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Lost Girl: Fanfic: Divided Loyalties

Title: Divided Loyalties
Fandom: Lost Girl
Author: badly_knitted
Characters: Dyson, Trick, Bo, Others.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 946
Spoilers/Setting: Early to mid Season One.
Summary: Between duty, fealty, friendship, and love, Dyson’s loyalties are being sorely tested.
Content Notes: None necessary.
Written For: Prompt 272: Law/Lore at fan_flashworks.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Lost Girl, or the characters.

In the world of the fae, men and women are assigned to professions where they can best serve their kind, helping to hide the existence of their people from ordinary mortals. There are many more humans in the world than there are fae, and because of their various natures, humans would seek to eliminate all of fae-kind if their existence were known as anything more than legends, fairy tales, and horror stories, not least because many kinds of fae must feed off humans in order to survive. It makes the fae vulnerable despite their powers and longevity; they can’t exist without humans, and wherever possible they mingle with their prey. Hiding in plain sight serves them better than opting for a reclusive existence.

Dyson, in his role as a detective assigned to homicide, is in the perfect position to help cover up human deaths caused by fae feeding practices, not so much because such deaths are considered acceptable, but more because the human justice simply system isn’t equipped to deal with fae. They have their own laws and punishments.

For instance, it’s against fae law to feed carelessly and visibly, to leave victims of feeds just lying around to be found. The Light Fae, at least, generally have the sense to feed without killing wherever possible, since it’s less likely to draw unwanted attention from humans, but deaths do still happen. Sometimes, it’s the fae themselves who are killed, which is another good reason to have people on the inside at the local police department.

Dyson even enjoys his work for the most part; it helps him fit in with the mortal world and makes good use of his fae abilities. As a shifter, specifically a wolf, his senses are far keener than any human’s. His hearing sharper even than most fae, his night-vision excellent, and his sense of smell more acute than the best police tracker dog. Not only that, but his centuries of practice have honed his hunting skills to a fine edge; experience should never be discounted.

Being a detective, Dyson is skilled at both facets of his job, bringing human criminals to justice and concealing the fae from discovery. It makes him of particular value to the Ash, leader of the Light Fae and the one to whom he is ultimately answerable. But while he is loyal to the Ash and carries out his orders, Dyson’s deepest allegiance lies elsewhere, with Fitzpatrick McCorrigan, once the Blood King but now the owner of a bar, and the acknowledged if unofficial authority on fae lore. If he were ever forced to choose, Dyson would side with Trick over the Ash; he owes Trick more than he can ever repay and loves his friend as a pack mate, whereas he serves the Ash out of duty to his people, not out of friendship.

Bo… complicates matters. She came to Dyson’s attention through her inability to control her own powers, killing one mortal to protect another and not even attempting to conceal the body. That should have meant a death sentence, except that she’d been raised with no knowledge of her fae nature and had never been taught how to control her feeding, something that has since been remedied. Still, she refuses to align herself with either Dark or Light, making her both dangerous and at risk, outside the protection of either faction.

She also happens to be Trick’s granddaughter, although that’s something else she doesn’t yet know and may never learn if her grandfather has any say in the matter. It means that Dyson must do whatever he can to protect Bo, for Trick’s sake if for no other reason, even if that means going against the Ash, or anyone else. It’s not an easy situation to be in.

Nevertheless, Dyson could have handled that, it wouldn’t have been the first time in his long life that he’d faced conflicting loyalties and been forced to walk a fine line between them, but then his personal feelings had started getting in the way. From their first meeting there had been something about Bo that had drawn Dyson to her like iron to a magnet, so much so that any fae might have assumed she must be part Mesmer. Try as he might, he’s always struggled to resist the temptation she embodies, to the point where he can no longer deny that he’s falling in love with her.

That’s not good. Wolves mate for life; if he gives his heart and his love to her, it will be irrevocable, and how can he accept her as his mate when he’s concealing so much from her, including the identity of the man who may be her only living blood relative? His loyalty is already divided between Trick and the Ash; if he has to split it three ways, how will he balance his duties to each one without compromising his own integrity? Is that even possible?

Trick, with all his knowledge and wisdom, and his countless volumes of fae lore, might be able to answer that question, but he’s the last person Dyson can ask since Trick has as much as told him not to get involved with Bo.

Sworn to uphold law and order in human society, and to preserve the status quo in fae society, more and more Dyson is starting to feel as though one wrong move on his part could bring everything crashing down, setting Light and Dark at each other’s throats and risking exposure for fae society as a whole. But at the same time, he can’t escape the feeling that Bo Dennis might just be worth whatever price he has to pay.

The End

Tags: bo dennis, dyson, fan_flashworks, fic, fic: one-shot, fic: pg, lost girl, trick

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