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FAKE Fic: Basic Instincts [NSFW]

Title: Basic Instincts
Fandom: FAKE
Author: badly_knitted
Characters: Dee, Ryo.
Rating: NC-17
Setting: After Vol. 7.
Summary: Ryo had thought he and Dee were going out of the town, but plans can change, and you don’t have to leave home to have fun.
Word Count: 2875
Content Notes: Unrepentant smut!
Written For: bbtp_challenge 2021.
Disclaimer: I don’t own FAKE, or the characters. They belong to the wonderful Sanami Matoh.

“We’ve both been workin’ way too hard lately,” Dee had said earlier as they’d been clocking off after another long shift. “No time for us. We should go out tonight, have some fun. Maybe go to a club, or even just see a movie. Whaddaya say?”

Ryo had readily agreed, because Dee was right; work had been taking up all their time recently, leaving them with little energy for anything else. “Sounds good. I’ll see if Bikky can spend the night at Carol’s, that way we can stay out as late as we want.” They had the following day off, so they wouldn’t have to get up early for work.

“Great, I’ll pick ya up around eight?”

“I’ll be ready.

After a quick dinner, Ryo had dropped Bikky and his overnight bag off at the house where Carol lived with her aunt before heading home to get ready for a night on the town.

He had plenty of time, so he took a leisurely shower, shaved in front of the bathroom mirror, then wrapped a towel around his waist and wandered back into his bedroom to pick out some clothes. Tossing clean underwear and socks onto his bed, he turned his attention to the contents of his closet, flipping through the hangers and frowning. Were they going dancing or to a movie? Somehow that had never been settled, which left him in a bit of a quandary; how was he supposed to know what to wea? There was little point in getting dressed up to sit in a dark movie theatre, but if they wound up at a club, jeans and a casual shirt might look out of place. Ryo sighed; dating was hard. It wasn’t just women who liked to look good on a night out.

Reaching up and unhooking a hanger to get a better look at one of his shirts, his towel came loose and fell to the floor. He was about to pick it up when he changed his mind. Why was he even bothering to keep himself covered anyway? He was alone in the apartment, the blinds were down, and no one was going to see him, so he just kicked the towel away to keep from getting it tangled around his feet and continued to peruse his clothing choices.

‘Good thing I’m not in any rush to get ready,’ he mused. ‘This could take a while.’

He was so engrossed that he never heard his front door open. It wasn’t until the bedroom door was thrown wide that he realised he was no longer alone.

“There ya are!” Dee’s emerald gaze raked over Ryo from head to toe, lingering for a few moments somewhere around the halfway point. “Now there’s a sight to behold. Like to have this as a photo for my wallet.”

“Dee!” It was almost a squeak, though whether from surprise or embarrassment, even Ryo couldn’t have said. He glanced at the clock on his nightstand, which read ten after seven. “You’re way early; I haven’t even decided on what to wear for our date yet!”

“I can see that.” Dee smirked wickedly. “In fact I can see everything. Personally, I reckon I’m right on time, and from where I’m standin’, you look just fine to me. Better than fine, pretty much perfect.”

“But I’m not wearing anything!” Even after over a year together there were times Ryo found his lover completely baffling.

“Exactly.” If anything, Dee’s grin grew wider. “I love this look on you, all naked and still warm from the shower.”

“Bikky’s right, you’re a pervert, not to mention an unrepentant hornball.” Ryo turned his attention back to his closet. “Get out of here while I finish getting ready.”

“Nope, no can do, babe. Not when you’re lookin’ so hot, sexy, and gorgeous.” Dee stalked towards his lover, backing him up against the open closet door.

Ryo stood his ground. “You’re the one who said we should go out tonight,” he huffed.

“Changed my mind. ‘Sides, it’s early yet; we can go out later, assumin’ we’ve still got any energy left, which is by no means guaranteed.” Dee snaked one arm around Ryo’s bare waist, pulling him close, pressing their bodies together so Ryo could feel his partner’s arousal.

“You’re crazy!” It was a half-hearted protest, if it could be called a protest at all.

“You got that right; crazy about you.”

“Dee! Would you just…nnnmm.” Whatever Ryo was about to say trailed off into an incoherent moan as Dee’s tongue made its way up the side of his neck to the sensitive spot behind his ear. It felt so good his brain stalled.

His arm tightening around his lover, Dee nibbled on a tender earlobe, kissed his way back down Ryo’s neck to where it met his shoulder, and sucked hard, marking his baby where no one else would see.



Over the months since they’d become lovers, Dee had mapped out Ryo’s body with meticulous care, discovering what turned him on, all those secret places he liked to be touched, nipped, stroked, and licked, often surprising Ryo, who didn’t seem to be aware of most of them, never having paid much attention to such things. Before Dee he’d always assumed he wasn’t a particularly sexual person, which just went to show how little he understood about his own body. By now Dee knew exactly which buttons to push, and Ryo was helpless, his own arousal building rapidly as he felt Dee’s erection hot and hard against his bare skin, even through the clothes his lover was still wearing.

