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Elementary Problem Solving

The Beauty Of Trees

Midnight Rescue (Sequel To 'The Beauty Of Trees')

A Place To Think [PG]

Unwinding [G]


A Hero's Return

Betrayal And Loss [PG]

Endless Life [PG]

Fallen Hero [PG]

Gone Away [G]

Heart To Heart [PG]

Hero [PG]

One Step At A Time [PG]

Sensory Overload [PG]

Unrecognisable [PG]


51st Century Pheromones [PG-13]

Abandoned [PG]

Abducted [PG]

A Beach In Summer [G]

A Bird In The Hand... [PG-13]

A Birthday Treat [G]

A Bit Of A Jam [PG]

Above And Beyond [PG]

Above The City [PG]

A Break In The Weather [G]

A Brief History Of Love [PG-13]

A Brief Respite [PG-13]

A Bright Autumn Day [PG]

A Bunch Of Grapes [PG]

Accentuate The Positive [PG-13]

Accepting Fate [PG-13]

Access Denied [PG]

Accidents Happen [PG]

A Coat Tale [PG]

A Criminal Waste [G]

A Cure For Death [PG-13]

A Dangerous Creature [PG]

Addicted [PG]

A Detective's Lot Is Not A Happy One [G]

A Dotty Problem [G]

Adrenaline Rush [PG]

Adventures In Coffee Making [G]

A Few Bugs In The System [PG]

Aftermath [PG]

A Gift From The Rift

A Girl's Best Friend [PG]

A Grand Day Out [PG]

A Heroic Quest [G]

A Hero's Deaths [PG]

A Hero's Reward [PG]

A Hug For Forgiveness [PG]

Alarming [PG]

A Little Light Music [PG]

A Little Piece Of Paradise [PG] - TW-DW

A Little Problem [G] - TW/DW

A Little Weed [PG-13]

All Aglow [PG]

All Paperwork And No Play [PG]

All The Time In The World [G]

All Things To All Men [PG-13]

All Together Now [G]

A Lot Like Earth [G]

A Lovely Sight [G]

Always Listen To Ianto [PG-13]

A Man And His Coat [G]

A Man Of His Word [PG] - AU x-over with James Bond - Sequel to 'Bond In Cardiff'

A Matter Of Perspective [PG]

A Matter Of Scale [PG]

Ambushed [PG]

A Messy Business [PG]

A Mysterious Glove [PG-13]

A New Life [G]

An Arithmetical Investigation [G]

And The Winner Is... [PG]

A New Beginning [PG]

Angel's Tears [G]

An Ordinary Life [PG]

Another Alien [PG]

Another Day, Another Death [PG-13]

Another Invasion [PG]

Another Mouth To Feed [PG]

Answered Prayer [PG]

Anticipation [G]

An Unusual Haunting [PG]

An Unusual Position [PG-13]

Anxiously Waiting [G]

Anything For Lisa [PG]

Anything He Wants [G] - TW-DW

Anything's Possible... [G]

Anywhere But Here [G]


Armed And Dangerous [PG]

Armed And Dangerous, The Bad Guy Remix [PG]

A Rooftop In Winter [G]

A Room With A Bed [PG]

Arresting Behaviour [PG-15]

A Second Chance [G]

A Shaggy Tale [PG]

A Short Break [PG]

A Simple Misunderstanding [PG-15]

A Slippery Problem [G]

A Small Favour [PG]

A Sort Of Wake [PG]

A Splash Of Sunshine [PG]

Assignation [PG-13]

A Star Is Born [PG]

A Sticky Problem [PG]

A Suitable Disguise [G]

Atonement [PG]

Attitudes [PG]

A Trying Day [PG]

Authority [PG]

Autumn Scents [G]

A Very Torchwood Wedding [PG]

Awaiting The End [PG]

Away From It All [G]

A Way Of Life [PG]

A Weevil's Perspective [G]

A Weird Experience [PG]

Awkward [PG]

Awkward Situation [PG-15]

Back In Business [G]

Back In The Game [PG] - TW/DW

Backpack Invasion [G]

Bad Decision [PG]

Bad Dreams [PG-13]

Bad Impression [PG]

Bad Omens [PG]

Bad Timing [PG]

Bait And Trap [PG]

