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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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Christmas Weevil

Drabble: Hot Pursuit

Title: Hot Pursuit

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, Jack

Rating: G

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: Chasing Weevils is always dangerous, but in winter there can be additional hazards.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: For angelsphonebox, who provided the prompt ‘Dashing through the snow.’

Racing headlong past a group of carollers, Ianto reflected that this probably wasn’t what they meant by ‘Dashing through the snow.’ Of course, where Torchwood was concerned, such things tended to be literal.

It was snowing heavily; visibility was poor and the footing was increasingly treacherous. Ianto prayed he wouldn’t break an ankle. Jack was just ahead now, charging downhill in hot pursuit of the weevil.

Suddenly Ianto slipped, crashing into Jack, sending them both skidding out of control. The weevil didn’t stand a chance.

Coming to rest on top of their quarry, Jack noted, “At least we caught it!”

The End


hahahah he always sees the goof thing in every experience!
I like Nat King Cole's music!
Jack always tries to look on the brightside - even when tangled up with his Welshman on top of a winded Weevil!

Thank you!

So do I, he had a wonderful voice.
It worked out this time, but I don't think I'd recommend a repeat performance.
They got lucky! Chasing Weevils in icy conditions is never going to go to plan. I think Ianto would be quite happy if it never happened again, it was quite alarming!

Thank you.
It is a real gift to see the bright side to every event:)
Well, they could have fallen down and lost the Weevil, but they didn't! That's definitely a good thing ;)

Thank you!
Well thats one way to catch a weevil, greaet drabble and Merry Christmas.
Not exactly conventional, but quite effecive, lol!

Thank you, Merry christmas!

Jack looks at the bright side!

He has Ianto on top of him - that's always on Jack's list of good things!

Thank you!

Hahaha - that's one way of doing it :)
It may not have been intentional, but it worked out okay, lol!

Thank you!
LOL! The Weevil never knew what hit it. Bet it wishes it stayed in the sewers that day!


Awww, don't be scared of Janet in her party hat! She thinks she looks pretty!

Yeah, poor flattened Weevil! That's one that will bnever v enture above-ground again, it's learned its lesson. The sewers are safer!

Thank you.
Talk about doing it the hard way! Ouch!
Ironically, it proved to be a much faster way of catching the weevil than just chasing after it, sort of like 10 pin bowling with the Weevil getting bowled over, lol! The boys got a few bruises, but that was all.

Thank you
Sounds like fun - a bit of impromptu tobogganing, and at least they caught the weevil :-)
It got a bit squished from the impact, poor thing!

Thank you. Ianto prefers skiing with skis, he's just hoping his soles aren't worn through after that!
Merry Cristmas to all.

Poor weevil.
You're the only one who's had any sympathy for the poor squashed Weevil! Thank you.

Merry Christmas!
Bet the weevil will think twice before venturing out in slippery weather again! LOL
I think once this one's back in the sewers it will never leave tem again!

Thank you!
You've gotta love Jacks optimism! Great drabble!
He's learned to look on the bright side! That was one of the easiest Weevil captures they've ever had, and it's put up hardly any resistance after having the breath knocked out of it.

Thank you.