“Fuck, Ryo!” It was an involuntary exclamation, caused by the way Ryo shifted in Dee’s arms, arching against him and groaning, hips jerking forwards, pressing more tightly against Dee’s trapped erection, making him feel like he might explode. He bit down on the soft flesh next to the first love bite harder than he’d intended, feeling Ryo stiffen and gasp. “Sorry.” Dee licked the reddened spot tenderly, nibbled along a collarbone, and Ryo shivered at the sensation.

“Dee…” Barely audible, a breathless sigh.

The arm around Ryo’s waist slid lower, one strong hand cupping a firm, muscular buttock. Dee loved Ryo’s ass, the curve of it, the way it filled his hands, muscles flexing beneath smooth, warm skin with the slightest movement. His free hand went to his belt, worming its way between their tightly pressed bodies where there was precious little room to manoeuvre. He’d left his shoes at the front door, his jacket tossed carelessly on the sofa, but he was still wearing way too many clothes. He needed to be naked, to feel every inch of Ryo’s skin against his own.

Ryo’s hands, which at some point had slid around Dee to pull him closer, moved now to help his lover disrobe, pushing the loose, open shirt off Dee’s shoulders, meaning Dee had to stop what he was doing to shake first one arm and then the other free from the clinging sleeves. Then Ryo was tugging Dee’s tight t-shirt out of his pants and up over his head. Dee barely noticed when the neck caught on one of his ears, pulling painfully. The desire coursing through him swamped every other sensation into insignificance.

As his t-shirt fell to the floor, Dee wrapped his arms around his lover, pulling him close again for a long, wet, messy kiss, tongues exploring each other’s mouths. Mid-kiss, one of his hands dropped back to his belt to finish tugging the buckle undone. The button on his pants resisted his efforts to unfasten it until the thread finally gave way and it pinged across the room. Dee didn’t care; all that mattered was that at last he could tug the zipper down, shove pants and shorts to his knees, and let gravity take over from there.

The relief as his erection sprang free was indescribable. Standing with his pants around his ankles, he pressed up against Ryo, trapping both their cocks between their bellies, thrusting urgently and feeling the wetness of pre-come making their skin slick and slippery. It was sheer heaven.

“Why’d I even bother showering?” Ryo mumbled against Dee’s lips, one hand sliding to the back of Dee’s neck as they continued to kiss hungrily, two weeks of all work and no play catching up to both of them.

“I’m not complainin’,” Dee replied between kisses. “You smell good enough to eat.” He turned them slightly to get past the open closet door, intending to steer Ryo in the direction of the bed, and almost tripped, cursing under his breath as he kicked his way free of the pants he’d forgotten about. His boxers were still hooked around one ankle when the lovers reached Ryo’s king-sized bed, but a final impatient kick sent them sailing across the room and out the still open bedroom door. Not that either Dee or Ryo noticed; their minds were on more important things.

Ryo tumbled backwards onto the soft mattress, pulling Dee down with him, their legs still hanging over the edge. For long moments they barely moved, still kissing, hands groping, squeezing, caressing anywhere they could reach as they languidly thrust against each other, stoking the flames of desire ever higher. Dee finally tore his lips from Ryo’s.


A hand waved in the general direction of the nightstand. “Drawer, where it always is.”

“Dammit!” The nightstand was well out of Dee’s reach, which meant he was going to have to let go of his lover, something every inch of his body screamed against doing. His hips were still moving, creating sweet friction between them, and it was so tempting to just keep doing what they were doing until they both came, but as good as it felt, what Dee wanted more than anything was to feel Ryo’s hot, tight channel enclosing his length, coaxing him towards a mind-blowing orgasm.

Forcing himself to roll off his lover, Dee half sat up, reaching for the drawer, pulling it open, and blindly rummaging about in it until his searching fingers found the familiar bottle. He brandished it triumphantly.

“Gotcha!” Snapping the cap up one-handed, he rolled back towards Ryo, who’d taken the opportunity to drag himself further onto the bed, his groin now conveniently positioned practically in front of Dee’s face. Dee wasn’t about to pass that up. He leaned in to run his tongue up Ryo’s erection from root to tip, lapping up a trickle of pre-come. Ryo’s hips bucked and he choked back a cry as Dee’s lips closed around the head of his cock, giving it a quick suck before releasing it to slap back against Ryo’s belly.

“You taste good enough to eat too.” Dee licked his lips and grinned up at Ryo, who was clutching the comforter with both hands, panting. When nothing else happened, Ryo raised his head off the bed and frowned at his lover.

“What’re you waiting for? If we’re doing this, get on with it!” He shifted, spreading his legs to allow Dee access.

“Pushy! I like it,” Dee said with a smirk as he squeezed lube onto his fingers. He pressed a kiss to the tip of Ryo’s cock, darting his tongue out for another lick as he began to prepare his lover, teasing Ryo’s puckered opening with a slick fingertip, feeling the tight muscle gradually loosening beneath his ministrations.

As much as Dee wanted to hurry, there were some things it was best not to rush. One finger, then two, gently stretching, adding more lube until a third finger could join the first two. By then Ryo was really getting impatient.

