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Here's the March Rec list for everyone's enjoyment!

agentotter: Eo Nomine - Under That Name [R]
Summary: Four things that Ianto Jones did not have to label, categorize, file, or otherwise give a name to.

Summary: One late night playing Rockband at Owen’s gives Tosh an idea: a Torchwood employee concert.

analineblue & sariagray: Break A Silver Lining [PG-13]
Summary: A long drive, some much-needed communication, and eventually, a sunrise.

a_silver_story - That Kind Of Friendship [R] - Sequel To 'Friendship'
Summary: On June 9th, Jack's Not Birthday, Jack and Ianto make good on their promise from 'Friendship' and celebrate together. Fluffy, funny and a touch smexy.

beccaelizabeth: Welcome Home [A]
Summary: Jack comes back. And then there is sex.

beesandbrews: Better Late Than Never [R]
Summary: Ianto's never been that keen on holidays, most of them are occasions manufactured by greeting card companies to boost their sales. Now, he's seeing them in a whole new light.

blackbird_song: After Life [G]
Summary: Near Halloween, people start seeing apparitions in and around the hub.

black_eyedgirl: Sixteen Miles To The Promised Land [PG-13] - Torchwood/Doctor Who
Summary: He walks forward, quick steps, and gets so close Jack can only see his feet in their white shoes. “What did you do?” Jack coughs, and sees the blood in his hand. “Nice to see you too.”

coffeemagic: The Jabberwocky [T]
Summary: A fic inspired by the awesome poem by Lewis Carol. Jack goes missing and the rest of the team go through hell and high water to find him.I'm not great at summaries...

ethelbertina: Intime [M]
Summary: A compilation of betrayals and the intimate moments of trust woven amongst them.

fandomatemylife: Sick Day [PG-13]
Summary: While Jack and the team are away Ianto finds himself in a spot of bother.

iambickilometer: Posterity [U]
Summary: Jack has a long memory.

Summary: AU set in Season One. What if Lisa wasn't the secret Ianto had? And what if being a werewolf isn't really that much of a secret?

magikalrhiannon: Magical Mystery Tour [NC-17]
Summary: On a night out on the town, the Torchwood crew see a little more of Ianto's personality than they were bargaining for... or did they?

misswinterhill: The Lighthouse And The Dark [R]
Precis: Jack hates the dark. Ianto hates it when Jack dies. Jack gets injured on a mission and they have to confront their fears. Very dark in a few spots. It really boils down to need.

misswinterhill: Thoroughly Impressed [M]
Summary: Jack and Ianto have dinner three times. That's the story. An attempt to explain what happened behind the scenes.

notevery: Priority Call [18]
Summary: Ianto's never tried phonesex before, but when he receives a priority call he's open to persuasion.

sariagray: However Long The Night [R] - TW-DW
Summary: After the first Toclafane attack, Torchwood begins a plan to save the world. That plan lies dormant until they discover that Harold Saxon is holding both Jack and the Doctor; Ianto decides to do something about it.

soera: A Man Of Goodwill [PG-15]
Summary: There are many ways that Ianto Jones' life could have gone.

sqyd: Precariously Yours [NC-17]
Summary: A chronological collection of snippets, plot bunnies, missing scenes and plot fillers.

sqyd: Torchwood Bebop [M] - Torchwood/Cowboy Bebop fusion
Summary: It's the future. Humanity has spread out into the stars, but it's not all sparkles and glitter. Jack, Gwen and Owen are space-bound bounty hunters. Tosh is a kid, but still a computer genius. Myfanwy is a dog. Ianto looks good in black.

Tags: fic rec, torchwood fic

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