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December 2023



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Drabble: At Sunset

Title: At Sunset

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, mentions Jack

Rating: G

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: Ianto’s brooding after a fight with Jack

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: For mahmfic. The prompt was this picture HERE.

It had been such a stupid fight. Ianto couldn’t even remember what had started it. All he remembered was yelling at Jack, getting yelled at in return, and storming out of the Hub to his car.

He’d just started driving, not caring where he was going, until he’d found himself here, at a rocky cove with the sun going down over the sea.

His bad mood gradually melted away as he sat on a rock, breathing sea air and watching the sunset.

Pulling out his phone he found a text from Jack.

‘I’m sorry. I love you. Come home. Jx’

The End


Sad reality - it's so easy to start fighting over the most trivial things, and as soon as you cool down, you regret. Because, as the saying goes, two things in this world can't be taken back: fired bullets and spoken words.

I love how Jack and Ianto have the same thought about apologizing - at least I figure that is why Ianto takes out his phone, right? And the make up sex will be awesome, I suppose ;)
Yep! You got it! They just needed time to cool off, then it was just a case of which one managed to get their apology in first. (I suspect they only fight so passionately so they can enjoy the equally passionate make up sex!)

They have a healthy relationship in a way. If they get mad, they yell at each other, go and cool off, apologise, make up and then the fight is forgotten about. I don't see them as holding grudges - if you're gonna live forever, that's something you can't afford to do.

Thank you.
That is all so true and the way I like to think of them, too! :)
Oh, how sad. :(

But Jack and Ianto love each other enough to get over it and make up.

Of course, the make-up sex will be nice... *winks*
They'll be fine. Ianto was going to apologise, but Jack got there first. It was a silly fight, neither one can remember how or why it started, so they'll just enjoy the make up sex and move on with their life together.

Thank you.
Aww, boys... <3

But don't worry, they'll kiss (and more) and make up and they'll be all happy again!

Thank you.
Awww! Sounds like they just needed some time apart to cool down. Sometimes fights have a way of escalating until you're screaming thing you don't mean even as you're wondering why you're doing it!

Glad they both came to their senses so quickly.

Great use of the picture prompt!
Thank you.

Yeah, they fight passionately, then make up evem more passionately, lol! Now they can't even remember why they were fighting, but it's cleared the air so they'll just put it behind them now they've calmed down and everything will be good again. Love will prevail over temporary insanity.
Aww so so sweet. Huggles them both.
Thank you.

Ianto's hurrying home now for the make up sex! ;)
Silly boys. Time to kiss and make up!
They'll get on with that as soon as Ianto gets home, lol! Ianto's looking forward to it.

Thank you!
These two just cant stay mad at each other can they.

Great fic.
Nope! And that's one of the reasons their relationship works so well. They have fights, but they're quickly forgotten and it doesn't matter who apologises first as long as one of them takes that first step so they can make up, then they're happy again and the fight is forgotten.

Thank you.
The world would be a much better place if everyone could just let go of their anger, apologize and makeup. The boys set a very good example for everyone else.
They do. They're going to live forever so they can't afford to hold grudges. Once they apologise, that's it, the fight is left behind and they move on. Of course, it helps that neither of them can remember what they were fighting about in the first place ;)
ummm at least they were in the same page about apologizing!
Yes, once they had a chance to cool off they both just wanted to apologise so they could get on with the making up. That's the best bit, after all!

Thank you.
What a good match for the pic! I do love those boys - even when they fight...
And they love each other, even when they fight ;)

Thank you.
The hardest fights between loved ones are the fights you can't remember how they began or what they are about.
In one respect, yes, but for Jack and Ianto I don't think it matters that they can't remember, they just put their fights behind them as soon as they cool off. They've learned to let go because when you'll live forever the last thing you need is to carry old grudges around.

Thank you.
Thank you!

Ianto found it very soothing.
Aww, sad but lovely. And with a happy ending :-)
Yeah, I wasn't about to leave them unhappy or still mad at each other.

Ianto will reply to Jack's text, then hurry home so they can make up properly =)

Thank you.

Edited at 2013-12-14 04:00 pm (UTC)
oh yeah! Occasionally, there are arguments ... often stupid but the main thing is to reconcile.
Yes, they just needed to cool off first. Ianto will go home and they'll make up.

Thank you.