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Ianto Little Smile

December 2020



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Dear Santa

Drabble: Torchwood Christmas Morning

Title: Torchwood Christmas Morning

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Tosh/Owen, Rhys/Gwen, Ianto/Jack

Rating: G

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: It’s Christmas morning for the Torchwood couples!

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: For Francine S, for leaving the 1200th review on my drabble collection at ff.net. She asked for: A Christmas morning story of either Tosh/Owen or Gwen/Rhys. Well, I couldn’t leave the boys out, so here you go, have all three couples! This one’s a quadruple drabble.

Yes, I know I haven’t posted the fics for 800th, 900th, 1000th and 1100th reviews, but this needs to be posted today because of the subject matter – I wasn’t even sure if I could get it written in time, but I just made it. Enjoy!

A Very Happy Christmas to all my friends, readers, followers and favouriters, I hope you all have a wonderful time!

Christmas morning in the Harper household was chaotic, mostly due to a certain young Fluff. Dizzy was still small enough to go home with them, provided it was kept out of sight of the neighbours.

Owen heated sausage rolls for breakfast, while his lovely new wife sat on the floor playing fetch with Dizzy. Dressed in her robe, bedroom slippers and without a trace of make-up, Owen though Tosh looked more beautiful than ever.

“Happy Christmas, love,” he said as he handed her a plate and a cup of tea.

When she smiled, Owen felt like the richest man alive.


“It’s the crack of dawn!” Rhys complained, tugging the blankets over his head.

“But it’s Christmas, daddy!” Anwen shouted, trying to pull the covers off again. He peeped out at his daughter.

“Is it now, young lady? Then we’d best go see what Santa brought you, hadn’t we?”

“Yay!” Anwen squealed, bouncing with excitement.

Gwen stood in the bedroom doorway, laughing at them.

“Not so long ago it was you dragging me out of bed at the crack of dawn to open presents,” she teased.

“At least we got to go back to bed afterwards,” Rhys said with a wink.


“Morning, gorgeous,” murmured Jack, sneaking up behind Ianto, still half asleep and trying to make coffee.

“Gorgeous? You need your eyes testing; I look like there’s a demented hedgehog on my head. Knew I should’ve got a haircut,” Ianto grumbled good-naturedly.

“I like it, gives me something to get hold of.” Jack tugged gently. Ianto rolled his eyes, but he was smiling.

“Happy Christmas, Jack.”

“Happy Christmas!” Jack fiddled with the belt of Ianto’s bathrobe. “Can I unwrap my present yet?”

“You never change, do you?” Ianto chuckled.

“Would you really want me to?”

“Guess not,” Ianto smirked, kissing him.


And in the Hub, Nosy slunk about with Velvet riding on its head, leaving small gifts and Christmas crackers at each workstation, humming along to the tinny-sounding novelty Santa on Owen’s desk.

Bob the alien sat in a corner, snoozing, a Santa hat perched on his apex.

George bustled about, distributing party hats and setting out the buffet ready for all the party guests to arrive.

The alien butterfly perched on top of the Christmas tree, impersonating a Christmas star, and Myfanwy presided over everything, checking the decorations and making sure all would be perfect for the Torchwood family Christmas.

The End


Thas was adorable, loved it!!!
Happy Holidays!!!
Thank you!

*hugs and kissitos*

Happy Holidays! Hope your wishes all come true!
Thank you! I figured everyone should have a Happy Christmas!
Aww each of their Christmas mornings are just so adorable :-)
Loved it :-)

I hope you are having a lovely Christmas. *hugs*x
Thank you! I was just going to be Tosh/Owen, but I thought as i'd been asked to do that or Gwen/Rhys, I'd do both. But then it didn't seem fair to leave the boys out. And then there had to be Nosy... LOL!

I'm busy cooking Christmas dinner and fuming because I can't reply to any of my reviews on ff.net. Apparently there's no server available to handle my request. *rolls eyes* I have 7 reviews and 6 messages and I can't reply to any of them =(

As expected, most of the day has been spent working, but after dinner I have the evening to myself. Washing up will be done in the morning. Hope you're having a fun and festive time! *hugs*
awwwww this is the cutest and fluffiest fic ever read!!!!
the couples' mornings were perfect for each other and the one been prepared at the hub was just amazing, seeing all the alien friends getting ready!
Loved it!!!!!
Thank you! *hugs* It just kept growing, LOL! Everyone wanted to join in!
AWw this was soo lovely, *hugs*

Thank you! Glad you liked it, i needed something Christmassy to post on Christmas Day!
magic and magnific!!
a big and beautiful family.
I'm sorry because I've forgot Georges...
Lovely christmas Baddly!
Thank you! I ended up fitting almost everyone in, I just left out Andy and Mickey from the Nosy-Verse team

Thank you, and Merry Christmas!
Awww! So sweet! Everyone's having a wonderful holiday, with the people they love best, and a party to look forward to later at the Hub!

I love that Nosy, Bob, George, the Butterfly and Myf are pitching in (well, Bob not so much, but at least he's in the holiday spirit with his hat. LOL.) Now that's what Christmas is all about! <3<3
Thank you!

Yes, I managed to get everyone in except Mickey, Andy and Janet. It WAS only going to be Tosh and Owen, but it sort of grew as I kept adding another drabble, lol!

Bob's not terribly mobile so he's staying out of the way.
This was beautiful. The perfect Christmas for everyone.
Thank you! It seemed only fair that they should all get a nice Christmas!
Aww, what a lovely treat for Christmas! <3
Thank you, glad you enjoyed it! Everyone is having a very happy time. =)
Thank you!

Happy holidays to you too! Hope you're having fun =)
Lovely drabble :D :D :D All is bright and well in the Hub...
It's going to be a Merry Torchwood Christmas!

Thank you!
Aawww, so sweet and cheerful. :)
Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!
Warm fuzzies of joy.
Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!
Aww, sounds like a very Fluffy Christmas!
I'm sure it was! There are enough Fluffs to make it so, lol!

Thank you.