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June 2023



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Lost Girl Drabble: Finding Home

Title: Finding Home
Fandom: Lost Girl
Author: badly_knitted
Characters: Bo Dennis.
Rating: PG
Setting: First few episodes of Season 1.
Summary: Bo has lived most of her adult life on the run, until now.
Written For: Challenge 020: Nomad at tripledrabbles.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Lost Girl, or the characters. They belong to their creators.
A/N: Triple drabble.

Bo had taken to a nomadic lifestyle out of necessity. After accidentally killing her high school boyfriend when her succubus powers had first manifested, she’d fled the farming community where she’d grown up, her foster mother’s cruel words ringing in her ears. She’d had no idea what she was, or how she’d killed her boyfriend, but the why and how hadn’t been important in those first terrifying moments after the fact; the only thing that had mattered was that Kyle was dead and she was responsible, so she’d thrown a few things in a bag and left as fast as she possibly could.

She’d been pitifully inexperienced, unprepared for the world beyond her hometown, never having been anywhere else that she could remember, but she’d had no other choice. She’d been a murderer, a monster, something evil and unclean. She hadn’t belonged among the country folk she’d grown up with, and anyway, she’d known it wouldn’t be long before someone discovered what she’d done. If she’d stuck around she’d have been thrown in jail, or worse, killed on the spot.

So she’d run, and kept running, because the hunger inside her wouldn’t be sated, building and building each time until she’d wake up beside another dead lover and have to hit the road again.

How long it might have continued she didn’t know, but one day she’d wound up here and had killed again, deliberately this time, to protect a young woman she didn’t even know. In doing so, she’d found a friend for life, someone who didn’t judge her for who and what she was.

And then, because she’d hesitated instead of running, she in turn had been found, had learned the truth about herself, and been welcomed into a community she’d never know existed.

Her people.

Her home.

The End