Ianto Little Smile

June 2023



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Ianto Little Smile


Just so everyone knows - my computer (my Ianto) has packed up, so I'm trying to use my mum's laptop which has hardly been used and has windows 7.

I HATE WINDOWS SEVEN! It only lets me open one internet browsing window at a time. I typically have 5 going at once - my dreamwidth, torchwood_three, ff.net, ebay & Teaspoon. Now, apparently, I can't do that =(

None of my files are on here either, which is a headache. I want my computer back. This is not fun.

I'll endeavour to keep up as best I can though.


Oh no! I hope it's sorted soon!

Just an idea, but I think Windows 7 lets you open another widow if you right click the icon? (I have it on the computer I haven't used for a while... I might be wrong but I seem to remember that (x) x
Ohh, I'll have to try that, thanks!

I'd been having computer problems for a while, but I'd been busy backing everything up and preparing to back stuff up on disc before uninstalling everything and using the discs I'd made when I got the computer to restore it to factory settings, but today Windows stopped working completely and I can't even turn my computer on. I don't like this one much - the front edge is sharp and digs in to my hands.
My god
My poor !!!
Thankyou. It's a good job I have everything backed up! I just can't get used to this laptop, I love mine and this one is hard to use. The keys are in the wrong places!
Oh, sweetie, my heart goes out to you!!!! My desktop died and my computer guru isn't sure if he can suck anything off the hard drives or not, and I know there's stuff there I want! I feel like such an idiot for not backing everything up; just all my fic and all the TW stuff I've saved, and now I'm really paranoid about losing all of that!!!

Sending you lots of warm hugs and smoochies!!!! Melinda

PS: sorry that the last fic I sent you to read wasn't a kitty Ianto story, even tho that's what the summary said, but Ianto made the most adorable puppy!!!!! I hope you like it!
Thank you so much! I'm lucky in that I knew my computer wasn't working right so I'd made a point of backing everything up, though I didn't get around to putting my saved fics onto a disc as I wanted to; they're on the external hard drive though.

I just really miss my computer. I've loaded some of my files onto this one - took me an hour this morning - but everything seems to be fiddly using Windows 7, it doesn't work the same and it's not a comfortable fit for me. When I'm used to something, I prefer to stick with it.

I really don't mind what Ianto gets turned into (he did make an adorable puppy!), I just like seeing the Torchwood team having to cope with being thw wrong shape. Did you read the one where Jack and Rhys get turned into sloths? That was cute, the way Ianto cared for Jack sloth! Still haven't finished the Kitty Ianto one, I'll probably have to put that on hold because with everything messed up I'm leaving my saved copy (thankfully I downloaded the whole thing before starting to read) on the external hard drive. I can't put all my files on here, it would just take too long and I'd only have to delete them all when my computer is fixed (or I've bought a new one).

*hugs & smoochies* Jean
Oh dear! I feel with you.

I even freak out if my PC is too slow sometimes.

I hope this will be fixed asap.

*hugs* Thank you, I hope so too! At least I have a computer I can use, though it doesn't have some of the programmes I use - there's no Microsoft Word, only Works.

I've put some of my files on here, but it's not the same. I hope my computer can be fixed, I don't want to buy another new one! I don't think I can afford it!

Hope you get things sorted. I was without mine for 2 hours last night as I had a loose connection to find and that drove me mad.
Computers are bliss when they work, but when they don't...

The one I'm using is okay, I guess, but I still don't like Windows 7 and I just don't feel comfortable. The front edge really digs in to my hands, I think I've got a permanent dent!

At least I can keep up with some new fic and check my emails. I had to pay out to renew the internet security on it though, and it's a security programme I don't even like. =( Couldn't use it online without though. *sigh* I'll have to wait until the weekend for my partner to take a look at mine and let me know if it's fixable. I don't want to buy a new one as I've only had it a couple of years. I use it all day because I can't get out much. Life was very lonely before the internet so being without a computer is my big fear! My computer is like my best friend.