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Here's February's list of Torchwood Fic Recs... A little bit of everything.

buttononthetop: Phone Call [NC-17]
Summary: This is the evil spawn of one of my Body Parts drabbles. Office sex. While on the phone.

crystalshard: The Only Sound [PG-13] - Jack's return
Synopsis: Jack comes back to Torchwood, but the year that never was has affected him more deeply than he's let anyone see yet.

Summary: Ianto has a proposal for Tosh. Jack thinks it’s an excellent idea.

jerbearthompson: Triple-Latté [PG] - Complete AU
Summary: Jack laughed, because he was expected to, because it was so obviously a joke. He wondered if Ianto could tell it was fake.

Summary: Five things that make Ianto happy. Title pretty much covers it.

laligin: Christmas Tradition [PG-13]
Summary: It's almost as much a part of Christmas Day as presents, crackers and party hats...

laligin: Torchwood Training [PG-13]
Summary: Torchwood One needs rebuilt, and there's no one better to train the newbies anymore...

lizzledpink: A Sort Of Solitude [PG-13] - 5 Times Fic
Summary: Five times Ianto Jones shared something about himself (and one time Gwen found out all her own).

Summary: A comparison of the Ianto that was and the Ianto that is.

notevery: A Process In The Weather [R] - Post Season 2
Summary: Ianto knows all about the fragility of the human body; he knows how it bleeds and how it breaks. And he knows, as he thinks of the cold uncaring perfection of metal, that it is better than the alternative.

pforte: You Don't Know Jack [NC-17]
Summary: Ianto lives for secrets, Jack is one.

remuslives23: A Little Room For Hope [NC-17] - Post-Dead Line fic
Summary: “You never will be just a blip in time, Ianto Jones. Not for me.” - Jack Harkness. “The only way they had survived as long as they had was because they kept their feelings to themselves, living in the right now and never hoping for more than what they could have in that very moment... They didn't do emotion. They couldn't afford to.”

remuslives23: In His Hands [R] - Shaving Ianto
Summary: "We are never so vulnerable as when we trust someone."

remuslives23: Tearing Down The Mind's Constraints [NC-17] Jack/Ianto/TARDIS, sort of.
Summary: "There are no constraints on the human mind, no walls around the human spirit, no barriers to our progress except those we ourselves erect." Ronald Reagan

shaggydogstail: Reach Out And Touch [NC-17]
Summary: Perhaps if Jack hadn’t been so fixated on Ianto’s body, the recovery of his skin and the time it took him to stop favouring his left foot, he might have noticed the change in Ianto’s behaviour more quickly.

Summary: It wouldn't do any good for Jack to try and seduce him, until Ianto figured out what the hell Jack was looking for.

snowwhiteliar: Five Reunions [PG-13] [CoE] - Five ways Jack gets Iano back.
Summary: Jack started smiling, reaching out to touch Ianto’s chest, breathing, “This is crazy.”

suki_blue: Three Kisses And A Monster [R] - Season 1 fic
Summary: Typical. Two kisses, no memory of either, and Captain Jack Harkness was unforgettable, remarkable, extraordinary! Post Small Worlds.

temporal_witch: Rest Ye, Gentlemen [PG-13] - Christmas fluff.
In which Weevils have no holiday spirit, Toshiko has no life, Jack and Ianto are oblivious, and snow happens in Cardiff.

thepsychicclam: The Third Tuesday Of The Month [NC-17] - Jack/Tosh, Jack/Ianto, Jack/Ianto/Tosh
Summary: Tosh and Jack had an agreement.

Tags: fic rec, torchwood fic

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