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FAKE Fic: Reasons

Title: Reasons
Fandom: FAKE
Author: badly_knitted
Characters: Ryo, Dee, Mother Maria Lane.
Rating: PG
Setting: Vol. 2, Act 6.
Summary: Mother is in the hospital, badly injured, and Ryo wants to comfort his friend, but this isn’t what he had in mind.
Word Count: 1341
Written For: Challenge 326: Button at fan_flashworks.
Disclaimer: I don’t own FAKE, or the characters. They belong to the wonderful Sanami Matoh.

Ryo wasn’t at all sure how he’d wound up in this position; as so often was the case, Dee’s wandering hands had a mind of their own. He’d come home with his partner because it hadn’t seemed like a good idea to leave Dee on his own. The bombing of the orphanage, and Mother being seriously injured in the blast, had really shaken him up, which was understandable. She was his family and she’d almost been killed; no wonder he’d freaked out.

But Dee had been so subdued since they arrived at his apartment, slumping onto the day bed, unnaturally silent and still, and Ryo hadn’t known what to do to help him, so he’d made coffee, sat down beside him, and before he’d known what was happening, Dee was kissing him. On the plus side, at least that was what passed for normal behaviour from his hornball of a partner, but on the downside…

Under normal circumstances Ryo would have protested, pushed Dee away, or yelled for Bikky to rescue him if there was the smallest chance the boy might be within earshot, but with the state Dee was in at present, somehow it didn’t seem right to deprive him of whatever comfort he was drawing from this… unsolicited attention.

‘Not even if it’s at my expense.’

He knew he should try to get away before things went too far, but Dee was kissing him, his lips, his neck, his throat, and those strong, clever fingers were unfastening his shirt buttons one by one. Where would those fingers go after they got his shirt off?

Part of Ryo wanted to panic. He wasn’t ready for this, might never be ready, and Dee hadn’t even bothered asking for permission. Not that he ever did anyway, but still, it would have been nice to be asked instead of merely being pinned to the sofa and molested!

‘How come I never get a say in any of this?’ He should be used to the lack of consultation by now, it had been that way since they’d met. Dee did whatever the hell he wanted, regardless of how many times Ryo told him ‘no’.

At the very back of his mind, the small part of his awareness that wasn’t being totally overwhelmed by Dee’s kisses and the feel of gentle fingertips exploring the bare skin of his chest, Ryo tried to remind himself that if he really wanted to get away he could; there was never any need for assistance. He wasn’t some kind of helpless wimp, he was a karate black belt and despite Dee being taller and heavier, Ryo knew he was fully capable of getting the upper hand, could probably do so in less than a minute if he tried. It was just that when Dee pounced, Ryo’s brain stalled, all his martial arts training flew right out of his head, and aside from verbal protests and some generally ineffectual shoving, he somehow lost the ability to resist.

‘You could stop him if you put your mind to it.’

That was the simple, undeniable truth. Trouble was, what Dee was doing to him felt so amazing, like nothing he’s ever experienced before. Unfortunately, it also brought him perilously close to the brink of having to admit things about himself that he’d prefer never to think about.

Another flick of Dee’s skilful fingers and the last of Ryo’s shirt buttons came undone. Now Dee was sliding the smooth fabric back from his shoulder, kissing the bare flesh before returning those warm, surprisingly soft lips to his throat, like some ardent vampire, nipping and sucking without breaking the skin. Sparks of pleasure shot through Ryo’s body, making him go weak, and he couldn’t have stopped Dee then to save his life. He’d never felt more helpless in his partner’s presence.

‘What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I stop him?’

He knew the reason; it was because on some level he didn’t actually want to, or at least not badly enough to do anything about it. His own body was betraying him.

‘Can’t even count on myself to do the right thing, never mind Dee! But what IS the right thing?’

That was something Ryo couldn’t begin to figure out, but one of these days he was going to have to at least try, and right now might be a good time to start, before things went any further than they already had. It was just, when Dee did that thing, nibbling along Ryo’s collarbone, how in heaven’s name could he be expected to think? It effectively short-circuited his brain, disconnected it from the rest of his body.

Then Dee abruptly pulled back, staring seriously down into Ryo’s eyes. Ryo’s heart skipped a beat, started to pound as he waited for Dee to kiss him again, and Dee…

Dee tweaked his nose, so hard it brought tears to Ryo’s eyes. What an indignity! In some ways it was worse than having Dee trying to undress him, and a whole lot less pleasurable.

He cupped one hand over his abused nose, confused by this new turn of events. “What was that for?” He was never going to understand this infuriating man.

“You’d better start tryin’ to escape or I’m gonna want to go all the way!”

“What d’you mean?”

‘Oh. OH! Stupid question, shouldn’t have asked, gotta stop thinking about that…’

Dee shook his head, exasperated. “You’re just like Mother. You both let me get away with too much.”

At least Dee sounded more like himself; maybe now would be a good time to follow what would hopefully be a safer topic of conversation. Sitting up, Ryo pulled his shirt back over his shoulders and started to button it.

“Mother told me a ton of stories about you, about when you were younger.” He smiled at the memory, feeling like he was back on solid ground now that Dee wasn’t kissing him. Those kisses made him feel like he was floating, which was a seriously disconcerting but infinitely pleasurable sensation. He ruthlessly pushed that thought from his mind.

The elderly nun would be alright, she had to be, because there was so much more Ryo wanted to ask her about Dee, so many stories he wanted to hear. He wanted to know everything there was to know about his partner, and Mother knew Dee better than anyone did. She’d raised him from a baby, after all. Heard his first words, watched him take his first steps, picked him up every time he’d fallen, bandaged his cuts and scrapes.

Dee flopped onto his back, head in Ryo’s lap, his mind once again focussed on the person he cherished more than anyone in his life, the only mother he’d ever known.

“She always supported me, did everything for me, and I’ve never paid her back for anything.”

‘You’re wrong about that, Dee,’ Ryo thought. ‘You do everything you can to help her, even using every cent you can spare to buy extra food for the kids.’ Still, he could see the guilt eating away at his partner, and this time Ryo was the one to lean over, kissing Dee softly on the lips. It felt like such a natural thing to do that he didn’t hesitate.

“Mother will be fine, so don’t worry.”

It wasn’t a lie, or even wishful thinking. Despite the fact that the last time he’d called the hospital she’d still been in surgery Ryo was absolutely certain that Mother Lane would recover. She had to because Dee and the kids in her charge still needed her. She was a nun, had dedicated her life to God, and surely her faith would sustain her. There was nothing for Dee to worry about; all would be well.

Ryo, on the other hand, had enough worries to give him sleepless nights for the rest of his life, if he dwelt on them. Easier to just put them right out of his head, for now at least. He’d have to face them someday, just not right now.

The End

Tags: dee laytner, fake, fake fic, fan_flashworks, fic, fic: one-shot, fic: pg, ryo maclean

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