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Prompt me, please!

Hey, guys! I'm still working through the prompts you gave me before, I have many of them written and there are still some more I'm hoping to write, but I've realised many of those I have left are Christmassy. That's great for December, but there are a lot of months between now and then, so I need more prompts for drabbles I can post throughout the year. You did me proud last time I asked, so I'm asking again:

Prompt me, please!

I might not use all of the prompts I've got, some haven't inspired me (yet) and some of the previous prompts I'm holding back for possible ficlets or one-shots, but keep your eyes open if you left a prompt last time around. I have over 30 finished and waiting their turn to be posted, and some of yours might be among them. I'm making sure I write at least one for everyone who left prompts, so please be patient!

Prompts can literally be anything. A word, a phrase, a picture, a scenario, lyrics, a song title, a book title, an episode title from another show, a request for a sequel or prequel to any of my drabbles, a missing scene from the show or from one of my fics, a joke... I'll try anything. I might not manage something for every prompt but I'll give it my best shot.

Thanks in advance! *grins in anticipation*
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