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March 2023


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BtVS Triple Drabble: Pointless Subject

Title: Pointless Subject
Fandom: BtVS
Author: badly_knitted
Characters: Buffy, Willow.
Rating: G
Written Using: The dw100 prompt ‘History’.
Spoilers/Setting: Late Season One.
Summary: Of all the subjects Buffy has to study at school, history seems the most pointless.
Disclaimer: I don’t own BtVS, or the characters.
A/N: Triple drabble.

Try as she might, although admittedly she didn’t try very hard, Buffy had never been able to see the point of history as a compulsory school subject. Why should it matter what a bunch of people long dead had done with their lives centuries before she was even born?

Learning math made sense even if the subject itself often didn’t; knowing how to add, subtract, and multiply helped when shopping and doing other stuff. Her mom used math all the time on the gallery’s accounts. English was useful too, so she could read, and write, and spell. If she made it to adulthood and had to apply for a job it would come in handy. Science had its uses for battling demons, and even French had possibilities, in case she ever needed to understand a French vampire, but history was… out of date.

“I don’t even care what happened last week,” she grumbled to Willow, “and that was stuff that happened to me, not to a lot of strangers I’m not even related to.”

“But the events of the past shaped the world we live in today,” Willow insisted. “If they hadn’t happened the way they did, America might still be a British colony. We could all be British, like Giles, or electricity might never have been invented, and all the advances in medicine might not have happened!”

Buffy stared at her friend in horror. “We might be British with no TV or electric lights, and die young of some awful disease?”

Willow nodded solemnly. “And maybe without indoor plumbing either.”

“That doesn’t bear thinking about!” Buffy sighed; apparently history mattered more than she’d thought. “Okay, teach me history, show me how we avoided the horrible fate of dying young and British in retched squalor and darkness. I’m learning girl.”

The End


Yeah. It's not like Buffy needed to learn history to be a school counselor. I wonder what Giles would say if he heard this conversation?
He'd probably roll his eyes and tut.

Thank you.

Giles : [to himself] Unbelievable. "Do you like my mask? Isn't it pretty?*mocking angrily* It raises the dead." Americans.*annoyed by ignorance*

The fact he was driving while saying this made it funnier for some reason. In my head anyways.:)

You're welcome!
That's one of my favourite sarcastic Giles scenes! It really is hilarious.

Jenny: Did anyone ever tell you you’re kind of a fuddy-duddy?
Giles: Nobody ever seems to tell me anything else.
Jenny: Did anyone ever tell you you’re kind of a sexy fuddy-duddy?
Giles: Well, no. Actually that, that part usually gets left out. I c-can’t imagine why.

Usually when a British character is in an American show, they get stereotyped to a certain degree.*shrugs*
So do Americans or Australians on British TV. But I loved the characterisation of Giles. Tony Head was good.

Fair point. I've seen some bad misrepresentation of what an Australian accent is like, where they make them sound Cockney.

And I've heard Americans trying to do a British accent and failing (not everyone is as good as James Marsters or Alexis Denisof), and Brits trying for American accents with similarly bad results.
Yeah. I find Alexis Denisof real life accent weird. I'm so use to him as Wesley. :D

As for James Marsters. My brain was able to accept his real accent. I have no idea why.*shrugs*

Sometimes when I look up an unknown word. I listen to both the American and British pronunciation in Google translate. Yes. I'm that bored.:)

I like when John Barrowman uses his Scottish accent. Which is very seldom. Since he reserves it for speaking to his immediate family.*distracted by your userpic*
I'm not sure if I've ever hear Alexis' natural accent or not, I just know he's American. There's something about the way Spike talks that is just so right. He was born English, but has travelled so much as a vampire that his accent is kind of unique I suppose.

Pronunciation does vary a lot between British and American English.

JBs natural Scottish accent is fascinating. So is David Tennant's. (JB's always distracting).

I saw Alexis in movie (Love, Wedding Marriage) with Alyson Hannigan playing a marriage couple who amicably divorce. I was too focus on his real accent to get into the movie. Even if it was a brief scene.

Yes it does. But it shouldn't stop people from understanding each other. Understanding thick accents just takes practice. If you've ever watch Graham Norton, you'd know what I'm referring to.

JB talks with his sister like that. It's so cute but I hear what you are saying.:)

DT likes to fall back on the English accent doesn't he?

I hear Tom Ellis do an American accent. I prefer his British accent. Even if he does make it a tad "Posh" than usual on the series "Lucifer".
I'm not into romance movies so it's not surprising I haven't seen that one.

I used to be really good with accents when I worked in the university library, but as I've got older and my hearing isn't so good I struggle sometimes. I have a Scottish friend and when we talk on the phone I'm forever having to ask her to repeat herself.

I think with DT it depends a lot on the role he's playing.

I haven't seen Lucifer so I can't comment.

I'm over rom-coms myself.*shrugs*

Have you've seen this? I could understand the accent if I was actively listening. Sometimes people can talk quite quickly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7G4z5uEQnE

DT said that he favors an English accent when he plays a "baddie". He believes it suits the character. Which I can understand on one level. But then when I remember that he also had the same accent as The Doctor. So...*eye widen*

Overall I haven't seen the series "Jessica Jones" or "Lucifer" as a whole. Just snippets online. Thank you YouTube. The former looks too intense to me.:(

Some might say "Lucifer" is like a detective show with supernatural elements I suppose.
Scottish people do sometimes seem to speak very fast. I didn't get most of what he was saying.

I do think it depends on the character. A case of which accent works beast.

I haven't seen any of either, they haven't ben shown on channels I have access to.

I speak quickly when I'm nervous. But even I'm not as quick as that Scottish speaker. I'm not sure a sign language interpreter could keep up.*shrugs*

Pretty much. I mean, JB played Malcolm Merlyn? He was suppose to be a baddie right? Now, I'm trying to imagine what he'd sound like with an English accent. Nah, I can't.

Fair enough. I'm not emotionally invested in shows like I use too.*sighs*
I do that too.

Well, Malcolm was supposed to be American anyway, wasn't he? (Not seen Arrow, but seen him on Legends of Tomorrow).

It's a change from when I was quite passive as a child.*shrugs*

Yep. That's right. Sometimes producers stick to the original script. Although other things can be altered depending on feedback received from fans of the show. Love interest etc.

In the comics, DT would have literally been the colour blue on "Jessica Jones". But I can understand why that didn't happen onscreen.

I can't picture Tom Ellis dyeing his hair blonde for "Lucifer".*rambles*