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After talking with criccieth recently, and making time to read fanfic again, I feel inspired to start reccing fics again. If the interest is there, I'm hoping to do a post towards the end of each month, gathering together some of the excellent older fics that aren't getting any promotion these days and bringing them to the attention of old and new fans alike. They'll be a very mixed bag, different genres, pairings, and ratings, mostly one-shots to begin with, but hopefully everyone will find at least one that suits their tastes. Please comment on this post to let me know if this is something you'd be interested in seeing continued.

alex51324: The Face Of God, Or Ianto Hears A Who [G]
Summary:  "An entire intelligent civilization in a jam jar--It appears to be perfectly safe in there."

aliano: Subject To Change Without Notice [NC-17]
Summary: A strange energy reading draws the Torchwood team to the countryside, but things rapidly get out of hand. Crack.

antelope_writes: Phalaenopsis [PG]
Summary: "Toshiko, at least twenty other brilliant minds thought what you did was impossible."

bjewelled: Virtuoso [PG]
Summary: Music can stir the soul, but not usually like this...

entangled_now: Oubliette [PG-13]
Summary: While house sitting Tosh is disturbed by noises from upstairs. Creepy fic.

jbs_teeth: The Truth I Chose For You [R]
Summary: "When he kisses Ianto for the first time, Jack knows he's been lied to."

kaydeefalls: Telepathy For Beginners [R]
Summary: Five times Ianto read Jack's mind, and once he didn't

nancybrown: Ten Rules For Successful Dating [R]
Summary: "When did you move in?"

remuslives23: When Words Aren't Enough [NC-17] (1)
Summary: "The most important things are the hardest to say, because words diminish them." ~ Stephen King.
Spoilers for the novel 'Consequences: Virus'. Much of the dialogue is taken directly from 'Virus'. This is an extension of certain parts of the story as the author's omissions did not make this fangirl happy.

silkendreammaid: Twelfth Night [PG-13]
Summary: On Twelfth Night Ianto runs. Shapeshifter Ianto.

sqyd: Plan B [R] [CoE] - Fix-It
Summary: Jack messes with the order of things again, and consequently there is an awful lot of running - at least till Ianto stops and demands an explanation. Crack.

stellaxmaris: Yellow Card [R] - Countrycide fic
Summary: Jack was sure Ianto was up for real field work, but things didn't go as planned. It's not only Ianto's bones that are broken now.

sunsetmog: Waiting [R/NC-17]
Summary: Sometimes just waiting is the hardest part.  [Ianto/Jack, Ianto/Owen]
Set after End of Days.

Tags: fic rec, torchwood fic

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