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FAKE Quadruple Drabble: Within Tent

Title: Within Tent
Author: badly_knitted
Characters: Dee, Ryo.
Rating: PG
Setting: After Vol. 7.
Summary: Ryo is going camping, which means Dee has to go too.
Written For: Challenge 339: Amnesty at fan_flashworks, using Challenge 79: Element.
Disclaimer: I don’t own FAKE, or the characters. They belong to the wonderful Sanami Matoh.
A/N: Quadruple drabble.

“I don’t get why you like camping so much,” Dee grumbled, watching Ryo’s preparations. “Way out in the back of beyond, at the mercy of the elements. No runnin’ water except when it rains, no refrigeration, no comfy bed, no TV…” He trailed off, scowling at the small camping stove Ryo had just pulled from the closet to add to the pile of tent, sleeping bags, oil lamp, and other camping essentials.

“You don’t have to come with me if you don’t want to,” Ryo reminded his lover. “I just like to get back to nature occasionally, away from the city where the air’s cleaner and fresher.”

“We could do that in a cabin with all the comforts of home.”

“It’s not the same. Might as well stay in a guest house or a hotel.”

“Now there’s an idea.”

Ryo laughed. “You can book into a hotel if you want, but I’m sleeping in a tent, in the woods.”

“Right. Lyin’ on the cold, lumpy ground, where the bears and wolves and snakes can get at ya.”

“There aren’t any bears of wolves where we’re going.”

“But there’re snakes though, right? You know I hate snakes!”

“We’ll be fine as long as we take sensible precautions. The tent’s all in one piece so as long as we keep it zipped shut no snakes can get in.”

“Says you.”

“I’m an experienced camper; I know what I’m doing.”

“That makes one of us.”

Straightening up, Ryo frowned at his partner. “If you’re going to complain all the time, I’ll leave you behind.”

Dee raised his hands in surrender. “I’m not lettin’ you go off into the woods all alone.”

“In that case, shut up and give me a hand with all of this.”

Two days later, they were sitting wrapped in their sleeping bags inside the tent as rain poured down outside.

“What did I tell ya? We’re at the mercy of the elements out here. Don’t even have the car to shelter in.” That had been parked in a nearby town while the two men had hiked into the woods.

“It’s just a summer storm, Dee. The rain will stop soon and then the sun will come out.”

“What if the tent leaks?”

“It won’t.”

Dee didn’t reply, just shivered.

“If you’re cold we could share our sleeping bags and warm each other up.”

Dee grinned. “Thought you’d never ask!”

The End

Tags: dee laytner, drabble, fake, fake fic, fic, fic: pg, ryo maclean

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