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Ianto Little Smile

November 2022


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In Case Anyone Wondered - I'm Definitely Weird!

As some of you may know, I'm rather.... passionate (or possibly obsessed) about crystals and semi-precious stones. I love nature and natural things, but crystals are my favourites, it amazes me that these beautiful stones can just grow or be formed by layers of minerals under pressure, and that some are hundreds of thousands of years old, or even older. Nuummite, for instance, is believed to be the oldest mineral on earth at around 3 billion years old! I find it hard to wrap my head around that!

Anyway, I was browsing ebay, looking at all the pretty crystals and wishing I had a few thousand pounds to spend when I came across this:

I looked at it, and it looked back at me....  and now it's sitting beside my computer, staring at me.

I'm weak-willed, I know, but it's cute, I couldn't resist!

So, for anyone who already thought I was weird, you now have proof!


That looks like a prompt for an alien race, not a crystal. Bbut I love crystals and rocks too. I have been known to wander around the kitchen sections of DIY places stroking granite and marble countertops and muttering to myself.
It does look rather alien, doesn't it? I have one that I think looks a bit like ET, and another I bought because it reminded me of Torchwood's poor, doomed Space Whale.

I can't stop myself stroking anything made of natural rock, especially if it's polished. It's just irresistible, the coolness and smoothness feels so good. Things carved from wood are the same, I love the grain and the smooth feel of well polished wood. And of course I love trees too.

I've collected crystals since I was little and I wear a lot of crystal jewellery, but I'm not keen on Diamonds, I prefer semi-precious stones to the expensive precious ones. The only Sapphires, Emeralds and Rubies I have are small, raw bits or tumblestones, not high quality but infinitely more interesting.
I call him 'Eyes'. Not very original, I know, but descriptive!

I'm very into crystal healing, though I'm not a practitioner - I only use them on myself. I wear and carry them all the time. They've proved especially good for panic attacks, stress, colds and sore throats, and allergies (Lepidolite and Aquamarine are excellent for hayfever and stuff). I'd be completely lost without my crystals, which is whi I have so many! I've even bought in bulk at times, packs of 10, trying to get the right sizes for a present I'm getting together for a friend. If there's anything you particularly want I could bag a few up and send them. I was going to put some in with your little gift, but I didn't have time to sort anything out, I was in a rush to take advantage of my boyfriend going to the post office! Couldn't keep him hanging around too long and I really did want to get it posted! If you know what you want crystals for, I have a great book called Crystal Prescriptions which lists the best crystals for eveything!
I can always spare a few for my friends and fellow crystal enthusiasts!

When I get some time, I'll have a sort through and see what I can find that might be useful to you. Maybe something that's good for stress (I know you've had a lot of that recently)... maybe Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, Rhodonite

Hmmmm, what else might be useful to you? Any ideas? Red Jasper is good if you're a worrier, Carnelian if you have pollen allergies, for other allergies (dust, fur etc.) Lepidolite is probably better. Something for headaches? I don't know, it's hard choosing for someone else! Guess I'll just have to browse my books. Let me know if any of the things I've mentioned sound like they might be helpful.

I don't get out often, so it will probably be a while before I can post anything anyway!
I'm so glad he arrived safe and sound! I sent him air mail so his poor little wings must be really tired!

I though the little bag was fun, just big enough for a mobile phone or a bar of chocolate! I liked the jingly bells too!

I'm sure I can find something for combatting negativity, I'll put my thinking cap on and have a think, then when I've thunk I'll do so sorting. Just got some more Lepidolite today, fabulous stone - much needed with my allergies! I carry it everywhere now - especially with my rabbit moulting and making me sneeze whenever I go near him!
And it is still looking at me, sitting right beside my computer! I'm a sucker for cute things, I just couldn't resist! =)

I did notice the resemblance, even though I haven't seen the film =)