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February 2024



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Drabble: Saved By The Library

Title: Saved By The Library

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, Jack. OFC librarian, Tosh, Gwen & Owen

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 309 – The Library at tw100

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: What would we do without libraries?

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

The librarian smiled as she checked out the books Ianto had chosen.

“Good choice, your kids will love these,” she said with a smile.

“I hope so. Anything to keep them quiet for a while and get them to sleep,” Ianto replied. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, have a good day.”

Books in hand, Ianto got in his car and drove back to the Hub to be greeted by a frazzled-looking Jack.

“I got books!”

“Thank goodness! Okay, kids, story time!”


Little Tosh, Gwen and Owen clustered around Jack, eager smiles on their faces, tantrums forgotten.

“Thank God for libraries.”

The End


OMG! the three of them turned into children? the Rift had been playing again!
Poor Jack and Ianto, maybe they can practise LOL
They really could have done without three toddler-colleagues, but as always, they find ways to deal with the problem, lol!

Thank you!
Oh dear, the rest of team was kidified! LOL!

Thankfully, there are still two adults to deal with them. Hopefully, the books will help calm the kiddies down, lol!

Thank you!
Yikes, the Rift's messing with them again! Poor boys! *giggles*
They have a Rift in time and space to babysit, the last thing they need is to be babysitting three fractious toddlers at the same time. Sometimes it feels like the universe is having a laugh at their expense.

Thank you.
Yes!!! Awesome hahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!

Love it! haha hehehehe that made me really laugh. And yes it's Janto approved too :D

Will be good practice for their own kids lol! In my dreams I know but still... can dream so much and imagine it.

Seems the next prompt is not here so might as well go make another drabble myself too.

*grins* Thank you!

Yeah, they need to practice. In one of my 'verses they have a baby daughter, who will be making occasional appearances in drabbles - I think I have three drabbles written that she appears in, for various prompts.

How many have you done so far? I have 6 posted and 2 more written, I think missthingsplace is up to 5, you've done at least 5, possibly 6... This prompt has been good to us!
:) That they do need to practive :D ummm six I think and was thinking of doing another. You were right they are addictive. I really should make a place on my master list for drabbles too. hmmmmm it has been very good this prompt!
I think counting everybody's, there will be over 20 from this one prompt =D

We've done good!
Poor Jack and Ianto! Tosh might not be so bad but Gwen and Owen?!
They've been hitting each other over the head with anything they can get hold off, Jack's worn out trying to keep them from killing each other. The rest of the time he's been trying to keep Tosh occupied and answer all her questions. It's leaving his nerves shredded!

Thank you!
Sleepytime Tea-industrial strength!!! :D :D :D
Once the little ones are napping, Ianto will take care of poor, frazzled Jack. He needs some tlc!
LOL who did what now. three Torchwood kids how cute.

Greaet drabble.
Well, all three are kids but none of them are telling whose fault it is. Or more likely, they're all blaming each other along with much pinching, biting and pulling of hair ;)

Thank you.
Story time at the hub with Jack and Ianto yay. I bet the guys would make great voices. Libraries are life savers.
Thank you!

They both have such great voices and talent, they'd be wondeful storytellers.

Thank you!
Lol. It is good practice. If the boys can handle those three as children they will be able to cope with any of their own!
Thank god for libraries and the calming influence of a good book :-)
There's nothing like a book to help out in stressful situations ;)

Jack is just hoping they don't stay toddlers for long, they're quite a handful!

Thank you!
Poor Ianto and Jack
what happened ?
One of the others - probably Owen or Gwen - pressed a button they shouldn't have and got all three of them turned into children. Jack's hoping it will wear off soon, they're quite a handful!

Thank you!