes, Ianto put everything into helping Lisa, leaving himself the bare minimum, but that's how it had to be for him. Lisa came first.
Your explanation makes perfect sense! Pity that deadlines can sometimes put such pressure on things while writing, although I'm always impressed how you manage to meet every single one :)
I surprise myself all the time!

Some of my drabbles would probably have been better if I'd had more time to work on them, but then again I think the short amount of time available is good because it means I can't spend forever editing and re-writing. It's a good writing excercise.
All that time and effort on Ianto's part, and it was all for nothing. :( At least Jack is there to help him now.

Great drabble.
Thank you. Ianto put everything into caring for Lisa, leaving himself only the essentials. Jack is offering the hand of friendship, hoping Ianto will let him help.
I like the ambiguity of the last line! Kind of like 'lots of things you can do with a stopwatch.'
It wasn't really supposed to be ambiguous, I just got into a fix trying to fit in what I wanted to say. The word limit causes me problems sometimes.

Glad you like it though! Maybe Jack did subconsciously mean it the way it sounds...

Thank you.
Very nice! That's my idea about Ianto's house as well, after the Cyberwoman.
Great minds think alike!

Thank you, the prompt just took me to Ianto's very bleak living conditions. I can't imaghine him having time or money enough to decorate or furnish somewhere. I guess he could have rented a cheap furnished place, but this seemed more likely somehow.
poor Ianto, I just know Jack will help him make it a home.

hey did you ever notice in the series we saw Owens home, Toshes flat, and gwens place but never Iantos.
Jack will do whatever it takes to help Ianto rebuild his life.

Thank you.

Yes, I know, and that always annoyed me. It was as if Ianto wasn't considered important enough, or we were expected to believe he had no life outside of the Hub

During the uproar after rusty's bad fanfic (COE I refuse to acknowledge as canon) I brought up the same point that we had seen every character's home except for Ianto's. We saw Gwen's flat so many times fans could tell you were the loo was.

Ianto would have cared little about creature comforts to protect someone he loves.
As I'm sure you've noticed, CoE doesn't exist in my universe! The only way I would ever acknowledge its existence would be if I wrote the Nosy-Verse version in which Nosy defeats the bad aliens and saves the world. It could be Knighted by the Queen, Sir Nosy the Fluff!

It sometimes seemed like we spent more time at Gwen's flat that at the Hub =( Almost NONE of that was necessary and the other characters got neglected because of it.

Yeah, you're right about Ianto. Lisa's wellbeing was all he cared about, he didn't need much as long as he had her.
Awww, that's nice of Jack. A good first step towards building a real friendship with Ianto this time!
It's about time he got something right where Ianto is converned, lol! He'll do things right this time, build a solid foundation for their future relationship to rest on.

Thank you.
*big awwwwww*
Yeah, poor Ianto!

Thank you!
Yup... even if he liked the minimalist home style, that sounds way too cold and not-lived kind of a home. I'm sure Jack has some good tips :) <3<3
And a big SUV for transporting decorating materials and new furniture! I'm sure he'll lend a hand with the decorating too, he wants to prove to Ianto that he cares and can be counted on.

Thank you.
So well written... For a second, I thought I was in this apartment with them. It's time for a new beginning Mister Jones. ;D
Thank you!

Jack will make sure Ianto's flat gets turned into a proper home, with actual furniture and carpets - or maybe a whole new flat so he can really start over. A new beginning is just what he needs.
I would imagine that Ianto spent very little time in his flat. Probably spent most nights caring for Lisa and only went home to shower and change. *hugs Ianto*
Yeah, that's the way I see it too. The sleeping bag was for those nights where he had to leave the Hub. I think he probably napped at his flat then until he thought it safe to sneak back into the Hub.

Thank you.
Yes Jack
Good idea.
the phrase is well said. he does not impose.
Exactly. He offers to help, it's up to Ianto whether he accepts, and I think he will.

Thank you.