Banyan [PG]

Basking [PG]

Bathtime Blues [G]

Battered [G]

Bay Release [PG]

Beach Blues [NC-17]

Beachcombing [G]

Beach Retrieval [PG]

Beating The Cold [PG]

Been Here Before [PG]

Being Coat [PG]

Being Owen Harper [PG-13]

Being The Best [G]

Being The Boss [PG]

Being The Newbie [PG]

Belonging [PG]

Best Forgotten [G]

Between A Roc And A Hard Place [PG]

Birthday Girl [PG-13]

Bits And Pieces [G]

Black And Shiny [PG]

Blanket Comfort [G]

Blending In [PG]

Blotting It Out [PG]

Blue, Clear Sky [G]

Bounce [PG-13]

Boxes [PG]

Breaking Point [PG-13]

Breaking The Tension [G]

Breathe Free [PG-13]

Brief Reprieve [PG]

Bringing Home Strays [G]

Bringing Lies To Life [G]

Bug Problem [G]

Buried In Paperwork [PG]

Butterfly Dreams [PG]

By Any Other Name [G]

Bye Hart [PG]

By Royal Appointment [PG] - TW-DW

Caged [PG]

Calling Doctor Harper [PG-13]

Candidates [PG]

Cardiff Heatwave [PG]

Career Change [PG] - Follows Date Night Disaster

Carnivore [PG]

Cat-alogue [PG] - Follows House Guest

Catalyst [PG]

Catching Monsters [PG]

Catch Of The Day [G]

Causing Disorder [PG]

Celebration Dinner [PG]

Changeable [PG]

Change Of Hart [PG]

Change Of Pace [G]

Changing Fortunes [G]

Channelling Ianto [PG-13]

Chasing Monsters [PG]

Cheaters Never Win [PG-15]

Cheerful [G]


Christmas Greetings [PG-13]

Cleaning Duties [PG]

Close Encounter [PG]

Clothing (Not) Optional [PG]

Coffee Time [G]

Cold Winter Morning [G]

Colourful Problem [G]

Comfort [PG]

Comfortably Familiar [G]

Comfort Zones [PG]

Coming Back From Death [PG]

Compounding Sins [PG]

Confusing Conversations [G]

Consequences [PG]

Contemplating Eternity [PG]

Convalescing [G] - Follows Unlikely Accident

Costume Cheat [PG]

Counting Sheep [PG]

Covering Their Tracks [PG]

Cover Story [PG]

Cramped [PG]

Crossed Wires [PG]

Crying Wolf [PG]

Curtain Shopping [PG]

Cut Down To Size [G]

Cute Isn't Always Harmless [PG]

Cut Off [PG]

Dancing The Night Away [PG]

Dancing To Glenn Miller [PG]

Danger: Explosives [PG]

Dangerous Attraction [G]

Dangerous Creature [PG]

Dangerous Weather [G]

Dangerous When Dead [PG]

Date Night Disaster [PG]

Date Nights [PG]

Dawn Of A New Day [PG]

Day Four [G] - CoE compliant

Day Off [PG]

Deafening [PG]

Dear Diary... [G]

Death By Fire [PG]

Debunked [PG]

Deceptive [G]

Deep Blue [PG]

Deep In The Archives [G]

Deep Thoughts [PG]

Defence Mechanism [PG]

Delicious [PG-15]

Derailed Plans [PG]

Did You Ever? [PG]

Difficult Decisions [G]

Dinner Is Served [G] - Sequel to timelordshines' drabble 'What's For Dinner?'

Dino Dining [PG]

Dino Trouble [PG]

Disagreement [PG]

Disaster [PG]

Disguised [PG]

Distant Relatives [PG]

Distant Relatives, The Brotherly Love Remix [PG]

Distant Stars [PG] - TW/DW

Distracted Jack [PG] - Follows Cardiff Heatwave

Dividing The Workload [PG]

Doctor, Doctor [PG-15]

Doctor Harper Takes Charge [PG]

Don't Get Used To This [PG]

Don't Judge An Alien... [PG-13]

Double Trouble [G] - DW/TW

Double Vision [PG]

Downed [PG]

Downhill Slide [PG]

Drained [PG]

Dramatic Entrance [PG]

Dream Coat [PG]

