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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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Ianto Little Smile

Ficlet: William And The Space Animal

Okay, this is a strange one – a pre-Torchwood Nosy-Verse ficlet about Nosy’s first human encounter on earth.

Title: William And The Space Animal

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Nosy, OMC William

Rating: G

Word Count: 480

Summary: Nosy briefly finds a playmate while it’s wandering lost in the countryside, soon after arriving on earth and weeks before it meets Torchwood.

Spoilers: None

Warnings: No Torchwood in this one. This is the closest I’ve ever come to writing original fiction, so this one won’t be getting cross-posted anywhere simply because it’s not strictly speaking a Torchwood fic so it doesn’t belong on any of the Torchwood communities. I will put it up on ff.net and AO3 though, because it’s part of the Nosy-Verse.

Written For: radondoran over on comment_fic for their prompt ‘William And The Space Animal’

Disclaimer: In this case, I DO own the characters, though I don’t own the story the title originally belonged to, which is a book in the Just William series by Ricmal Crompton.

William sat down on the grass and looked at the thing. The thing looked right back at him. He wasn’t worried though, it didn’t look scary; mostly it just looked fluffy and green.

It had to be an animal, because animals were furry, but it didn’t look like any of the animals in his picture books, so William decided that it must be an animal from outer space. He wondered if space animals could talk like people did.

“Hello, I’m William. Can you talk?” he asked the space animal.

The space animal just blinked its big, round, green eyes and went “Hummmmm.”

“Oh. Well, that’s okay. We could still play if you want. I have a ball.” William bounced his ball. It didn’t bounce too well on grass. “Wanna play fetch? I throw the ball then you chase it and bring it back to me.” His auntie’s dog did that. William didn’t have a dog. He’d asked his parents and they’d said maybe he could have one when he was older. He was four now, so maybe he’d be old enough next year.

He threw the ball, and the space animal chased it. It was funny to watch because the animal didn’t have any legs. It looked like a snake with a dog’s head. It didn’t have any ears either and William wondered how it could hear.

It was surprisingly fast, even without legs, and it must have understood William because soon it was back with the ball in its mouth. It dropped the ball at his feet and looked expectantly at William, wagging its… well, its whole body really. William laughed and threw the ball again.

He was having a lot of fun. He hadn’t thought he would because his parents were busy putting up the tent and arguing a lot about how to do things. There weren’t any other kids around, except his sister, and she didn’t count because she was twelve and said she had better things to do than play with a little kid. She was supposed to be watching William to make sure he stayed out of trouble, but she was probably talking to her friends on her phone. William didn’t care; he’d found himself a new friend, one that liked playing with him. They played ball, and tag, and explored among the trees, and when William got tired he lay down for a bit and used his new friend as a pillow. It was very soft and warm.

He was woken up by shouting. It sounded like his parents were angry with his sister.

“You were supposed to be watching him!” his dad yelled.

William stood up and brushed the dirt off his clothes, but when he turned to speak to his friend, it had gone. Sighing, he made his way back to the campsite, wondering if he’d ever see the space animal again.

The End


*grins* Thank you! I plan on having them meet several more times through William's life. When I can fit in writing them. I have about a dozen fics already in progress, and I'm signing up for Cotton Candy Bingo soon o_O
Aw...that was so sweet and, dare I say, fluffy?? *laughs*
Very 'fluffy' Lol!

Thank you! Glad you liked it. =)
Aw, that was so sweet. I'd love to read more about their future meetings.
There will be more at some point, I intend tyo have them meet a few more times, but I have about a dozen fics in progress at the moment and I really should finish a few of those first, lol!

Thank you!
Wonderful! I love Nosy playing fetch :) Really lots of fun to read! I always enjoy reading about Nosy. Can we hope for more adventures someday?
Thank you!

Yes, I have plans for William to meet Nosy several more times as he grows up. I just need to finish writing a few other fics first, lol!
Aww that was so cute, you should have them meet up again maybe with william older. I have an idea I can pm u if you wish.
*grins* I do already have plans for future meetings between William and Nosy, it's too much fun to leave the idea at this, I just have to get some other fics finished first. I might find that one or two of my Cotton Candy Bingo prompts work for it, who knows.

PM me your idea anyway though, it might be better than one of mine (or even the same, lol!), and I'm never one to turn down ideas if I think I can write them! As things stand, I plan to write 4 more meetings between the two, at different points in William's life.

Thank you =)
Aww cute.
Nosy likes to play. And it liked the chance to make a lonely little boy happy and keep him company for a bit. Lovely :-)
Thank you.

Yes, because of William, Nosy decided humans were quite nice and the place it had found itself in wasn't so bad. The next few weeks were tough, but then it found some more nice people and a good home, so everything worked out in the end, lol!
awwww I'd love to see more of William and Nosy together!
There will be more when have time to write it =)

Thank you!
this is very cute.
It is a shame to think that William might forget this meeting.
He's very young, but he won't forget because Nosy hasn't been found by Torchwood at this point so they don't know it made the acquaintance of a child. They will find out though, this is not the last time William will meet Nosy, merely their first meeting. There will be others.

Thank you.
I'm happy!!!
it is true that William could forget but not Nosy...
Fluffs never forget, they have very good memories! =)
Cute so far and happy there is more to read. Sounds like it's going to be a good series!!
Thank you, it will tie in with the rest of the Nosy-Verse, I just loved the prompt and by setting it before Nosy meets Torchwood it gave me a new angle to explore. William will meet Nosy several more times throughout his life, I'm just trying to figure out how to have them run into each other the second time.