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Ianto Little Smile

December 2022



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If In Doubt


So, is anyone out there still interested in more Nosy-Verse fic?

I'm trying to get back to writing, but I could really use a bit of encouragement and cheerleading to help me get motivated and keep writing. It's been over 8 months and I'm out of the groove. I need help getting back into it!


Yes, please, I miss your stories and of course, Nosy, he's so cute. Hugs, Ani!!! *-*
*hugs back* Thank you, my dear friend!

I will try - Nosy is willing, but my brain isn't being very helpful at the moment.

I'm like "Let's finish writing this fic" and my brain goes "Aaaarrrgghh! I can't do this!" and hides.

J xxx
I loves me a Nosy
He makes me smile all day
I love the way he slithers
And always wants to play
I'd really like to see him
I've missed him while away
Yes Nosy snake I love you
There's nothing else to say

*shakes pom poms and attempts a cartwheel*
ouch! Cartwheel was a really bad idea, but at least I can read Nosy fic whilst waiting for the break to heal!!!

Seriously - let me know if I can help in any way J
*sends bunnies enticing choc covered carrots and x-rated movies*
*With love and huge hugs*
D xxx
Thanks. D! Shake those pompoms! (Forget the cartwheels though, I never could do those either!)

Love your rhyme, I have the biggest grin on my face now!

I'm going to PM you in a minute as I don't want to give too much away in the comments

*huge, slightly stressed hugs* J xxx
It's hard getting back on the horse, so to speak. The writing parts of my brain seem to have shrivelled up - they're still there, but they need watering I think. Writing is a bit like pulling teeth at the moment.

Nosy is still in my head, fluffing around, but getting what I need for the current story into written form is difficult, especially since I've already had to do a lot of rewriting. The story is getting bigger, but not necessarily better. Just have to see what happens! *hugs*
does a happy dance for more nosy.
*joins you in happy dance*

Now if I can just write it....
Yes, please, more Nosy.

Now I've zazajb's verse in my head, the crave will worsen, I'm sure.

I'm working on it, honest! I've spent most of yesterday and today doing re-writes which have hopefully improved it.

Not a lot of actual Nosy in this one, but there should be more in the next part if I ever get around to writing it!

Just keep sending encouraging thoughts my way! It's hard getting back to writing after so long.
Yes!Yes!Yes! Please write more Nosy fics. I absolutely adore them :) I want to see what Nosy gets up to next... I'd be happy to provide any amount of cheerleading you need :D
Cheerlead away! *hugs*

I've dusted off the fic I started last November and done a lot of rewrites, I still have some shopping scenes and a 'Meanwhile, back at the Hub' scene to write with Nosy and Tosh, which I'm a bit stuck on as I can't think what Tosh could use to entertain a bored Nosy. It has to be something readily available in the Hub and I'm stumped! *sigh* I'll figure something out eventually I suppose.
Abit late to the party here - sorry - but it's another yes from me to more Nosy fic, and/or any other stories you care to share !
I am trying, really I am! Got a bit stuck, but I'm working on it =)

I just really needed something to encourage me! Now I know people are waiting, hopefully I'll be able to get it written.
ummmm - I'm not just interested, I have been waiting VERY patiently!!! Get to it!! (I'm very excited - can you tell?)
I'm writing, I'm writing! Real life has been seriously getting in the way, ever since the burst pipes back in December, but I have been doing some writing on the next in the series. It's just slow going because I'm out of practice. But I will get there, just be patient a bit longer? Please? * begs prettily*
clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap
I will encourage the two hands and two feet!
I think This will also make you some good to immerse yourself in the world of Nosy
Thank you! I need all the encouragement I can get, Nosy isn't cooperating at the moment! It's being most unhelpful. I think it's the after-effects of all the caffeine!
Purleese write some more Nosy stories - I LOVE them and they always cheer me up (I have re-read them many, many times!
*grins* Thank you! Good to know Nosy is still making people happy!

I am working on the next fic, but real life and betaing is taking a lot of time at the moment. I will get it finished eventually if Nosy would just wake up and cooperate. I think the after-effects of its caffeine high have set in!

Nosy: Snoooore
YES!!!! Oh yes, a thousand times yes!!! I adore Nosy - he's such a wonderful character!!!!!
I am working on it, honestly, but between computer problems and health problems, and a muse that just wants to sleep *pokes sleeping Nosy* it's taking time. Can't seem to get back into the swing with all the stress and after effects! I will get there eventually though! *hugs*