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April 2024



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Fic Of The Week - Week One Hundred And Four

Ooops! I slightly forgot what day it was!

I hope everyone enjoyed last week's fic, I'll be featuring the sequels early in the New Year. For this week though, since it's apparently Christmas (when did that happen?) I thought I should pick out something Christmassy. So this week I have chosen A Torchwood Christmas Carol. There are at least four completely different fics with this title, all by different authors, but the one I've chosen is by Tylluan over on Originally posted in December of 2009, there are only 7 short chapters, so it should be readable despite Christmas getting in the way ;)

Summary: Someone isn't feeling the Christmas spirit in the Hub! Read on to find what happens when someone is being a Scrooge.

I believe this one is Owen-centric, but the other characters all feature too. Maybe Owen will come out of this a nicer person!

Fic is here.

And that's it for this week. I hope you all have a very happy and healthy Christmas, full of fun, family, food and other good things! Merry Christmas and happy reading!


Great selection. I have read a few Jack centered stories and it's nice to see an Owen Xmas story.
There aren't all that many Owen-centred stories around, it's usually Owen/Ianto pairing or owen/Gwen pairing. I liked getting a deeper insight into Owen's past, what made him the way he is, and it was good to see him strating to open up and let the others into his life. Glad you liked it!