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September 2023



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Seeking a co-writer....

Hello, dear F-List, I come seeking help, and hopefully a co-writer if anyone is interested.

I have a fic in mind to write, but it requires a certain amount of medical knowledge (particularly of prosthetics and possibly anti-rejection treatments) that I simply don't have. Nor do I have the skill to research such things.

I have friends I can bounce ideas off, but I need someone who can help write the fic and make any medical stuff at least sound plausible. This is WAY out of my comfort zone - it's a serious Torchwood AU with Ianto having a different reason for needing to get a job with Torchwood Three.

There's no rush to write it, I don't have a deadline except that I'd like to get it written sometime this year. So, anyone care to have a go at writing with me? I've never co-written anything, so I don't know how it works, but I guess we can figure it out as we go if anyone is brave enough, lol!


I can help. I have limited research knowledge but I'm usually really good at research as most people in my family come to me for research. So I'm up for all and any help you might needs.
Thank you!

I'll email you later (or tomorrow) with the jumble of notes and ideas I have so far. I'm just so useless at research I can never find anything, and this is a serious piece (possibly several chapters) rather than my usual fluff and humour It has the potential to be quite dark in places.

owensheart helped me bounce some ideas around, but there's still work needed before the writing can even start.
Yah. Cool.

My job does deal with some medical stuff so that might be able to help.
I was massively behind with everything yesterday but hopefully I'll be able to send you some basic info to start with at some point today (I also have a pile of betaing to do at the moment so it's a juggling act fitting things in). There are a lot of details that need working out, I think I'll send a text doc by email with the basic plot and a list of some of the things that need figuring out before writing can start. tardisjournal has offered to help out too if we need it, she does already know some of the basics because I was talking to her about it last year, but I keep changing things.
Looks like you're already in good hands. I can't wait to read it. Whenever it comes out. Sounds very interesting.
Eeep, I hope so, it's so far outside my comfort zone I'm panicking at the very thought! I'm not exactly known for writing darkish and dramatic, with a plot, lol!
2014 challenge. LOL
Yup! That's why I waited until today to advertise. there will be other fics and drabbles written and posted while this is being worked on, I have no idea if it will be a oneshot or several chapters. just have to see what happens once writing is underway. First I need to work out some details and get some facts straight, then it will have to be loosely plotted...

*hides under bed*
Oh, yay! I'm excited that this is getting underway.

If you guys need any additional help, let me know! I enjoy researching, and my partner works as a medical records coder so she's a good person to ask about medical terms, drugs, and whatnot.
Yay! A medical-ish resource!

You know the basics already, so any input would be welcome, I'm sure iantojjackh won't object to an extra brain or two in the mix. And that sounds like a mad scientist's experiment. o_O

Anyway, I'll keep you in the loop, I'm so completely out of my depth that I need all the help I can get!
Oh, good luck and I can't wait to read it. I'm glad you found someone to help because all of my medical knowledge comes from TV. LOL!
I don't even have that much, anything medical goes straight over my head except when I'm the patient, lol!

This is a scary prospect though, writing serious stuff instead of humour and fluff o_O
I try to stay away from things like this because 1) my hubby works in R&D for a well-known pharmaceutical co; 2) I'm an ex-nurse; 3) my cousin is a retired RN, a Army veteran and a former writer for another fan group; and 4) people who have written things in the past fandoms sometimes don't research well or take advice on what the human body can/will do, what the body cannot/will not tolerate and don't tolerate criticism very well.

That being said, I applaud those and you for seeking that advice and doing research BEFORE you do the fic. I would also suggest that you google the particular transplant/ prosthetics/anti-rejection treatments you want to put into your fic. I particularly follow the latest developments in the partial/whole face transplants surgeries as well as limb prosthetics/transplants. So far, I am aware of the double arm transplant that was done in Germany over 2 years ago and the patient is doing well. There was also a story I saved whereby a doctor tested a comatose patient with a catscan and found that the patient was able to respond to questions in a simple '1-for-yes; 2-for no' format that showed his coma wasn't as deep as they thought it was. It gave considerable hope for patients like him.

I'm looking forward to what you're doing because of this note but if there is a question, and you think any of us can answer this for actually working in the field, hey, we'd be happy to give info or point you in the right direction.

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Thanks a lot! When we get things pinned down a little, I'd love it if I could PM you and ask if we're going in the right direction, or at least a believable direction. I want to get this as plausible as possible, considering it'll be using alien technology that probably doesnt exist, lol!
I'd be very willing to help in any way I could. (I just gotta figure out the PM! :D) But email me anytime. I look forward to this story very much :D
It's just Live Journal's private messaging system, you can set things up so any PMs get sent to your email address with a link to take you to your LJ mail box so you can reply. If comment replies get sent to your email address there's a good chance PMs would too.