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Ianto Little Smile

December 2020



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Drabble: The Twelfth Day…

Title: The Twelfth Day…

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, Jack, Rift, OCs

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 303 – Twelve Days at tw100

Spoilers: None.

Warnings: Random insanity.

Summary: It’s Christmas, and the Rift finally gets something right…

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: Final part of ‘The Twelve Days of Riftmas’. This is it, folks, the final part. Happy New Year!

The Eleventh Day…

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Ianto had to admit he was pleasantly surprised.

After strange birds, gold bells, French girls, pipe-layers and bricklayers, frogs, turtles, cows, bewildered aliens and dancing pensioners, the steel drum band was a relief, bringing the sound of the Caribbean to wintry Cardiff.

Dancing around the Plas, held closely in Jack’s arms, Ianto reflected that all in all, Christmas was turning out to be quite pleasant after all. One good day made all the difference.

As for the Rift, it breathed a sigh of relief; finally it had succeeded in making its beloved Ianto happy.

The End


So adorable. :)
Thank you!

I had to do something nice for Ianto after all the Hell put the poor boy through!

Happy New Year!
Aww so nice. Beautiful way to end the series.
Thank you!

I put Ianto through so much, I thought I'd better make it up to him.
Oh, I love that! I just love steel drums, there's something so happy about the sounds they make, and every time I hear one I just have to dance, I can't help it.

That Rift...oh dear. :)

I love them too, they make me think warm, sunny thoughts!

There's just something about Ianto that makes everything love him, lol!

Thank you!
awww so the Rift wanted to cheer Ianto up after his hard ordeal!
It was trying to make him happy all along, but just succeeded in making him more and more stressed, poor Ianto. They do say it's the thought that counts though, lol!

Thank you.
Aww, nice Rift! That was lovely! :D
Thank you!

The Rift finally got something right, but unfortunately not before driving Ianto nuts for eleven days, lol!
This was a lovely ending to this wonderful drabble series.
Thank you!

I thought it was about time something nice haoppened for Ianto to make up for the previous 11 days, lol!
omg when my face stops hurting from laughing (and I gotta stop reading when I have a cold!), I gotta start cleaning all the stains off my laptop monitor....this is a seriously demented, fine piece of drabblewriting for 12 days (and alternates). Nonstop, get-my-ass-off-this-rollercoaster!- fun to read. The Rift really likes Ianto!

Don't know about the limits of drabbles but I hope the new year really starts out with a bang with more drabbles like this. Happy New Year and I hope all is well for you! :D :D :D

Edited at 2014-01-02 04:52 pm (UTC)
*grins* Thank you! I hope your cold is better soon. You'd better beware of the fic I just posted if laughing makes your face hurt!

Yep, the Rift likes Ianto, it just has an odd and rather unsuccessful way of showing it - until its final attempt to please him!

100 words is not a lot of space to tell a story in, it forces me to be much more succinct than I normally am, but it's also a fun way of challenging myself. So, I'm aiming to post at least 250 of them this year, around three a week minimum, all different moods and genres, as well as longer pieces. I just want to keep writing as much as I can!

Happy New Year, I hope it'll prove to be a better one for you!
Awww, the Rift finally got it right! Thank goodness. I think Ianto might have been on the verge of running, far, far away from it, never to return. ;)

What a lovely ending to a quirky, fun series! And a great image to welcome in the New Year on--the boys dancing on the Plas. :)

Thank you!

I had no idea where I was going with this when I started it, I'm amazed by the response I've had to it!

I really did have to let the Rift get something right in the end, just to keep Ianto from taking up permanent residence under his bed, or in the archives. He'd had more than enough over the previous 11 days, so a happy ending was a must. Glad you liked it!
Bless the riff's odd little gift giving heart.
I think Ianto was cursing it for the first eleven days, lol! It's made amends with the Twelfth Day though, at least this time it gave Ianto something he could enjoy!

Thank you.
Wow! These were so amazing!!! I loved how you came up with all the different days and all your different ideas! You're so creative. I laughed so hard at each one :D
Brilliant brilliant brilliant!!!!
*grins* Thank you! *hugs*

It really was fun trying to think of something for each day, though a couple of days proved rather frustrating. I had a great response to the series, so I'm glad I impulsively decided to do it.
"As for the Rift, it breathed a sigh of relief; finally it had succeeded in making its beloved Ianto happy."

all that for it???
Frankly you managed to surprise me!
It kept trying, but it just kept getting everything wrong. At least it succeeded in the end!

I didn't know what the end would be when I started these, but by the time I'd reached the Eleventh Day I realsed I'd better do something nice for Ianto before he really did run away from home.

Thank you.
Great series! Sorry it took me so long to finish reading it, got busy with other stuff the past few weeks...
Life does tend to get in the way of fandom at times!

Thank you, glad you enjoyed the series!