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FAKE Fic: Light Of A New Day

Title: Light Of A New Day
Fandom: FAKE
Author: badly_knitted
Characters: Ryo, Dee, Bikky, Chief Smith.
Rating: PG
Setting: Vol. 4, Act 11.
Summary: Ryo has slept badly, his mind filled with visions of what could have happened but didn’t.
Word Count: 910
Written Using: The dw100 prompt ‘Dawn’.
Disclaimer: I don’t own FAKE, or the characters. They belong to the wonderful Sanami Matoh.

It was way too early to be awake; the sun was just coming up, its golden rays brightening Ryo’s bedroom, and under normal circumstances it was a sight that would have filled him with delight. He loved sunrise, the start of a brand-new day, especially when the weather was warm, the sky was blue, and the future seemed full of promise.

Not this morning though. He’d barely slept, tossing and turning fretfully all night long. His dreams, when he did manage to fall asleep briefly, had been filled with horror and dread. He kept having to remind himself that Dee was fine, that the bomber had been captured, his reign of terror brought to an abrupt end with no loss of life. The nightmare of the past few days was finally over.

Dee was in hospital, yes, and would have to stay there for a few days; he had a hole right through his thigh where he’d been shot, but aside from that he was still in one piece and according to the doctors, would make a full recovery. The injury was nowhere near as serious as it could have been, the bullet had missed the bone and the major blood vessels, and even though he’d been inside the school when it had blown up, Dee hadn’t suffered any other harm.

His partner had successfully defused the bomb that was in the room with him, but despite knowing that, Ryo’s brain seemed determined to run through every worst-case scenario it could come up with: Dee bleeding out from the leg wound, his femoral artery severed. The bomb going off as Dee tried to defuse it. Both Dee and Bikky trapped and helpless, locked in the music room as the whole school collapsed around them, then dying agonisingly slowly beneath the rubble, crushed or suffocated, before anyone could reach them…

Being a cop in the Serious Crimes Unit meant being plagued with nightmares; that was nothing new, and usually Ryo could shake them off, but this time was different. This time it had been his foster son and the man who was his partner and best friend, someone he cared deeply about, maybe even… loved. He’d come so close to losing the two people who mattered more to him than anyone else in the world that part of him was still struggling to believe they were both okay. He’d had to get out of bed several times in the night just to check that Bikky really was asleep in his bed, and not just a figment of his imagination.

Wearily rubbing his eyes, Ryo threw the covers back; it was no use trying to get back to sleep now, not when he’d have to get up in an hour or so anyway. He dragged himself off the bed and went to lean on the windowsill, staring sightlessly through the glass and feeling the sun’s warmth reaching through the windowpane gradually begin to ease some of the tension from his body. A new day was dawning, and all was well in his world, or soon would be.

Reluctantly he turned from the window and went to find some clean clothes. He was sticky and uncomfortable from his restless night. Maybe a cool shower would make him feel a bit more alert; at the very least it should serve to wash away the sweat and the last shreds of his nightmares.

It he got himself moving he might have time to visit Dee at the hospital before heading to work, maybe take him some donuts and assorted snacks in case whatever the hospital served for breakfast proved too inedible. He should probably take enough for Chief Smith too; he wouldn’t want his boss to think he was playing favorites, the Chief might get the wrong idea about him and Dee.

He’d leave Bikky sleeping for now; the boy could have a lie-in since there wouldn’t be school today. There couldn’t be, not with his school reduced to a pile of rubble. Presumably places would have to be found for all the students at other schools in the district; either that or the school itself would have to relocate to temporary premises while repairs were underway. He’d have to check into that later, but for the time being school was out. Maybe Melinda wouldn’t mind watching Bikky today. The boy had seemed none the worse for the whole ordeal, but he could still suffer a delayed reaction. Ryo would feel a lot better knowing the boy wasn’t by himself. As for Ryo, he still had work. With Dee out of action, and the Chief as well, he couldn’t afford to take time off, no matter how tired and shaky he felt.

Glancing through the window again at the blue sky and bright sunshine, Ryo felt himself begin to relax. The horrors of the previous day’s events, and even the memory of his nightmares, were gradually fading away, chased from his mind like lingering shadows by the bright and cheerful morning light. He smiled; things always seemed worse than they really were in the dark of night.

Dee was fine, and Ryo knew he would be too, especially once he’d seen his partner for himself. The sight of Dee sitting up in his hospital bed eating fresh donuts would soon take the place of the images from his dreams. Gathering his clothes, Ryo headed for the bathroom; he had a busy day ahead of him.

The End

Tags: bikky, dee laytner, fake, fake fic, fic, fic: one-shot, fic: pg, ryo maclean

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