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Fic: Impossible

Title: Impossible
Author: badly_knitted
Characters: Ianto, Martha, Jack.
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Set after Children of Earth, but it’s an AU, Ianto is alive and immortal.
Summary: Ianto has been feeling a bit under the weather, so he turns to Torchwood’s medic, Martha Jones, to find out why.
Word Count: 1148
Written For: Prompt 4: Surprise Pregnancy at lovers_corner.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

“No!” Ianto snapped, running one hand agitatedly through his hair. “No way! I do not accept this!”

“I don’t think you really have much choice,” Martha pointed out.

“This can’t be happening! Your tests must be wrong!”

“I’ve run them three times, Ianto.”

“So run them again!”

“It won’t change the result. You’re…”

“Don’t say it!”

This was simply not possible. Okay, so he’d put on a bit of weight, felt tired all the time, and his stomach had been a bit iffy lately, not that bad just a bit off, but surely he was just rundown, wasn’t he? Working for Torchwood was tiring, and things had been busier than usual since the whole 456 fiasco. Getting the new Hub up and running, recruiting and training new personnel, being under more scrutiny from both the press and the public now that the truth about Torchwood’s purpose was out in the open… It had been impossible to keep that under wraps, what with the children chanting, and Ianto himself being dead and coming back to life. Explaining that to Rhi hadn’t been easy, but she’d taken it pretty well, all things considered.

“So, Nightingale.” Jack appeared in the new med bay, having just got off the phone following a chat with HM. “Do we know what’s up with Ianto?”

“We do,” Martha replied.

“Excellent. How do we fix it? Whatever it is, he should’ve shaken it off days ago now that he’s immortal like me.”

“Seems I’m more like you than either of us bargained for!” Ianto turned to his lover, hands on hips and scowling murderously at him. “This is your fault!”

“Um, what exactly have I done this time?” Jack was used to Ianto being annoyed with him, but try as he might, he couldn’t think what he’d done lately to upset his lover.

“You’ve knocked me up!”

“Come again?”

“No thank you, that’s what got me into this situation in the first place!”

Jack’s eyes widened. “Oh!”

“That’s all you’ve got to say? Oh? You’re the one who’s supposedly able to get pregnant, not me!” Ianto complained, aware of how petulant he sounded, but honestly, he felt he was justified. “I’m not some kind of advanced human from the future, the product of a few thousand years of evolution and advanced genetic engineering! I’m just a regular twenty-first century guy; I shouldn’t even have the right parts! This is nuts!” It had to have something to do with alien tech; that was the only possible explanation.

“You’re pregnant.” Jack managed to find his voice.

“Isn’t that what I was just saying?”

“Pregnant,” Jack said again. “With a baby?”

“That’s what being pregnant usually means,” Ianto snapped.

“Usually, yes, but this is Torchwood. I mean…” Jack looked at Martha. “It is a human baby, right? Not some kind of alien spawn?” He had to be sure, because it wouldn’t be the first time THAT had happened.

Martha nodded. “The tests indicate the baby is one hundred percent human. Ianto’s approximately fourteen weeks along.”

Jack broke into a huge grin and grabbed Ianto, hugging him. “We’re having a baby! A little you, or a little me, or probably a bit of both, but it’s ours! Isn’t that brilliant?”

Ianto blinked; he’d been so focused on the impossibility of being a pregnant twenty-first century man that the full implications hadn’t occurred to him. Now, thanks to Jack’s excitement, it was starting to sink in.

“A baby. Our baby.” He’d always wanted to be a dad; he’d just never anticipated being the biological mother to any offspring he might produce. “Oh God, I hope it doesn’t take after you! One of you is enough.”

“You don’t mean that; it’s just the hormones talking. We’re going to make a beautiful baby!” Jack laid his hand over Ianto’s slightly rounded belly. “With the two of us as its parents, that’s guaranteed.”

“A baby,” Ianto said again, laying his hand over Jack’s. There was a new little life growing inside him. “I thought I’d been infected by an alien parasite or something horrible like that. I never imagined… Oh God, how am I going to explain to Rhi that I’m having a baby?” As his pregnancy progressed there was going to come a time when it would be impossible to disguise the bulge. Another thought hit him, and he turned to Martha. “It is okay, isn’t it?” He was just starting to get used to the idea, feeling the first stirrings of excitement, but he was worried too. He didn’t want to get attached only to have his hopes of becoming a parent dashed because his twenty-first century body was deficient in some way and couldn’t cope with the life growing inside him.

“Everything looks fine so far,” Martha reassured him. “I’ll have to keep a close eye on you of course, and fieldwork is out, for obvious reasons, but all the signs are good. The baby’s heartbeat is strong.”

“Can you tell yet if it’s a boy or a girl? No, on second thoughts don’t tell me. I think I’d rather wait to find out.”

“Six months,” Jack said. “Another six months, give or take, and we’ll be welcoming our baby into the world!”

Ianto had seldom seen his lover so excited, but…

“Six months is hardly any time at all; there’s so much to do! Decorate the nursery, buy baby stuff… I’m going to need paternity clothes; my trousers are already getting a bit tight. I need something bigger in the waist.”

“Ianto… I don’t think anyone makes suits for pregnant men.”

A horrified expression crossed Ianto’s face. “I’ll have to slob around in t-shirts and track pants! I’m going to look horrible, all fat, and bulgy, and untidy!” He looked like he might cry, and Jack sympathised; pregnancy hormones could be a bitch.

“I’ll contact the Doctor, see if he can nip to the future and bring back some tasteful paternity clothing, something more like your usual style.”

“You’d do that for me?”

“Of course I would! Nothing but the best for my Ianto; you’re carrying our baby; I want you to be comfy and happy.”

“Thank you!”

“But in the meantime, come with me.” Jack tugged Ianto by the hand, leading him out of the med bay.

“Where are we going?”

“Shopping for baby things! We’d better make a start now, before you start to show too much. That way you can enjoy choosing things for our baby without feeling self-conscious.”

Ianto lit up. “You’re a genius!”

“I wouldn’t go that far, but I have my moments.” Jack squeezed Ianto’s hand, beaming at him. “While we’re out we should stop by the knitting shop; I need baby wool and some new patterns.”

Watching her friends as they headed towards the garage, talking animatedly, Martha smiled. This baby was going to be spoiled rotten, and she was going to help.

The End

Tags: fic, fic: one-shot, fic: pg-13, ianto jones, jack harkness, jack/ianto, lovers_corner, martha jones, torchwood fic

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