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In Case Anyone Wondered - I'm Definitely Weird!

As some of you may know, I'm rather.... passionate (or possibly obsessed) about crystals and semi-precious stones. I love nature and natural things, but crystals are my favourites, it amazes me that these beautiful stones can just grow or be formed by layers of minerals under pressure, and that some are hundreds of thousands of years old, or even older. Nuummite, for instance, is believed to be the oldest mineral on earth at around 3 billion years old! I find it hard to wrap my head around that!

Anyway, I was browsing ebay, looking at all the pretty crystals and wishing I had a few thousand pounds to spend when I came across this:

I looked at it, and it looked back at me....  and now it's sitting beside my computer, staring at me.

I'm weak-willed, I know, but it's cute, I couldn't resist!

So, for anyone who already thought I was weird, you now have proof!

Tags: crystals, real life

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