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Ianto Little Smile

July 2019



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The Oncoming Coat

Drabble: One Hand

Title: One Hand

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Jack, the Doctor’s hand

Rating: G

Spoilers: Doctor Who: The Christmas Invasion, Torchwood: Day One, End Of Days.

Summary: Jack’s thoughts when he first got the Doctor’s hand

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters, or Doctor Who either.

A/N: For Zealith on AO3, who said: ‘I would love to see how Jack got a hold of the Doctor's hand or his reaction to first getting it.’ This is the short version, but I’m working on a longer fic written as a set of drabbles with an altered version of this as one section.

Jack stared morosely at the hand in its jar. Over a century of waiting for his Doctor and all he had to show for it was a severed hand. He didn’t know whether to feel hopeful or insulted.

On the one hand (the one in the jar), it would serve as a Doctor detector. On the other hand (the one still attached to the Doctor), he was no closer to finding out what had happened or why the Doctor had left without him.

He was trying so hard to be patient, but he needed answers only the Doctor could provide.

The End


You know, I have always thought the idea of the severed hand was just plain creepy. Although I guess there were worse uses for it than as a Doctor detector.

Poor Jack...little did he know what was going to happen when he did catch up with the Doctor.
Yeah, it didn't go so well for him, did it.

*hugs Jack*... *gropes Jack* (There, that made him feel better, lol!)

Severed hands (or any severed body part) can't help but be creepy, and Jack was WAY too fond of the hand...

Thank you.
Oh, that creepy hand. I can understand Jack's obsession with the hand, but creepy!
LOL! It really is creepy.

Thank you.
I do feel for Jack so may unanswered questions.

Great drabble
Thank you.

Yeah, with the way the Doctor abandoned him, poor Jack has no idea what happened - either to himself, the Doctor and Rose, or the other people on the gamestation. He was just left stranded with a load of corpses and no way to easily get of the abandoned station. Then he had to wait for over a century to find out why. =(

*hugs Jack*
I think I've read a couple of fics where Jack uses the Doctor's hand for 'entertainment' purposes. Can't remember titles or authors though. It's just a Jack sort of thing to do, lol!

I'm sure Jack also has long conversations with the hand. Pillow talk ;)

Thank you.

Edited at 2014-01-30 11:42 pm (UTC)
Yeah, Jack keeping the Doctor's hand was kind of creepy. And I just loved Martha's reaction to it in "Utopia".
Jack's a weird guy at times. The hand was like a memento of better times for him I suppose, even though it wasn't off HIS Doctor. Not that he knew it at the time of course.

Thank you.
It's funny how many folks get both 'hopeful' and 'insulted' reactions regarding the Doctor. Poor Jack. *hugs him*
The Doctor is very contradictory, isn't he.

Yeah, poor Jack.

He has Ianto now though, so he doesn't need the Doctor any more.

Thank you.
It's curious; how did Jack get ahold of this hand and those gauntlets which appear to be Rassilon's? Has anyone ever covered this? Jack didn't seem to know much those gloves...
I have a longer version of this detailing how Jack got the hand. I haven't posted it yet though.

The first glove, I believe was fished out of the bay. The second, Jack went into that derelict church where the weevils nested and took it.
Ooh I like the way you wrote this - the one hand/other hand stuff.

Poor Jack. *hugs him*

The severed hand is creepy - but I cant think of it without thinking of the outtake where JB is licking it, which just makes me laugh :-)
Thank you, it just felt like Jack.

He had a difficult time waiting for the Doctor, a severed hand is no substitute.

(I wonder what fake severed hands taste of...)
oops, if he had known what it was coming ....
He wouldn't have been so eager to run after the Doctor if he'd known, that's for sure!

Thank you.
pauvre Jack.
He had such a difficult time waiting for the Doctor.

Thank you.