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Ianto Little Smile

October 2019



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Ianto Little Smile

Drabble: Spring-Cleaning

Title: Spring-Cleaning

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, mentions Jack

Rating: PG-15

Written For: Challenge 306 – Under The Sofa at tw100

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: Ianto’s spring-cleaning unearths a few things.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

Spring-cleaning for the first time since Jack moved in was quite an experience, especially when Ianto moved the sofa to clean underneath.

He discovered three odd socks, a pair of Jack’s boxers, a comb, half a packet of mints, Jack’s blue braces, which had been missing for over a month, a stocking… Ianto smiled dreamily, he remembered that night well; Jack had excellent legs!

Three squares of chocolate from another very enjoyable evening, £7.69 in change, seventeen sweet wrappers, a set of handcuffs, a blindfold and an alien porn magazine.

One thing was certain; life with Jack was never boring!

The End


Yep, John has a serious pair of good looking legs in nylons and in a dress; it's so disheartening sometimes to see a guy look better than you in a dress but he's one of the few who can do them justice.

Boring = Jack not in the dictionary together :D

Serious cute drabble :D :D :D
I can just see Jack trying to be boring and failing miserably, lol!

JB has far better legs than I do, he really does have everything, lol!

Thank you!
Nope. Never boring! :-D
Even spring-cleaning is less of a chore and more of a trip down kinky-sex memory lane, lol!

Thank you!
Very cute!
Thank you! Ianto's finding surprising benefits in having a Jack around the house, lol!
And I am sure that Ianto truly enjoyed that first Spring cleaning!
It brought back many pleasant memories!

Thank you!
The only thing he didn't find was a partridge in a pear tree... LOL!

Everything found there really says something about our boys, doesn't it?
That's what I was aiming for, lol! You know, when they get busy things get kicked under the sofa by flailing legs etc., money falls out of pockets, toys get lost...

Now certain things have been rediscovered they can have fun with them all over again!

Thank you!

(Partidges don't make good sex toys - too many sharp bits, lol!)
Alien porn is like normal porn with added tentacles, lol!

I figure their loose change falls out of their pockets a lot when they're trying to get each other's clothes off quickly and then gets kicked under the sofa. I'm sure they'll think of something fun to spend it on!

Thank you!
Wonder what they'll spend that spare change on. Maybe some flavored lube. *giggles*
Maybe! Or chocolate body paint, or a new pair of stockings for Jack... They'll think of something worthwhile I'm sure =)

Thank you!
Only thing missing was Jack "helping" Ianto with the memory trip with remarks and acts, and adding things under the sofa instead of cleaning. :)

Really inspiring!
Ianto wouldn't attempt to spring clean with Jack there, he'd never get anything done, lol!

Thank you!
lol very cute. Jack is definitely anything but boring ^_^
It's surprising how much more fun spring-cleaning is when you come across lost sex toys. I think Ianto will be in a good mood when Jack gets home, just from thinking about everything he will do to Jack with the toys he's rediscovered!

Thank you!
Yes I immagine its anything but boring LOL

great drabble.
Jack somehow manages to entertain Ianto even when he's not there, lol!

Thank you!
I was mentally sorting these things in keep/not-keep way, and that made me enjoy this even more *grins* <3<3
LOL! Ianto had a 'keep' 'wash' and 'throw away' pile I think. He'll check if Jack still has the other halves to the socks and stocking, if not he'll ditch them but buy new stockings with the money ;)

Thank you!
What great memories! I usually find something interesting when I'm cleaning, but Ianto's got me beat.

Ianto is very lucky--and so is Jack! :D
I suspect they'd agree with you!

Living with Jack, there must always be interesting things turning up in odd places!

Thank you!
Oh yes John in drag looks beautiful the first time I saw a picture of him like that I was very surprised how he looks better than a lot of women in a dress. Hmmmm silk stocking..

! I can see Ianto's semi smirk at that memory! Well done Jack is never boring deffinantly but neither is Ianto it seems..

:) Handcuffs, Jack's braces a pair of Jack's boxers a blind fold and a porno magazine.. hmmmmm The change could be Ianto's! as well as the chocolate!

Loose change falls out of pockets easily at the best of times, how much more would fall out when they're trying to get their clothes off in a hurry? LOL!

They both like licking melted chocolate off each other too ;)

JB has better legs than most women, I'm envious!

Thank you!
an endless inventory as they say in France
But with some nice surprises!

Thank you!
Bwahaha! An alien porn magazine! *gigglesnort*
Featuring tentacles! It's very stimulating, lol!

Thank you!