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Getting Crafty!

Last week I found a great place online selling genuine crystal and gemstone beads, both chip beads and round ones, so I bought a few kinds. They're gorgeous!

I'm going to make some gemstone earrings, but most of my supplies are in storage so I've had to buy some more. I'd like to make some elasticated gemstone bracelets too - as well as re-stringing several of mine where the elastic has gone limp - so I'll need to get beading elastic. I still have my beading needles, thankfully they didn't get packed for storage, so I can get started as soon as the earring findings arrive.

I'm excited about getting back to jewellery making - I used to make earrings a lot, just dangly costume jewellery bead ones (I still have several hundred pairs!), but these will be the first gemstone ones! Hopefully I'll be posting photos of them when they're done!

Now if I can just get rid of this migraine....

Tags: craft, crystals, jewellery making, real life

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