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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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Ianto Little Smile

Drabble: Deck The Hub

Title: Deck The Hub

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Gwen, Owen, Jack, Ianto

Rating: G

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: The team are decorating the Hub for Christmas.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: This one’s for milady_dragon’s prompt ‘The Hub is decorated for the holidays’.

A/N2: I have several other Christmas-themed drabbles that I want to post before Christmas day, so I'm interspersing them with 'The Twelve Days of Riftmas' whenever I can manage to post twice in a day.

“Deck the Hub with boughs of holly,” Gwen sang, completely off-key, as she strung tinsel around the catwalk railings.

“Not holly though, is it,” commented Owen.

“Shut up, grinch.”

“What if I don’t? You gonna decorate me?”

Jack poked his head out of his office.

“Children, behave! Some of us are trying to work!” And he vanished again.

“He’s trying to put the fake Christmas tree together,” Ianto smirked. “Last time I checked, he had the branches on upside down.”

“Aren’t you going to help him?”

“I will when he’s frustrated enough to make it worth my while,” Ianto winked.

TBC in 'Stress Relief'


I love it ! I'm the one who always ends up putting the fake Christmas tree together, so I sympathise with Jack... and I don't even have a Ianto to come to my rescue *sigh*.
I put ours together too, but I've done it so often I know which bits go where so there's never a problem. Everyone else puts the branches on upside down though...
We're not using it this year because we don't have the space, we've got out the little one we had when my sister and I were children.

There should be a Ianto agency where you can rent a Ianto whenever you need one.

Thank you.

Thank you.
Curse you, fake tree! They seem simple enough when you look at the picture on the box, but the reality is something else again. I always end up with scratches on my arms, hands and face. (And yes, I've put the branches on upside-down too, so I really sympathize with Jack!)

Go help him soon, Ianto. :-p

Great job!

Edited at 2013-12-20 09:40 pm (UTC)
Thank you.

It's amazing how many people put the branches on upside down. I don't get it. My boyfriend did that, years ago when he tried to help me but I couldn't for the life of me see how he could get it wrong. It looked obvious to me which way up they went. They curve downwards slightly. I can easily see Jack getting in a mess with it though.

Ianto wants Jack to be really steamed up with frustration. Then he'll put the tree together in five minutes flat and reap the benefits of a very grateful Jack who needs a release for his pent-up frustrations. ;)

Thank you.
that is why I ended putting colours and arrows to mine!
I just rely on my ninja self-assembly skills ;)

Thank you!
Well that wont be long for Jack LOL.

great fic.
No it won't! Jack will be begging Ianto for help soon and Ianto will be amply rewarded! He's looking forward to it.

Thank you.
That's where the pre-assembled ones are awesome. I like my little 2 foot tall tree, hehe.
I look forward to seeing what Jack will do to make Ianto's efforts worthwhile. ^_^
I wasn't planning a sequel, but maybe I will... We'll see if I can find the time.

Thank you.
Hee hee! I love it. And yes, Ianto...let Jack beg for a bit before helping him. You'll make out (literally!) better that way. *laughs*

I think they both will in the end! I predict that once the tree is properly constructed Jack will need lots of stress relief ;)

Thank you, glad you liked it!
Naughty Ianto!! You're leading him down the naughty path and he's gonna get coal in his stocking too!!!!
I'm sure Ianto wouldn't mind, he'll get himself a hot, sweaty, frustrated Jack first so it'll be well worth it!

Thank you.
ROTFL!!! I must remember to wear my glasses when I read after just getting up; I thought the title was "Wreck the Hub"! Ianto's being evil :D :D :D How the heck does one put the branches on when the tree is upside down?! Poor Jack! Ianto's gonna get his present early! Great drabble :D
LOL! I kept typing Deck the Halls while cross-posting, then having to change it.

Ianto's being evil in a good way, because he knows Jack will enjoy himself immensely later. The tree is the right way up, it's the branches that he's putting on upside down so instead of gracefully dropping they curl upwards. Jack knows something isn't right but he can't work out what.

Thank you.
I feel Jack's pain, as I'm always the one putting up the fake tree. ;)
Me too, but I know which bit goes where, I've had a lot of practice. Jack's new to it and not very good at self-assembly, lol!

Thank you.
Ianto know his Jack....
He does, and he knows they'll both have fun once Jack begs for help.

Thank you.
Aww lol.
Poor Jack :-)
He'll be happy soon when he gets to work off his frustration with a very willing Ianto ;)

Thank you.
Hopefully Ianto will get a very nice reward when he goes to Jack's rescue... *winks*
I think they'll both enjoy the results of Jack getting all hot, sweaty and frustrated, lol!

Thank you.
Oh naughty naughty Ianto... He should probably get coal in his stocking this year but somehow I think Jack will make sure he gets a much nicer present ;)
Oh, I'm sure Jack doesn't mind really. Ianto is working towards an end result that will please them both!

Thank you.