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Ianto Little Smile

October 2022



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I'm Knackered...

So, I finally managed to go out (first time in about 9 weeks), sort out financial stuff and do some shopping. I think I was out a little under 4 hours. Road works for The Tram That No One Wants have screwed everything up, getting in and out of the carpark near the post office is a nightmare, so it was not fun. Add to that my right hip and knee do not like me right now so I hobbled everywhere, massively laden with bags because of course we need EVERYTHING and it's nearing Christmas so I had to grab some suitable things for presents for the neighbours who have been so much help... I hauled the lot home, the nrealised I didn't get anything suitable for my Uncle, my cousin, his partner and their two children...


Not surprisingly, I'm knackered. My feet are throbbing, my back aches, my shoulders hurt from lugging bags and I still have to clean the fire out again, and do a pile of washing up =(

On a brighter note, something I bought off ebay arrived.

I wanted some pompoms - I'd knitted a nose warmer for one of our carers, and put a pompom on the end - she loved it - but I only had two pompoms to choose from, so I thought I could do with a few more. I found I could buy a pack of 100 assorted sizes, or a pack of 300 for less than twice the price, so naturally I went for the 300 - I'm sure I can find uses for them. I was expecting a nice little package, so you should have seen my face when what I got was a sack half the size of a pillow! Ah well, pompoms are useful, maybe I can use them to decorate the Christmas Tree, lol!


sorry to know your outing was a nuisance!
Hey you've got a nice and original idea wit the pompons for the Xmas tree!
now rest and let the missing shopping for another day.
Someone else can get the missing shopping, it'll take me at least a week to recover from today. I swear if I wasn't wearing socks my feet would fall off. I'm even using mum's stair lift to get up the stairs because my legs have gone on strike. I don't blame them at all. It's been a looooooooooooong day *sigh*

*hugs* I will probably survive. I've washed the dishes, cleaned out the fire and I can sit down again for a bit, which is nice.
Dang! That's a lot to do on a single day out. At least it's over now and you can recover. *hugs* Then maybe the next time you have to go out for what you forgot won't be so traumatic. And, if you weren't in another country I would offer a massage.

I think I need a full service, with oil! My joints are creaking something rotten!

Not planning on going out again before Christmas if I can help it, I find it too exhausting, especially with having to clean out the fire twice a day. It's not so bad in summer, but my joints are better then anyway. Someone else can go. My sister is coming at the weekend to take mum to collect her new glasses, so maybe they can pick up a few things while they're at the shops. Mum gets wheeled in a wheelchair, so it won't be a strain and at least then she could choose instead of having to accept what someone else gets.

Probably take me about a week to recover from today. Everything hurts =(

Can I have a body transplant?
Makes nice cuppa(tea or hot toddy ;-) )brings out the warm slippers and comfy chair by the fire.

Online shopping with delivery maybe?
Oh, I wish. But the last time I shopped online for delivery I bought enough yogurts for a couple of weeks only to find that the expiry date on the whole lot was in 5 days. 16 yogurts in 5 days is a bit much, lol!

Maybe I can buy the Christmas presents online though.

*Sips virtual tea* Thank you.

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Sounds like a long, tiring and frustrating day. Hopefully the night will be restful and tomorrow a bit better.

That's awesome on the pom-poms. :) Many a project in there it sounds like.
My face was a picure! I told mum "I thought it was only going to be a small bag!"

Yesterday was completely exhausting and it'll take me at least three days to recover - which is one of ther resons I don't go out much. My stomach is bad today because of yesterday. I won't be able to eat much today, or tomorrow either.

Last night wasn't all that restful either and I got up this morning stiff as a board. Then I had to change the sheets on mum's bed, with the assistance of the carer and I spent all morning finishing the Christmas cards for overseas. If you'd like one, PM me!

The carpark I use is so disorganised, the usual exit is closed off. I had no idea how to get out, so I followed a police car - figured they must know the way, LOL!

YAY for eBay!

Christmas shopping is a NIGHTMARE. That's why I've done a) all my shopping before Dec 1, and b) MOST OF IT online via eBay, Amazon and other assorted online stores. Two words: BLACK FRIDAY. Sale sale sale sale sale. I love Black Friday shopping on Amazon. The BARGAINS you can get are ASTRONOMICAL. It's BRILLIANT! And the shipping is surprisingly fast too. I've already got 1 package that I ordered and I'm waiting on 2 more. *throws tinsel in the air*

We just wanted biscuits and chocolates, stuff like that for the neighbours. It's the most convenient thing to get and they're always appreciated. Family gets given money as they prefer that. The only person I buy an actual present for is mum, and I got that back in sepetember, which was the last time I went out. There was a small craft fair in the square and I spotted something I knew whe'd love.

Most of the shopping yesterday was for food essentials, cleaning products etc. The boring stuff.
Poor you! That's such a long day! Much as I enjoy buying presents for people the forced shopping at Christmas is exhausting even if you're in good shape and in the mood to do it. I wish I was there to give you a hand. In the meantime here's a big hug and some virtual cookies to go with your tea. I hope you feel better soon!
*noms cookies*

The presents were just grabbed on the run, my main reason for being there was sorting out some financial stuff and getting some food and soft drinks in. i just spotted some boxes of chocolates and things, which is what we hand out to neighbours, so grabbed them while I was there. We don't tend to do presents for family because it's easier to send money than post parcels, but our neighbours have been a big help so we like to give them something they can enjoy.

