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September 2023



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Drabble: Twisted Timelines

Title: Twisted Timelines - Sequel to ‘The Scarf’

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Tosh and a strangely familiar man

Rating: G

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: Tosh finds someone who needs a scarf more than she does...

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: Still for angelsphonebox’s prompt ‘Knitting’, a final part, just to tie up loose ends ;)

Years later, the scarf was still with Tosh. She even still wore it occasionally on very cold winter days, though she’d now made herself several shorter ones that fitted better.

One day while wearing it, Tosh came across a familiar looking figure wandering through Cardiff. He seemed bewildered and confused, not to mention rather cold.

“Here,” she told him, looping the scarf around his neck, “looks like you need this more than I do.”

“Oh, thank you very much! Yes indeed, that’s much better! I say, you don’t happen to know where I could get some Jelly Babies, do you?”

TBC in 'Sweet Shopping'


Wonderful use of Wibbly Woobly!
Yep! He made sure she saw him in the scarf she made so that when she eventually saw him without it, she'd give it to him because he remembered she had... Time Lord timelines make my brain hurt, lol!

Thank you!
Timey Wimey is right! Loved it!
Thank you!

I nearly called it 'Timey Wimey', but I thought better of it, lol.
Excellent! I do love the idea of Tosh immediately understanding what she has to do with her beloved scarf :D
Ever since she first saw the Doctor wearing it, she's been waiting for this moment. She knew it would happen and that she'd have to be ready.

Thank you.
Ha ha ha - LOVE it!
Thank you!

It had to happen because Tosh had already seen the proof. She just had to wait for the right moment.
Lovely timey-wimey goodness! Nicely done! :D
Thank you!

Just imagine, Tosh was waiting for years for that moment, knowing it would happen from the first time she ever wore the scarf! It must have felt very satisfying.
Aww how sweet of tosh, now we know where he got his scarf from.
Yep! And by making sure Tosh saw him wearing it, he made certain she would know what to do when she spotted him without it! Clever Doctor and clever Tosh!

Thank you.
The perfect ending to this story (though really, it's kind of the beginning!) I love that Tosh knitted THE scarf. :)
It's not actually canon, I think there was a Madame something or other who supposedly knitted it for the Doctor, but it's my version of canon, lol!

Timey wimey is hard to write, but I think I got it to work o_O

I've been asked to finish this off with Tosh taking the Doctor to a sweet shop, so I might do that. Then she might get a look inside the TARDIS. I'll have to find a picture of the inside of Four's TARDIS if I'm
going to do that.

Thank you.
Thank you!

I've been asked to write one more part to this, but it's not done yet.
Ooh nicely done timey wimey stuff :-)
I had to think really hard to work it out!

Thank you =)
Thank you!