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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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It Happened One Day

Drabble: Enjoying The View

Title: Enjoying The View

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Jack, Ianto

Rating: G

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: There’s a UNIT meeting in London, Jack and Ianto are meant to be there, but they got a little sidetracked…

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: For lexxiescott’s prompt ‘Jack and Ianto on the London Eye’. Oh look, it’s a double drabble ;)

It was inevitable that Jack would take to the London Eye like a duck to water; high places were his thing, after all. So naturally, as soon as he could, he dragged Ianto across London for the sole purpose of taking a ride (or ten) on it.

Not that Ianto objected; he had no problem with heights and the views were breathtaking.

Jack was never still, moving around the car pointing out familiar landmarks to Ianto as the wheel slowly turned, apparently forgetting that the Welshman had spent five years living in the city.

Ianto just smiled, enjoying the view.


When his phone buzzed, breaking the tranquillity, Ianto pulled it from his pocket, checking the caller ID.

“UNIT again?” asked Jack


“Never give up, do they?”

“Apparently not. We are rather late for our meeting; we should probably head over there before they send out search parties.”

“I suppose so,” Jack agreed reluctantly. Then he smirked, flipped open his Vortex Manipulator and pressed a few buttons. The wheel ground to a halt, with their car right at the top. “On the other hand, maybe you should call them, tell them we’re unavoidably detained.” He winked.

Ianto grinned.

“Yes, Sir.”

The End


well that would be a good excuse but I dont recon the people in the other cars will be so happy.
Heh! Probably not. Of course, there might not be anyone in the other cars, perhaps it's a slow day on the Eye, lol! They won't stay up there too long though, they can only put UNIT off for so long.

Thank you.

Edited at 2013-12-17 04:42 pm (UTC)
Because UNIT will never see straight through THAT one.
Well, UNIT aren't known for being particularly perceptive, but even if they do ('cause they know how much Jack loves UNIT meetings) what can they really do about it? Every time the switch the Eye back on, Jack can turn it off again.

Thank you.
That's a way to avoid UNIT for sure but what goes up must eventually come down, Jack... :D
He'll have to go to the meeting eventually, he knows they can't stay up there all day, but at least he can delay things for a while and enjoy the sights.

Thank you.
It stops every so often so people in wheelchairs or who can't board when it's moving can get on and off. *grins* There's even announcements about it, so I doubt anyone would think anything of it unless the delay was huge.

Adorable :)
I'm sure there will be quite a long delay - Jack would do anything to avoid attending a UNIT meeting, lol!

Thank you.
such a very Jack thing to do. Very cute, and you know that Ianto would happily go along for the ride, just to see Jack acting so genuinely happy. ^_^
It's worth facing the wrath of UNIT when they do finally come down, they just don't want it to end yet.

Thank you.
Of course Jack will find the best excuse!
Of course he will - even if he has to invent it first, lol!

Thank you.
I love that wrist-strap! ;D
So does Jack, it's so useful, lol!

Thank you.
Anything to avoid a meeting with UNIT...oh Jack, very sneaky indeed. :)
He knows he can't avoid it forever, but he can certainly delay it until he feels ready to deal with all their pointless red tape.

Thank you.
Stuck on a Ferris Wheel, how will they pass the time, hee.
I'm sure they'll think of something ;)

They could always play I-Spy...
LOL! "Unavoidably detained" sounds plausible, until you get the part where they're on the London Eye. Last I checked, that wasn't the most direct route from, well, anywhere! :-p

Well, at least they have time to think of another excuse now! :)
Heehee! You can't expect them to visit London without being at least a bit touristy! And now they're stuck. The meeting will just have to be delayed a little. UNIT can deal with the stuff they don't need Torchwood for first. See? Problem solved, lol!

Thank you.
I wouldn't mind being stuck in Th Eye for a couple of hours..the view is indeed stunning!!!
So I've heard. There are certainly worse places to be stuck.

Thank you.
Great image
Thank you.
Hehe ,Jack is such a big kid :-)
He is, and Ianto is very indulgent at times.

Thank you.
Thank you!

They will go to the meeting eventually, but not until they're ready to. UNIT can wait.
I just hope that Unit helicopter with the claw doesn't show up and ruin their fun. They did it to the Doctor after all! LOL
I don't think even UNIT would dare to damage a tourist attraction just to drag Torchwood to a meeting, lol! They'd be in serious trouble with the government.

Thank you.