I'm glad I went yesterday though, it's gale force winds and heavy showers today where yesterday was dry, mild and sunny!

It usually takes me about three days to recover from a trip out. Not fun at all.

Hoping to get your Christmas card posted tomorrow.
That sounds exhausting! I'm sorry it was such an ordeal. At least you got a lot done! Maybe order the presents for your remaining family members on eBay? I do all of my shopping online and it's so much less stressful than braving the stores this time of year (and easier on the body, though in my case it's my back that acts up.)

LOL re the giant bag o' pompoms. :) I love the idea of putting them on the tree! That sounds festive.

I hope you feel better soon. *HUGS*
I got the back ache too, lol! I've inherited mum's lower back problem as well as the family arthritis. Thanks, Mum! o_O

It usually takes me a few days to recover from going out, so I'm still tired and aching and my stomach is pretty bad today. Hopefully that'll settle soon.

We usually just give them biscuits or chocolates, that way they're happy. Finding ACTUAL presents for them would be a nightmare, but if it's something to eat they can all enjoy. Saves trying to think of individual gifts.

There are plenty of pompoms to adorn the small tree we're having, and it'll still leave lots for craft projects. Maybe I should knit some more nose-warmers. Paula was thrilled to bits with hers!
Poor you, that sounds like the shopping trip from hell! I hope you're feeling better by now. I have a sore shoulder which makes turning my head to the right a little painful - I must have pulled a muscle during Aikido xD

But hey, those pompons sound like fun! Which colours do you have? :D
It was beyond exhausting and I'm still feeling dreadful. Because of health problems, going out at all is difficult and I always feel very ill for a few days afterwards as well as suffering with joint pains.

Hope you're shoulder feels better soon. Alternate heat and ice, that usually helps.

I think I have every colour possible including a good selection of sparkly ones! Some are even two-colour. They're very bright and cheery, and in a variety of sizes, from pea-sized up to golf ball sized. Plenty to play with =)
I'm so sorry you had such a rough day. How is your hip and knee doing? Is it arthritis? I hope things are better now.
Can I ask what pompoms look like, they are for your tree? We have not got our tree up yet or finished Christmas shopping! Christmas sneaked up on me this year. I can't believe it is only a few weeks away. I'm stressed out and I had a doctor's appointment today and running around and it is raining and awful. I am not going back out to shop tonight + it is insane out there on a Friday night with all the Christmas shoppers and bad traffic.
Christmas never fails to sneak up on me, it's doing it again this year!

We don't have a tree up yet either, but we'll be using a small, ancient one we had when I was a chils. Better than nothing, there's no room for anything else.

Pom poms are round fuzzy balls, sometimes wool like on bobble hats, or like these:


They're fun. I bought them for crafts, but there are so many in my big bag that I think I'll use some on the tree as very lightweight baubles!

Yeah, mostly arthritis. Going out plays hell with everything and my stomach is always bad for a few days after so I'm not feeling so good =(
Shopping is always a hassle around this time of the year, even if you happen to be 100 % healthy. I hate going to the next big city, because you get nearly overrun by people :(
It's not very busy in our local shoping area these days because of all the roadworks for the unwanted tram system, but there was a lot of walking involved, which was very tiring while dragging a trolley and carrying several bulky bags. Really NOT fun, especially having to hurry back to the car park before my parking ticket expired. There weren't even queues in the supermarket! The town is going to be dead by the time the tram system is finished, all the shops will have closed down for lack of customers =(
Wow - sounds like a difficult day, but you overcame all the barriers and accomplished so much! Good for you!
I'm pleased with what I got done, but going out always leaves me feeling dreadful for several days afterwards, which is less fun. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow. It's a nuisance when doing things other people take for granted leaves me feeling drained and ill. It's one af the main reasons I don't go out often.

Still, perhaps I can avoid going out now until after Christmas, lol!
Oh dear. That sucks! Sorry for the language. I wish I could express myself better.

It makes me sad to hear that you are having such a bad time, and that the Advent season is so stressful for you.

I hate Christmas shopping, too. Luckily I only have to find a present for my mum.

I wish you a good rest. Please recover as much as possible. You are such a wonderful person. You always make me feel good about my writing. You deserve better. You deserve to be free of pain. I wish I could do more to comfort you.
*bear hug*
I think you express yourself beautifully!

Most of the shopping was just for everyday things, but since I doubt that I'll be up to another trip out before Christmas, I grabbed a few things for presents at the same time. The trouble is, when I do get a rare day that I feel well enough to venture out, I know I'll feel dreadful for several days afterwards, so I just don't go out often. I hate having to rely on other people to do our shopping but we really don't have a choice anymore.

I'm starting to feel a bit better at last though, so that's good.

*hugs back* You do a lot! My friends are my greatest treasure.
In any case, I'm sure you can use the pompom as a prompt Drabble! a bit like Star Trek and "tribbles"

a bonnet with a pompon, it is always better!
LOL! So true! Perhaps I should invent pompom aliens!