“Stop messing about, Dee! I’m ready!”

“You sure?”

“Yes, dammit!”

So was Dee, more than ready. There was a wet patch on the comforter beneath him where his cock had been leaking. The soft fabric clung stickily as he pulled himself up alongside his lover and withdrew his fingers, wiping them on his thigh. His lips found Ryo’s in a slow kiss that rapidly became more heated. After several long minutes, Dee drew back. He was still clutching the lube in his other hand.

“I just gotta…” He poured more lube onto his hand, snapped the lid shut and tossed the bottle further up the bed, out of the way but still within reach, then slicked up his aching erection, feeling it throb in his hand. His eyes never left Ryo, stretched out before him like some wanton fallen angel. “Damn, baby, you’re every wet dream I ever had come true.”

Ryo blushed; he couldn’t help it with the way Dee was looking at him. “Dee…”

“Hush, baby.” Dee reached out, running a lube-smeared hand along Ryo’s flank, tugging gently, urging his lover onto his side, sliding closer, hitching one of Ryo’s long legs up over his hip. “Face to face, like this.” Lips brushed, softy at first, then the kiss deepened. Dee’s tongue thrust into Ryo’s mouth even as his hand guided his straining cock to his lover’s entrance, pressing in, the swollen head meeting momentary resistance before Ryo’s channel relaxed enough to welcome the intrusion. They broke the kiss for a moment, gasping into each other’s mouths at the sensation of joining so intimately. “Fuck! So tight!” Dee groaned as he slid the rest of the way in.

This was what they’d both been wanting. Ryo hitched his leg up further, hooking his heel behind Dee’s thigh, gaining leverage to pull Dee deeper into him.

“Feels so good,” he gasped, his tight channel rippling around Dee’s length.

“Tell me about it!” Dee pressed a kiss to Ryo’s shoulder, his hips beginning to stir. “Gotta move, babe.”

“Yes, please!”

The first few thrusts were shallow, Dee hardly more than rocking his hips back and forth in a slow rhythm, but as the pleasure built, he started withdrawing a little further each time before thrusting back in again.

Ryo clutched at Dee’s back, then his butt, driving himself down onto Dee’s cock with every thrust. It was good, but it wasn’t quite enough. He rolled onto his back, taking Dee with him, and wrapped both legs tightly around his lover, as though he was trying to keep Dee from getting away. As if that would ever happen! Dee was right where he wanted to be.

His thrusts speeded up further and he tilted his hips just enough for the head of his cock to brush against Ryo’s sweet spot every time. Ryo arched in Dee’s arms; it felt like sparks of electricity were sizzling along every nerve in his body, the pleasure so intense he knew he wouldn’t last much longer.

“Harder, Dee!”

Whatever his baby wanted, Dee was more than willing to supply! Ryo’s hot, tight channel was massaging Dee’s length with every powerful thrust. Moments like this, he wished they could stay this way forever, just never let go. He reached one hand between their bodies, supporting himself on his other elbow, and grasped his lover’s cock, sticky with sweat and pre-come, tugging on it, ducking his head to snatch kisses whenever Ryo’s lips were within reach.

“Not gonna last much longer!” Dee gasped out, breathless and a little giddy.

“Unh!” was Ryo’s only reply as his fingers dug so hard into Dee’s ass that his fingerprints would probably be indelibly etched into his lover’s skin.

Dee felt as if he was on the crest of one of those massive waves favoured by the best surfers, being carried inexorably towards the shore. Every thrust propelled him onward; he couldn’t have stopped now, not for anything. He was so close, and judging by the way Ryo’s cock was twitching and jerking in his hand, his partner was right there with him.

Driving as deeply into his baby as he could, Dee shuddered with pleasure. “God, baby! Gonna. Come. Right. Nowwww!” Each word was accompanied by a convulsive thrust, the last one ending in a howl as Dee exploded, his cock pulsing deep inside Ryo, shooting his load so hard and deep Ryo could probably taste it.

Beneath Dee, Ryo’s back arched, almost bucking Dee off, as his own orgasm flooded over him, streamers of come decorating his chest and belly. Dee kept his hand moving, milking his baby dry, before collapsing on top of Ryo, for the moment too spent to even think about moving.

After several long minutes, Ryo moved, shoving weakly at Dee, who stirred himself enough to roll of. Between the sweat and the semen, their bodies pulled apart with a sucking sound that reduced them both to helpless laughter.

“If I’d known this was going to happen, I definitely would’ve waited until after to shower. I need to get cleaned up again.”

Propping himself up on a shaky arm, Dee ran one finger through the mess on his lover’s chest, smearing it around a nipple before licking it off, then leaned over for a kiss, nipping teasingly at Ryo’s bottom lip.

“There’s no rush. It can wait until later, can’t it?”

“I guess, but what about going out?”

“Tell ya the truth, I’d rather stay right here with you. There’s nothin’ out there that’s better than this.”

Ryo smiled drowsily up at the man he loved. “Works for me.”

The End

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