Dream Come True [G]

Dreams And Fantasies [G]

Drenched [PG]

Driving Home For Christmas [G]

Ducked [PG]

Earth's Mightiest Heroes [PG-13]

Easily Bored [G]

Easter Alien Hunt [PG]

Eating Alone [G]

Edible Apologies [G]

Eerie Noises In The Night [PG-13]

Eggstraordinary Events [PG]

Eight-Legged Monsters [G]

Emergency [PG]

Emptiness [G]

Envy [PG]

Equine Interlude [PG]

Escaping The Future [PG-13]

Evening Attire [PG]

Everybody Wins [G]

Everyone Loves Halloween [G]

Everything's Changed [PG]

Everywhere I Go [G]

Expansion Project [G]

Expedience [PG]

Facing Eternity [G] - TW/DW

Facing The Devourer [PG]

Fading Photographs [G]

Failed [PG]

Fair And Away [PG-13] - Follows Christmas Greetings

Falling [G]

Falling Asleep On The Job [PG]

Falling Down On The Job [PG-13]

Familiar Situation [PG]

Family Shopping [G]

Fantasia, Torchwood Style

Fancy! [G] - Companion to Small Problems

Favouritism [PG]

Feeding Time At Torchwood [G]

Feeling Single, Being Double [PG]

Feeling The Force [PG]

Fifth Of November [PG]

Finding Her Feet [PG]

Fire Escape [PG]

First Contact [PG-13]

First Love [G]

First Sign Of Spring [G]

First Week [G]

Fixing It [PG]

Flaming August [PG]

Flaunting It [PG]

Flippin' Heck [G]

Flocking To Cardiff [PG]

Flotsam [PG]

Flying [PG]

Flying Free [PG]

Foiled [PG-13]

Following Jack [G]

Forever Love [PG]

Forgiven [PG]

For Research Purposes [PG]

For The Love Of Coat, The Contented Coat Remix [PG]

Fragile [G]

Freewheeling [G]

Freezing [G]

From Cloudless Skies [PG]

Fruitful [PG]

Full Of The Joys... [PG-13]

Gatecrashers [PG]

Gawkers [PG]

Ghosts [PG]

Giving Their Best [PG]

Glass Hearts [PG]

Gloomy Day [PG]

Going Green [PG]

Going His Own Way [PG]

Going Up! [G]

Going Up's Easy [PG]

Gone Astray [G]

Gone Batty [PG]

Good For You [PG]

Good Luck Charm [G]

Grey Days [G]

Guilty Conscience [G]

Hair Raising [G]

Hairy Things [PG]

Halloween Visit [PG]

Handle With Care [PG]

Handling Jack [PG-13]

Handwritten Letters [G]

Handy Device [PG]

Happiness Is A Hot Bath [G]

Hart's Desire [PG]

Have An Ice Day [PG-13]

Healthy Eating [PG]

Heaven [PG] - TW-DW

Heaven Can Wait [G]

Heeding Nature's Warnings [PG]

Heroic Rescue [PG]

Hero's Welcome [G]

Hey Alarm Clock! [PG-13]

Hit And Run [G]

Holding Them Together [PG]

Holes [PG]

Holiday Traditions [PG]

Home Brewed [G]

Homecoming [G] - TW/DW

Homeless [PG]

Homesick Blues [PG]

Homeward Bound [PG] - Sequel to Northern Lights by Willow08

Honesty [PG]

Honoured [PG]

Horrific Sight [PG]

House Guest [PG] - Sequel to Trespasser

How To Catch An Alien [G]

Hub Tour [PG] - Follows Revelations

Hump In The Road [PG]

Hunters [PG]

Hurricane Jack [PG]

I.A.N.T.O. [PG]

Ianto Branches Out [G]

Ianto Jones On The Uses Of Coffee [G]

Ianto's Bad Decision [PG-15]

Ianto's Cobweb Patrol

Ianto's Little Helper - Part 1/2

Ianto's Little Helper - Part 2/2

Ianto's Other Secret [G]

Ianto's Strange Day [PG]

I'd Give Up Forever [G]

I Feel Pretty [PG-13]

I'll Make It Up To You [G]

Impossible [PG-13]

Impromptu [PG] - TW-DW

Improvisation [PG]

