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Seeking a co-writer....

Hello, dear F-List, I come seeking help, and hopefully a co-writer if anyone is interested.

I have a fic in mind to write, but it requires a certain amount of medical knowledge (particularly of prosthetics and possibly anti-rejection treatments) that I simply don't have. Nor do I have the skill to research such things.

I have friends I can bounce ideas off, but I need someone who can help write the fic and make any medical stuff at least sound plausible. This is WAY out of my comfort zone - it's a serious Torchwood AU with Ianto having a different reason for needing to get a job with Torchwood Three.

There's no rush to write it, I don't have a deadline except that I'd like to get it written sometime this year. So, anyone care to have a go at writing with me? I've never co-written anything, so I don't know how it works, but I guess we can figure it out as we go if anyone is brave enough, lol!
Tags: help needed, hugs f-list, real life

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