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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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Laughing Jack

Comment Fic - Out Of Coffee

This was written in reply to a prompt by totally4ryoin a comment fic thread in honour of Ianto's birthday over on the community tw_classic .
Join the party here to read all the great fics: http://tw-classic.livejournal.com/164185.html

The prompt was: Ianto swore there was still enough coffee beans for a few more days only to discover none. What happened to all the beans?

Title: Out Of Coffee

Author: badly_knitted

Characters/Pairing: Jack/Ianto, Owen (assume the rest of the team are present)

Rating: G

Ianto was feeling rather miffed. "Okay, who's been at the coffee beans? I know I had enough to last until saturday, but the bag's gone. Whoever it was, make it easy on yourself, own up now and maybe I won't put you on decaf."

"Wasn't me," Jack answered hurriedly, "Honest! I haven't been near your beans. I wouldn't. Not after what you threatened me with last time." He shuddered dramatically.

"Ummm, that was all the coffee you had left?" Owen asked hesitantly.

"Yes, Owen," snapped Ianto, "Every last bean."

Owen shuffled his feet.

"Owen, what did you do?" Ianto advanced menacingly on the shorter man.

"It wasn't my fault. Not Really."

"What. Did. You. Do?"

"I was tryin' to reach the biscuits you hide at the back of the top cupboard. I knocked the bag of coffee beans onto the floor and it split, the beans went everywhere. I went to get a brush to sweep them up, but..."


"Nosy cleared them up before I got back."

"And by 'cleared them up', you mean?"

"It ate them."

"All of them?"

"Every last one!"

"Oh my God..."


Something long, green and very fluffy zoomed past at alarming speed.

"Wonderful, just wonderful," muttered Ianto, "How do we deal with an over-caffeinated alien?"

"Dunno," said Jack, "but here it comes again!"


***giggles*** Yay, Nosy!!! That was adorable, an over-caffeinated alien, I loved it!!! Well done, J!!! Hugs, Ani!!! *-*
*hugs back* Thanks, A!

As soon as I read the prompt I knew what had happened =D

I do wonder how long Nosy will keep zooming around the Hub though. It's making everyone quite dizzy! I suppose the caffeine overdose will wear off eventually.

*happy hugs* J xxx
I read this on the original post, too, and thought it was adorable. <333

Yay for nosy! ^_^
Nosy likes coffee a bit TOO much =)

Glad you liked it! *hugs*
Read this last night and giggled for ages, lj froze on me and ate my comment! Read it again today and I'm still giggling - I have also discovered Nosy's human form - it becomes my cousin's 3 year old little boy whom I looked after yesterday - he IS the humanisation of an over-caffinated grians green furry alien snake!

Love this J...fab return to the arena
*celebratory hugs
Love always
D xxx
Heehee! Glad you enjoyed! You have totally4ryo to thank, her prompt was irresistible - turns out in the back of her mind she was wondering if Nosy was responsible for the missing coffee!

Go over to the original comment fic party on tw_classic (link is at the top of this entry) if you get the time, there are some fun stories and nancybrown's lovely story explains how Ianto knows everything! There's also a short one by rellan which is hilarious!

Happy you enjoyed Nosy's very brief appearance! I'm still trying to get the rest of the next proper Nosy fic written, but it's resisting!

*hugs* J xxx
Nosy is very hyper - but happy, which is always good! It's more a case of the team getting in Nosy's way - they have to keep jumping out of the way to avoid being knocked down.

Ianto's only angry at Owen's carelessness, he doesn't blame Nosy, who doesn't understand that eating half a bag of coffee beans isn't a good idea. They were there on the floor, they smelt good and tasted even better, so it ate them all.

Glad you enjoyed, I couldn't resist the prompt =D
so, so cute! <3<3<3

I've just read the Nosy-stories, brilliant! :D
Awww! Thanks so much =)

Glad you enjoyed Nosy - I thought I'd put some fluff back into the fandom! There will be another story at some point, hopefully soon. I'm working on it and it's about halfway written, but life keeps getting in the way and then my brain goes on strike, lol!

Thaks for reading and reviewing =D
oh, that's good to know! :D
I hope life isn't too bad with you, and for your brain I'm going to send you some virtual choccies - catch! ;) *hugs* (are always good)
*hugs back* Oooh, virtual choccies! Yummy! They're the only kind I can eat. Thanks =D

If you like fluffy stuff, I'm about to post a rec post for sam_can_do_it's cute, silly, funny Kitten!Ianto fics. Should be up on my journal in a couple of hours (LJ posting permitting) with links to all 76 Kitten!Ianto fic posts.
*confessez with guilt* now I realized that you are the amazing creator of Nosy *poutz*
Love this hyperactive nosy and poor Ianto, especially if he is the one cleaning after it!
Awww, thankyou! *hugs tight*

I'm glad you like Nosy (Nosy likes you too!)

Hopefully Nosy won't cause much damage, though I'm worried that it's zooming around so fast it may wear away all the fluff on its belly! That's the problem with not having any legs ;)

Ianto will be keeping the coffee beans well out of reach in future, though Nosy might get one occasionally as a treat!
You're still in your wonderful stories with Nosy!
Poor Ianto: If Nosy love coffee beans .... We will have a safe!
Oh dear me, yes! Now Nosy has found out how good coffee beans taste, Ianto will have to keep them locked away! Nosy might get an occasional chocolate covered coffee bean as a treat though - just not half a bag full! That much caffeine makes for a very lively Nosy - though Ianto does appreciate its efforts at cleaning up all the spilt beans for him! Nosy likes to be tidy just like Ianto, they get along very well!
:laughinguntilhersideshurts: I'm laying in bed, laughing like a loon - thank you I needed that! ;D I think this story need expanded!
*grins* Hope I didn't make you hurt too much!

Glad you enjoyed it! I don't know about expanding the story, but I might at some point write a short sequel about what happens when Nosy finally stops zooming around the Hub! A couple of cups of coffee a day are fine, but half a bag of coffee beans is a bit much even for a fluff!
OMG! I soooo want a Nosy
...just not on so much caffeine! ^_^

Love this 'verse! :)
Lol! Hyper, over-caffeinated fluffs are a bit alarming, aren't they?

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it!


I just laughed so hard I cried.
It's completely totally4ryo 's fault - it was her prompt that inspired this madness!

Over-caffeinated fluffs are quite alarming, they have really good acceleration - 0-60 in a few seconds, I reckon!

I live to make people laugh! Thank you.
*gulp* Oh no, buzzed alien loose in the Hub! Naughty Nosy! ;)
Poor Nosy, it had no idea what so many coffee beans would do to it! It was quite exhausted when the caffeine wore off. Didn't put it off coffee though, lol!

The rest of the team got used to jumping out of the way.

Thank you =)
I laughed so hard my eyes watered. Thanks so much!
You're welcome, glad you liked it!
OOOOOoohhhhhh there's gonna be one hell of a caffeine hangover for somebody! And of course, I just HAD to be making a large cup of coffee... :D :D :D I feel for Nosy when that caffeine wears off!
LOL! Thankfully, coffee and fluffs go well together. Nosy ran out of steam eventually, but then just fell asleep for a few hours. It was fine after it woke up, except it wore some of its fluff away by speeding, lol!

Thank you!
Nice!!! Lmfao!!! hahahaha!!!!! Hyper Nosey!!!
Over-caffeinated Fluffs become speed freaks, lol

Thank you!