Imp Trouble [PG]

In And Out [PG-13]

In Case Of Fire [PG]

Incidental Injury [PG]

Inclement Weather [PG]

In Demand [PG]

In Dreams [G]

Inevitability [PG]

Ingenuity [PG]

In Knots [PG]

Innocent Pleasures [PG-13]

Innovative [PG-15]

Inspired Idea [PG]

Inspiring Sight [PG-13] TW-DW

Interview With An Alien [G]

In The Country [PG]

In The Dark [PG]

In The Fog [G]

In The News [PG]

In The Shadows [G]

In The Wee Small Hours [G]

Intoxicated [PG-15]

Invasion Cardiff [PG-13]

I Promise [PG]

Irresistible [G]

Is It Dark In Here? [PG-13]

Isn't It Romantic? [PG]

It's A Bag's Life [PG] - Follows Fantasia, Torchwood Style

It's A Flat Bat Life [G]

It's A Knockout [PG]

It's All About Trust [PG]

It Starts With A Toothbrush... [G]

It's Not Unusual [PG-13]

It's The Humidity [PG]

Jack Has A Thing... [PG-15]

Jack's Bunny Bother [PG-13] - Sequel to On Care And Feeding Of Not-So-Fluffy Bunnies by milady_dragon

Jack's Plans [PG] - Companion to Valentine Planning

Jack's Umbrella Dilemma [G]

Jam Raider [PG]

Janet [PG]

Just Another Tuesday [PG-13]

Just A Number [G]

Just Desserts [G]

Just Their Luck [PG]

Keeping Fit The Torchwood Way [G]

Keeping Things Orderly [PG]

Kitchen Sink Drama [PG]

Knife To The Heart [PG]

Knit Wit [PG]

Know-It-All [PG]

Labelled [PG]

Laver Be Gone [G]

Leaderless [PG]

Learning Torchwood [PG]

Left With The Dirty Work [PG-13]

Legwork [PG]

Lending A Hand [PG]

Lessons In Alien Care [PG]

Levelling The Playing Field [PG]

Life-Changing Moments [PG]

Light In The Darkness [PG]

Lights Out [PG]

Like A Cork In A Bottle [PG-13]

Like Locusts [PG]

Linked [PG]

Little Green Men [G]

Little Lost Kneeble [G]

Little Things [G]

Locked In [PG]

London Assignment [G]

Lonely Night [G]

Lonely Night, The Lonely Little Hotel Room Remix [G]

Look Down [PG]

Looks Can Deceive [PG]

Losing Jack [PG]

Lost Again [G]

Lost And Found [PG]

Lost In The Feeling [PG]

Lost In The Hub [G]

Lost Things [G]

Love And Fear [PG-13]

Love And Hate [PG-13]

Lucky [PG]

Lucky Escape [G]

Luggage Problems [PG]

Magnetism [PG]

Mainframe [PG]

Make A Wish [PG]

Making Amends [PG]

Making A Stink [PG]

Making Do [G]

Making The Best Of It [PG]

Manipulated [PG]

Manipulation [PG]

Man Of Mystery [G]

Master Manipulator [PG]

Masterpiece [G]

Maternity Leave [G]

Mean Treats [G]

Mechanical Misunderstanding [PG]

Meeting And Greeting [PG] - TW/DW

Meeting The Team [PG] - Follows Hub Tour

Memories Of A Year That Wasn't [PG]

Memories Of Lisa [PG]

Memory Aid [G]

Merry Christmas From Jack [G]

Mindless Routine [PG]

Misdirection [PG]

Misery [PG]

Misjudged [PG]

Misplaced Property [PG]

Missing Item [PG]

Missing Sunrise [G]

Mixed Feelings [PG]

Modern Men [PG]

Modest Genius [G]

Monochromatic [PG]

Monster [PG-13]

Monsters [G]

Mood Killer [PG-15]

Mood Swings [PG]

Moonlight Stroll [PG-13]

More Than It Seems [G]

Mornings With Ianto [PG]

Motivating Owen [PG]

Move Your Hand [PG]

Mud And Blood [PG]

Mummy-fied [PG-13]

Mutual Attraction [PG]

Muted [G]

Mysterious Black Box [PG]

Mysterious Device [G]

Mystery Mix [G]


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