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September 2023



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Drabble: Tall Tales

Title: Tall Tales

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Jack, Team

Rating: PG

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: Jack has an endless supply of amusing stories to tell.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: For mahmfic’s prompt ‘Tales’

Jack was a spinner of tall tales, so his team took everything he said with a grain of salt. His claims were far too outrageous to be true, but they were fun to listen to so no one really minded.

Of course, most of Jack’s tales involved sex. There were stories of his sexcapades with boyfriends and girlfriends, humans and aliens; anecdotes about the historical figures he’d bedded during his many years on earth; long, rambling accounts of the hair-raising adventures he’d had with the Time Agency.

No one would have believed that his wildest tales were the absolute truth.

The End


Being from the 51st Century, Jack would have no reason to lie about his claims, given his lifespan and I find it funny that his team couldn't figure there had to be some truth to what he claimed. And knowing he was a Companion of the Doctor, they really shouldn't have doubted Jack. Good drabble :D
Yeah, but they always figured he was boasting or embellishing his stories. Well, except Ianto, but he understood Jack b etter than the others, lol!

I think it was fun for Jack, he could tell all these stories, knowing they'd never believe him, then laugh to himself when they complained they knew nothing about him because he never told them anything about himself. He's telling them all the time, they're just dismissing what he says.
I have to agree with you but I just wonder; if they had no problem accepting that Jack was 51st Century and immortal, why was it so difficult to accept his tales of exploits. I can see Jack doing everything he said he did but then, we're the audience; T-1 certainly believed he was something, even if kept as a prisoner. His team should have had more faith in him as Ianto did.

Anywho, you got more goodies to write! :D What's the wildcard spot for?
They probably thought he was bragging, or embellishing, or trying to impress them, because that's what they do (Gwen and Owen at least). Ianto knows better, and Tosh finds it hard to imagine that Jack could really be such a lothario because she knows his flirtyness is an act a lot of the time.

I'll have to ask about the Wild Card, just to be certain, but I think it means you can pick any prompt from the prompt list that isn't already on your card. I hope it means that, 'cause then I could pick a prompt I already have an idea for, lol!
Jack has lived so long and done so much he doesn't need to make anything up!
Exactly! Yet even when his team know about his immortality, most of them still don't believe his stories.

Thank you.
due to his long live on earth, anything could be true, he is Captain Harkness after all!
And yet still his team don't believe him, lol!

I think Ianto knows he's telling the truth.

Thank you.
Hee hee! You know, I always wondered what an untrue story from Jack would sound like.... *laughs*
We'll probably never know because he has no need to lie - no one believes him anyway so he might as well just tell the absolute truth!

Thank you!
Of course Jack likes to tell stories.
He has so many to tell, and they're all amazing - and true!

Thank you!
That man could write one hell of a book! ;D
He could write his life story as 'fiction', no one would ever realise it was a true story, lol!

Thank you.
Thank you!

Yeah, some of the things that happen to regular people you couldn't make up, so it's doubly true for Jack who's led such a varied life through so many different time periods and on so many worlds.
Ofcourse jit but Jack probably likes ut that way.

great drabble.
I'm sure he does, mostly. I can see him laughing to himself at everyone's disbelieving comments, lol!

Thank you!
I think they can not believe because with his coat and way of being, he does some braggart.
He speaks in a fashion joke.
This is too much for them to think that this is true.
It is also true that may be, they do not realize it is so old: he is so young!
Yes, I'm not sure when this is set but it might be before they learn how old Jack is, so they just think he's telling stories. then again, he might be deliberately telling his stories in a joky way so that they won't believe him. It's hard to know with Jack!

Thank you.
And I would definitely like to hear some of his... *grins* <3
Wouldn't we all! I'm sure they'd be VERY entertaining!

Thank you.
It's like that saying: Truth is stranger than fiction.
It's certainly the case with Jack! He doesn't need to make anything up!

Thank you.