badly_knitted (badly_knitted) wrote,

FAKE Double Drabble: Halloween Treat

Title: Halloween Treat
Fandom: FAKE
Author: badly_knitted
Characters: Dee, Ryo.
Rating: PG
Written For: Challenge 215: Trick Or Treat at drabble_weekly.
Spoilers/Setting: After Like Like Love.
Summary: It’s Halloween; time for some fun!
Disclaimer: I don’t own FAKE, or the characters. They belong to the wonderful Sanami Matoh.
A/N: Double drabble.

Dee had chaperoned the kids from the orphanage on their Trick or Treat trail as he did every year, making sure they all acquired plenty of candy. From there he’d headed home to help Ryo hand out candy to the local kids, managing to snag a few choice treats for himself, knowing he’d need the energy later.

At nine on the dot, he and his lover had pulled their coats on over their costumes against the chilly fall night and taken a cab to the Halloween party at JJ’s, which looked like it would be way more fun, not to mention better catered, than the precinct’s annual event. At least at JJ’s party Dee knew he could dance with his lover without drawing unwanted attention, especially since JJ’s attention would be focused entirely on Drake.

The party went on until the early hours, with great food and plenty of booze, so both Dee and Ryo were more than a little tipsy by the time they arrived home. Dee ushered his partner inside, closing the door behind them, grinning.

“Trick or treat, baby?”

Ryo eyed his lover’s attire, smirking. “Treat; the trick’s going to be getting you out of that costume!”

The End

Tags: dee laytner, drabble, drabble_weekly, fake, fake fic, fic, fic: pg, ryo maclean

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