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June 2023



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Double Drabble: Lucky Break

Title: Lucky Break
Author: badly_knitted
Characters: Ianto, DI Swanson
Rating: G
Written For: Challenge 615: Break at tw100.
Spoilers: Nada.
Summary: The Rift doesn’t always drop its gifts out in the open; they’re just as likely to appear inside buildings.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.
A/N: Double drabble.

“Do you people make a habit of breaking and entering?”

Ianto turned, not too surprised to see DI Kathy Swanson watching him with mild curiosity.

“Only when absolutely necessary,” he replied, “and there was no breaking of any kind involved. What brings you here, DI Swanson?”

“I was just passing, saw the Torchwoodmobile and thought I’d better check you weren’t causing any trouble.”

Relations between Torchwood and the police were more or less cordial now that Kathy knew what it was the team
really did, but that didn’t stop the Detective Inspector from keeping a close eye on them.

“What was it this time? Monster? Explosive device? Alien infestation?”

“Nothing so glamorous I’m afraid,” Ianto admitted. “Our work isn’t always exciting and dangerous.” He held up the
box he was carrying, displaying the twisted hunk of metal inside. “My best guess is that it’s a bit off a spaceship. If the rest of the ship got away it’ll be a one-off. If not, we could be getting bits like this for weeks, even months. Thankfully it didn’t land on anything breakable.” He looked back at the boutique he’d just exited. “If it had landed in the china shop next door…”

The End


Ahh, the Torchwoodmobile.

GWEN: Excuse me. Have you seen a Blowfish driving a sports car?
(The woman points down the road.)
GWEN: Thank you.
(They drive on.)
WOMAN: Bloody Torchwood.

I always wondered why the Torchwood Team had the word "Torchwood" engraved on their vehicle. Whatever happened to relying on licence plates? It's more discreet.
It was certainly a bit indiscreet, but I guess it was an emergency vehicle so it had to be noticeable.

Thank you!

I see your point.

The random woman being annoyed at Torchwood was suppose to be an in joke or something? Maybe it was an indicator that things weren't going so well without Jack. But then the next scene after Jack comes back where he's observing them all contradicts it. I maybe reading more into it.*shrugs*

No problem! Do people still say that?
I think it's supposed to indicate that most people in Cardiff have heard of Torchwood, but nobody really knows what they do so they're seen as an annoyance. They never get the credit they deserve but they get blamed for a lot of things.

Of course that makes Gwen seem even more stupid because everyone knows about Torchwood except her.

Oh right. That makes sense.

Unlike Gwen withstanding the retcon in the first episode despite not knowing about Torchwood previously. Unless it was because she did in fact subconscious knew about Torchwood all along but it didn't knock sense into her until meeting Jack. I'm trying to give her the benefit of the doubt here.*theorising*

GWEN: My boyfriend says it's like a sort of terrorism. Like they put drugs in the water supplies. Psychotropic drugs, causing mass hallucinations and stuff.
JACK: Yeah, well your boyfriend's stupid.
GWEN: Oh, you've met him?

I can forgive Jack for dismissing Rhys here since he thought Gwen was going to forget everything. Too bad he was wrong.

Very wrong.*dramatic voiceover tone*
I don't bother giving Gwen the benefit of the doubt, she's not that bright. I hated the way she was so dismissive of Rhys. He's way smarter than Gwen thinks, probably smarter than Gwen. I love Rhys.
Okay. I'm just giving RTD the benefit of the doubt since he was "the puppet master".*playing devils advocate*

It was obvious that Gwen took Rhys for granted.*frowns*

It was, and that irritated me. Rhys was a great guy but Gwen often belittled him. He deserved better.
So true. I hate relationships like that.*shakes head*