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Ianto Little Smile

December 2022



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Ianto Little Smile

Getting Crafty!

Last week I found a great place online selling genuine crystal and gemstone beads, both chip beads and round ones, so I bought a few kinds. They're gorgeous!

I'm going to make some gemstone earrings, but most of my supplies are in storage so I've had to buy some more. I'd like to make some elasticated gemstone bracelets too - as well as re-stringing several of mine where the elastic has gone limp - so I'll need to get beading elastic. I still have my beading needles, thankfully they didn't get packed for storage, so I can get started as soon as the earring findings arrive.

I'm excited about getting back to jewellery making - I used to make earrings a lot, just dangly costume jewellery bead ones (I still have several hundred pairs!), but these will be the first gemstone ones! Hopefully I'll be posting photos of them when they're done!

Now if I can just get rid of this migraine....


Jewellery making is great fun =)

I haven't done any in ages because of all the earrings I've still got, but crystal and gemstone jewellery will be a new venture, I was surprised at how reasonable the prices were for beads! If they turn out well, maybe I could get a stall at a craft fair sometime, or a tabletop sale. Near Christmas would be a good time, when people are looking for inexpensive little pressies!

Migraines, ugh! This is day three of the latest, hopefully it will be gone by tomorrow. Feels like demons are trying to push my left eyeball out. Gonna slap a chunk of raw Rose Quartz on it in a minute - it's the perfect size and shape for my eye and the cold of the stone draws some of the pain out. Yay for crystals and their many (often strange) uses.
Wow, aren't you talented! As well as your other crafty accomplishments, you make jewellery too!- I'm very impressed...and jealous! lol!
Would love to see pics when they're done.
Sorry to hear you're a fellow migraine sufferer, thankfully never had one last as long as yours. Hope you're clear of it now. *hugs*
Making earrings is actually really simple - you just need beads or crystal chips, headpins - which are straight metal things with a knob on one end to stop the beads falling off - and the hooks to go through the holes in pierced ears. Thread beads on the headpins, bend the end over to form a loop (a pair of round nosed pliers is the best tool, but even they can be picked up cheap on ebay) fix the dangly bits you've made to the ear pieces (usually called earwires or fish hooks) and you have a pair of earrings! Simple, I recommend giving it a go, especially with ebay prices being so good for the findings (the various metal bits). 99p + postage for 200 headpins, the same for 200 fish hooks!

I'll definitely post pictures when I've got a selection made. I made one pair this evening, Opalite and Garnet!

Ugh, migraines! I'm unlucky, they always last 3 or 4 days and I seem to get them every 2 weeks. Some are worse than others, but they're never fun =(

It's usually bearable as long as I keep my head still and well supported, but I wish painkillers worked!

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